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hawaii travel restrictions

Hawaii Travel Restrictions Guide: COVID Testing & Entry Requirement Updates

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Hawaii officially restarted travel back in mid-October of 2020. A year later, getting in isn't as easy as it once was – and the rules are continually changing.

Hawaii has stopped making all travelers quarantine upon arrival so long as they present a recent negative COVID-19 test – welcome news for anyone hoping to return to the islands. And as of early July 2021, fully vaccinated travelers can bypass those testing requirements by providing proof they've gotten their shots. That means a standard Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccination is enough to get you into Hawaii.

But scan through Hawaii travel restrictions at the Hawaii State Department of Health regulations, and working out exactly what will be required to enter isn't easy – especially if you're going the testing route.

What does it all mean? We'll break down Hawaii travel restrictions to make sure you've got it all squared away for your next trip to Hawaii – whether it's next month or next year.

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Hawaii Travel Restrictions Update: Current Hawaii Travel Requirements

The CDC may updated travel guidelines in early 2021 to say vaccinated Americans can resume traveling. But it took a while for Hawaii to add vaccination to its Safe Travels Program.

As of July 9, travelers fully vaccinated anywhere in the U.S. can travel to Hawaii without facing a mandatory 10-day quarantine. Otherwise, Hawaii also allows travelers with a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before their final flight to Hawaii. But not just any COVID-19 test will do.

The COVID-19 test must be an FDA-approved NAAT test from a CLIA approved laboratory. More importantly, it has to be from one of Hawaii's approved testing partners.

But that's not all: No matter which route you go, you must set up an account and fill out information on your trip through Hawaii's Safe Travels program prior to departure. Whether you're vaccinated or get a negative test, you must upload documentation to your account before departure.

When you upload your results, you will get a QR code that will be used upon arrival in Hawaii. Travelers will also need to fill out a travel and health form and may get their temperatures checked upon arrival.

Hawaii's Vaccination Requirements

Hawaii recognizes all the COVID-19 vaccines currently in use across the U.S., including Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

But Hawaii doesn't consider you fully vaccinated until it's been 15 days since your final shot – the second dose of Pfizer and Moderna or one shot of Johnson & Johnson. Children under 5 are exempt from both testing and vaccination requirements.

You'll need to upload a copy of your proof of vaccination to your Safe Travels Hawaii account. Documentation must include your name and date of birth, the vaccine type and lot number for each shot, the location you were vaccinated at within the U.S., and the date of each shot.

Hawaii accepts a few different types of documentation to prove your vaccination status, including:

  • CDC vaccination card (this is Hawaii's preferred documentation)
  • VAMS (Vaccine Administration Management System) printout or certificate
  • DOD DD Form 2766C
  • A SMART Health Card with your vaccine record, uploaded via CommonPass or CLEAR Health Pass
  • Proof of vaccination provided by a medical provider

But that's not enough. You'll also need to bring a physical copy of your proof of vaccination with you on your trip to Hawaii. Hawaiian officials say they may also accept digital copies, but those are subject to “further scrutiny.” Bringing the physical copy is the safest route.

Either prior to boarding your flight to the islands, upon arrival, or both, airline and/or government officials may check your Safe Travels QR code and proof of vaccination.

Island-by-Island Travel Restrictions

As of June 15, 2021, there are no longer any additional testing requirements for interisland travel.


What Kind of Test Do I Need? Where Can I Get Tested?

Starting July 9, vaccinated travelers will be allowed to skip testing and quarantine.  But if you need a test, here's everything you need to know.

There are three main types of testing for COVID-19: molecular diagnostic, rapid antigen, and antibody testing. Antibody testing only confirms whether you previously had COVID-19 – not whether you’re currently infected. And that's not an approved diagnostic test.

The NAAT testing Hawaii requires stands for “nucleic acid amplification test.” This is a molecular diagnostic testing method that amplifies the DNA of the virus. This is the most accurate type of testing – and can take the longest for results. And yes, the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests you see everywhere do satisfy these requirements. Watch our YouTube video and see what it's like for yourself:


Read more: The Master Guide to COVID-19 Testing for Travelers

All this making your head spin? Don't worry about tracking down a specific type of test. It's more about where you actually get tested.


Where Can I Get an Approved Test?

Not just any test will do.

Hawaii currently requires you to present a test from one of its Trusted Testing and Travel Partners. Any other test will be rejected. Luckily, the list of approved options is long and continues growing, with more than 24 options on the mainland U.S.

Hawaii's approved COVID testing partners are: American Family Care (AFC), American Samoa Department of Health, Atlas Genomics, Capstone Clinic, Carbon Health, CityHealth Urgent Care, Clarity Lab Solutions, CLEAR, Color, Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation, Costco/AZOVA, CVS Health (must schedule through www.cvs.com/selfpaytesting, not a different CVS website or walk-in), Discovery Health MD, DLS Guam, Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services, GoHealth Urgent Care, Kaiser Permanente, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, University of Washington Medicine, Vault Health, Walgreens, WestPac Labs, XpresCheck.

A handful of airlines are also offering COVID-19 testing for passengers headed to Hawaii through some of these approved partners, including Alaska, American, Hawaiian, and United. Hawaii has confirmed that these tests will also pass muster.


COVID testing for Hawaii travel


Hawaii's Department of Health spells out everything surrounding its testing partners. You'll need a test from one of their partners, which the department details on its website. Here's a quick look at some of the most popular options:

Hawaii's Trusted Testing and Travel Partners



AFC Urgent Care

COVID-19 tests are available at clinics on the AFC Urgent Care website. Schedule in advance to guarantee appointment availability. A printed version of results is provided prior to leaving the clinic. Information and costs can be found at afcurgentcareportland.com/traveling-hawaii.

Carbon Health

Carbon Health offers COVID-19 tests at dedicated sites with results delivered within two hours. Registration instructions and costs can be found at carbonhealth.com/alaska-airlines-to-hawaii-rapid-covid-testing.

CityHealth Urgent Care

CityHealth Urgent Care and its team of expert clinical staff and infectious disease physician consultants offer testing utilizing state-of-the-art Abbott Lab instrumentation for results in 15 minutes. Information and costs can be found at bayareacovid19testing.com.


Color supports the nation’s first COVID-19 testing program for airline passengers. Information can be found at color.com/united-airlines-testing-program.

CVS Health

Beginning Oct. 10, travelers may schedule an appointment up to two days in the future at select CVS Pharmacy drive-through locations. Pre-registration is required. Registration instructions and costs can be found at cvs.com/selfpaytesting.

Discovery Health MD

Beginning Oct. 12, individuals traveling to Hawaii may schedule testing online with same-day and next-day results at designated testing sites. A limited number of walk-ups can be accommodated. Information can be found at discoveryhealthmd.com/covid-19-services/test-to-fly.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente members may schedule a test online, or contact the appointment call center or nurse advice line in their home region for scheduling instructions. Kaiser Permanente members returning home to Hawaii may call the Away-from-Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900 for scheduling instructions. Information can be found at kp.org/travel.

Quest Diagnostics

Individuals may order and schedule the company’s COVID-19 Active Infection Test online and select from more than 500 Walmart drive-thru pharmacy locations for a nasal swab test. Ordering instructions and costs can be found at questcovid19.com/hawaii.

Vault Health

At-home tests with real-time audio-visual supervision are available with Vault Health, the first FDA-authorized saliva test. Tests are mailed with accurate results in 72 hours or less. Information and costs can be found at learn.vaulthealth.com/state-of-hawaii. There are also some in-person Vault testing centers in some states.

Walgreens – Hawaii COVID Testing

Testing is available at no cost to eligible individuals who meet CDC criteria. All drive-thru testing locations operate outdoors and patients do not leave their vehicles. Appointment required. Information can be found at walgreens.com/covid19testing.


When Do I Need My COVID Test Results By?

The real challenge here is getting a test back in time.

Hawaii requires a negative COVID-19 result from a test taken no more than 72 hours prior to the time your flight to Hawaii departs. If you have a multi-city itinerary, it’s based on the departure time at the last city before arriving at a Hawaii airport.

For a while, that was no sure thing. Testing backlogs in the U.S. led to long delays in getting a test result. Fortunately, that has improved in recent months. Many of the trusted travel partners are promising results within 72 hours. But check their website for timing or call to make sure you will receive your results in time.

What's more, you now need your test results back before your flight to Hawaii departs. That gives you a very narrow window to take a test within 72 hours of your flight to the islands and ensure you get it back before leaving for Hawaii.

Because you're getting tested for travel, keep in mind you may have to pay out of pocket. The cost will vary but plan to pay roughly $90-$250. Check with your health insurance provider before scheduling a test to see if it's covered.

Thrifty Tip: Have a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Use it to pay for your test!

Walgreens and CVS – both approved partners for entering Hawaii – are offering free COVID-19 PCR testing, but the time it takes to get results will vary. If you live in a metropolitan area and the location tends to be busy, your wait to get results may be longer. If you're in a smaller city or rural area, results could come in as little as a few hours.


Steps for Flying to Hawaii

Now that we've broken the process down, here's a quick recap of what you'll need to do to get into Hawaii.


Step 1: Register

Once you've booked flights, all adults 18 and up will need to register for Hawaii's Safe Travels program. This is where you'll fill out a health form prior to arrival and eventually upload your COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination.

Children under the age of 18 must be registered under an adult's Safe Travel form.


Step 2: Get a COVID-19 Test

You can skip this step if you've been fully vaccinated.

Hawaii is now allowing travelers to bypass quarantine if they present a negative COVID-19 test. The COVID-19 test must be an FDA approved NAAT test from a CLIA-approved laboratory taken no more than 72 hours before your final flight to Hawaii departs.


Step 3: Upload Your Test Results or Proof of Vaccination Before Boarding Your Flight to Hawaii

Once your results come in, upload them to your Safe Travel account. Then make sure to fill out the health questionnaire 24 hours prior to departure. Once both of these things are done, you will receive a QR code needed for boarding your flight and entry into Hawaii. You must have your COVID-19 test results prior to boarding.

Make sure to keep a printed copy of your negative COVID-19 results or vaccination card just in case you are asked to present them at your hotel.


Hawaii Travel Restrictions FAQs

What if I've been vaccinated?

As of July 9, vaccinated travelers can skip the testing and quarantine requirements.


What if I've already had COVID-19?

To be exempt from the requirements, you'll need to do these things according to the Hawaii Department of Health:

  1. Provide a copy of a positive molecular COVID-19 test (NAAT or PCR) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory taken no more than 90 days and no less than 11 days prior to your departure date.
  2. Provide a signed letter from a medical provider stating that you have not exhibited symptoms and are fully recovered – this letter must be signed at least 10 days after your positive test and no more than 14 days from your departure date.
  3. Go to ag.hawaii.gov/travelexemption to request an exemption. Allow a week for processing.


What if I want to visit another island?

Since June 15 there are no longer additional testing requirements to travel from island to island.


What if my results don't come back in time?

As of Nov. 24, you need to upload their negative COVID-19 test results to your Safe Travels Hawaii account prior to departure. Or you can print out the negative test result prior to departure and have it in hand on arrival to Hawaii.

If your test results do not come back before you board the final leg of your trip, you will be required to quarantine for 10 days or the length of your stay, whichever is shorter. Travelers will not be able to exit quarantine upon receiving test results. Self-quarantine violators will be fined, arrested, and prosecuted.


What if my flight is delayed?

As long as you take your test within 72 hours of when your final flight to Hawaii is scheduled to depart, you will not be subject to a 10-day quarantine in the event of a delay by the airline.

Do children need to get tested?

It depends on how old they are. All travelers 5 and older need to take a test. Children younger than 5 do not.


Do I need to print out my test results?

When you upload your results to your safe travel account and you will get a QR code for entry when you arrive. However, your hotel or accommodations may ask to see your results. Having them printed and easily accessible on your phone will be helpful.


Bottom Line

Travelers have been making their way to Hawaii with test results in hand for months. In fact, visits to Hawaii more than doubled just from February to March 2021, and they keep climbing.

These testing requirements for Hawaii seem daunting at first glance, but they're fairly straightforward and quite similar to what many other destinations have implemented while resuming travel. But Hawaii travel restrictions continue to change – including with the ability to bypass testing requirements with proof of vaccination – so be sure to do your research before any trip to Hawaii.

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113 Responses

  • Any idea on inter-island travel? I’ve found some limited information online with varying policies per island, but they don’t seem to have updated it since they posted the new Oct 15 pre-testing rules.

  • What happens to 72 hours requirement if a flight is delayed? In other words, I do everything possible to meet the requirement and then my flight is delayed and I arrive a day later- in that case I may be outside the 72 HR window. Hope My q makes sense

    • Hawaii’s regulations now state 3 days instead of 72 hours, which will come in handy in a situation like this. You will just need to arrive within the third day versus exactly 72 hours. So if your flight is delayed a few hours you will be fine. Hopefully there wouldn’t be a situation where a flight gets delayed a full day.

  • So in order to get into Hawaii they don’t want a rapid antigen test to be done? Is that correct? My understanding is a rapid antigen testing is different than NAAT

    • That is correct. They are requiring molecular testing- NAAT or PCR. Rapid antigen & antibody tests will not be accepted.

  • Thanks! I land at 2 pm in Hawaii. Can I take the test at 2 pm Minneapolis time to be within the 72 hours or do I need to figure out time difference?

    • Your test needs to be taken 72 hours before the departure time of your flight to Hawaii. So if you’re flying MSP-LAX-HON then your test needs to be taken within 72 hours leading up to LAX departure time.

      • I’m flying from MN-LAX-Maui.
        Departing LAX 4:30pm. Walgreens is only open from 9am-4pm for testing. 72hrs from 4:30pm pst is 6:30pm cst. I would have to take it the next day at 9am cst, which would be 7am pst. That’s only like 56 hrs from departure to Maui. Is that still ok?

  • I live in Michigan (48098) and have been calling CVS Pharmacies and none of them seem to do the PCR test. Can you tell me if this is the required test and where I can actually get it? We travel in two weeks.

  • You’re website just about gave me a heart attack. Children younger than 5 years old are not required to take a COVID test prior to traveling. Older children are required.

    • Thanks Megan, we’ve updated our post. That was from some outdated information when Hawaii first announced its testing requirements.

  • I have an 11am flight on 11/18/2020 leaving San Francisco to Hawaii. If I live in Chicago, when would I need to take my test within the 72 hr. timeframe? Would it be Sunday, 11/15/2020 after 2pm?

  • Walgreens just changed their test name to ID NOW, Rapid Diagnostic Test. Is this still a NAAT test? Does it still meet the standards?

        • Me too, thanks! I find it very hard to delineate all these tests. My local Walgreens does the “ID NOW” test, but they couldn’t tell me if they were an approved “CLIA” lab. Since it’s a rapid test, I assume they don’t send it to a separate lab, but I could be wrong. The travel web sites are truly not helpful, so far this is the best guidance I’ve received.

  • I am supposed to be flying to Maui in just over two weeks. I am based out of MSP. After looking at the approved partners, are my only options CVS, Walgreens, or buy an at home test? Any recommendations from someone who is also from MSP?

    • The new testing site at the airport (as well as several other state-run testing sites) are processed by Vault Health, which is one of Hawaii’s trusted travel and testing partners. Vault has confirmed that the tests at the airport WILL satisfy Hawaii’s travel requirements. But keep in mind that these have a 24-48+ hour turnaround time, which means you can’t simply take a test before your flight and get it back in time. I’d recommend scheduling an appointment through the state for roughly 48-70 hours or so before your final flight to the islands departs. So if your flight is MSP-LAX-OGG, base it upon the scheduled departure time for the LAX-OGG flight.


  • Does anyone know is Walgreens rapid diagnostic test meta the criteria? It’s impossible to get a l traditional lab diagnostic back within 72 hours now, our only chance is a rapid test.
    I called Walgreens and they said it’s a Abbott Laboratory ID Now test which is a NAAT test, however, we’re not sure if it’s still performed by a CLIA approved laboratory.
    We’re afraid of putting all our eggs in that basket and it still isn’t accepted.
    Can anyone help? We need to make a decision by tomorrow! 11/25 at 2:00 central time.

  • As of today 1/5/21, if a resident of Kauai travels to Maui for 1 week (7 days), what tests and restrictions apply to them for going and returning home? Test before they go within 72 hours by approved lab, test again in Maui before coming home, quarantine (where) for how long upon return and test again after three days?

    • We have a trip planned for Maui in June. I am concerned because our flight to Maui leaves on a Thursday at 6:10pm Pacific time. We live in PA which would mean we couldn’t test until 9:10pm on Monday. How are we ever going to make that work? That means we won’t be able to test until Tuesday morning and then that only leaves 2 days before we are getting on a plane. What do you think we should do? Is that enough time? We will probably have to do the vault test because the CVS and Walgreens around here have huge disclaimers that we should not use them for travel to Hawaii, that they cannot guarantee results in time. This is giving me a lot of anxiety.

  • We’re are looking to travel to Maui, on March 25, 2021.

    We’ll be flying from Minneapolis (MSP) directly to Honolulu (HNL) on 03/25 on Delta. Once we land in HNL we’re planning to catch a new flight to Maui (Kahului airport OGG) on the same day with Hawaiian airlines (two separate tickets). Two questions:

    1. Since we enter Hawaii by flying directly to Honolulu, I am assuming we will have to clear all the State of Hawaii COVID related safe travels program requirements when we land in HNL (as trans-pacific travelers). Is that correct? Or do we just go through Honolulu airport and clear all the requirements after we land in OGG?

    2. Assuming we need to clear all the COVID related requirements in HNL before catching our next flight from Honolulu to Maui (OGG), will we have to clear the State of Hawaii COVID related safe travels program requirements again (as inter-island travelers) when we land in OGG?

    The challenge is to figure out the timing of the COVID test we need to take before flying to Hawaii – should we plan on taking it 72 hours before departing from Minneapolis to Honolulu OR instead should we time it 72 hours before departing from Honolulu to Kahului?

    Finally, once we reach Maui, are we restricted to staying at only specific hotels or resorts (like the “resort-bubble” in Kauai) or can we stay/travel anywhere on Maui?

  • Walgreens and CVS…the only option for NJ will not guarantee results in the time frame….. what else can I do?

    • We did ours through Costco/AZOVA. Bought kits from Costco pharmacy, did in-home video supervised testing. We did test Monday AM, dropped off at UPS. Results by Tuesday evening, with official looking form, with State of Hawaii seal on it. You might be faster as our test kits were actually sent from WA (where we are) to NJ! It was seamless and easy.

  • I live in New York and I am going to Maui on May 6 th. My final flight to Maui leaves from San Francisco at 3:00pm which make it 6:00pm in New York time. When should I get my Covid test taken in New York to make sure it meets the 72 hour time frame? Help.

  • Has anyone arrived in Maui and not had the rapid test from walgreens accepted? Has anyone used the PCR test from walgreens and not received the results in time? We are flying from Florida through Dallas/Fort Worth Thank you

  • ?Does Walgreen’s provide results over the weekend?
    We are flying direct to OGG (Maui) on Monday, 3/26 at 10:10a CT from Chicago. We will plan to take the test on Friday sometime after 10:10a CT which is within the 72 hour guideline. Does anyone know if our results will be sent to us over the weekend?

  • Has anyone had a recent experience with the state of MN free testing at the MSP airport? I am planning to use this prior to Hawaii travel- wondering if this is a viable option with the 72 hour timeframe? Is it actually free if you are using it for travel and are your results given in a pdf format? Thanks for any input.

    • Vault (which runs the free testing at MSP and at community sites across the state) has confirmed that these tests will satisfy Hawaii’s entry requirements. In our experience, Vault has regularly been returning results within 24 hours or less lately. As for what form you’ll get the results in, I can’t say for sure.

      • Quick update, Karen: Once you’ve received your results, you can log into your Vault account and find PDFs with your results – including a form specifically for Hawaii travel.

  • How does the Color test document the time of test given. I plan to test with color on Thursday late afternoon and flight leaves Sunday morning. I have tested with color in past and never have seen a time printed anywhere. How can i verify time of test given to meet 72 hour requirement

    • Hi, I was wondering about the color test too. Did you find the answer? Did you take the test at the county facility or United. Was it acceptable? Thanks.

  • Traveling to Kona Hawaii this week I live in New Jersey and my flight from Dallas to Kona is Thursday at 10:45am what time should I test on Monday

    • If your flight departs Dallas direct to Kona, you should test no more than 72 hours before it departs – Monday at 10:45 am. If you make a stop somewhere en route to Kona, that 72 hour clock starts from the time that flight is scheduled to depart.

  • Can you please be specific about the Walgreens in Tacoma , WA that is able to do the required test ?

  • What if your flight is delayed at your layover stop? We will have our Covid testing done 72 hours or less by the time we leave but do they give you some grace if your flight is delayed for whatever reason??

  • You mention that both Walgreens and CVS offer free testing. But Maui states that you must use the CVS self pay website. My local CVS says that they have been getting results within 48 hours but I do not want to pay in excess of 600 dollars for my family thru the self pay option.

  • Does anyone know if Walgreens rapid diagnostic test(ID now) meet the criteria? It’s impossible to get a traditional lab diagnostic back within 72 hours now, our only chance is a rapid test.
    I called Walgreens and they said it’s a Abbott Laboratory ID Now test which is a NAAT test, however, we’re not sure if it’s still performed by a CLIA approved laboratory.
    We’re afraid of putting all our eggs in that basket and it still isn’t accepted. They said result in 24 hours which is doable. We live in Jenks, ok. and will be leaving 3/20/21 for Oahu but have to leave oklahoma on Friday at 6:00 in the morning to make flight on Saturday morning to Hawaii !

  • What if I had a walk-in abbot Id now test done. And did not make an online appointment but have the documentation. I have uploaded the documentation but still see that the verification is in process. Should I worry ? I’m already boarded to Hawaii Honolulu.

    • Hi Alley, we are flying to Oahu tomorrow. We did the ID Now tests yesterday at walgreens. We received 3 emails, uploaded the results and verified. We never got an email for the 4th so our daughter drove back to walgreens and took another test. Because this one was considered a walk in, we only have a fax copy of the results. I submitted it and it still stays verification is in process – just as yours did. Did you have any issues after arriving into HNL because of that? Thanks!

      • Amanda- did it all work out. We take out ID now test from Walgreens on Sunday- leave wed. I’m curious to see how tis worked out!

  • Not sure if this address med, but how is. 72 hr window counted? Should the timezone be accounted for? My flight to Hawaii is from Seattle on 3/20 @ 2:15pm. But I live in Michigan, which means 3/20 @ 5:15pm Michigan time. So should the 72 hrs be counted from 3/20 @ 5:15pm onwards?

  • We will be traveling to maui 4/7/2021 on a Wednesday when should i take my test? Saturday or Sunday? Not sure because of the weekend want to make sure i get my results on time

    • You must take a test no longer than 72 hours before your flight to Hawaii is scheduled to depart. That would mean no earlier than Sunday.

  • The post mentioned that a new extra Covid test is necessary if we go to the Big Island.
    However the hawaiicovid19.com website mentioned that if we arrive to O’ahu and we plan to go to the Big Island we dont need the extra test:

    “Inter-County Travel Restrictions: A partial inter-county travel 10-day quarantine requirement applies to all persons traveling to and between the islands of Kaua‘i, Maui, and the island of Hawai‘i. It does not include inter-county travelers arriving on O‘ahu. It also does not apply to trans-Pacific travelers connecting through Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on O‘ahu.”

    Do someone have new information?

  • We are traveling on April 24th. to the Big Island. Leaving Michigan at 8:30 a.m. through Seattle. Our flight to Kona leaves Seattle at 2:15 Seattle time. What time do we need to get tested? It seems very daunting, the only accepted labs by us seem to be CVA and Walgreens and both say results can’t be guaranteed, what will we do if they don’t come back in time?

    • You would need to get tested no sooner than 2:15 PST (5:15 EST) on April 21. As for what happens if your results don’t come back, you’d be forced to quarantine in Hawaii for 10 days – or the length of your stay, whichever is shorter. It’s certainly high stakes. Good luck!

  • It seems very unfair for a fully vaccinated traveler who through No Fault of their own did not receive their 72 hour test results back in time to be ordered to a 10 day quarantine!! A fully vaccinated traveler should not have to quarantine for this length of time or at all! It would be nice if these travelers were given a Rapid Test upon arrival & if negative let them proceed to begin a wonderful vacation! From what I am reading, several thousand people just in March were sent to Quarantine! So where are all these people being held & how are they being transported to quarantine facilities if they can’t rent a car?? It’s my understanding that quarantined travelers are charged per night while in quarantine on top of all the money they have just lost from final payments on condos, hotels, houses, rental cars & prepaid tours????

    • Janet, I wish someone from Safe Travels/Hawaii Go. would respond to your concerns. These are all valid concerns.

  • Kyle, do you know if the Walgreens At-Home test is acceptable. It seems all other questions are being answered except this one. Does anybody know?

  • Watching this. We don’t travel til October and are both vaccinated. However, if rules don’t change I have a question. It says 72 hrs prior to departure time. We fly directly from Seattle to Maui. For Maui it states 72 hrs prior to arrival in Maui. I’m assuming it’s prior to departure correct?

    We’re staying a few days in Seattle prior to departure. Without a car. So I have all fingers crossed for a vaccination exemption by then.

  • Hi! I was under the impression that the Walgreens “Rapid Diagnostic Test (IDNOW)” will work/is under the list of Hawaii’s trusted partner for tests. I’ve seen many comments saying that is part of their NAAT test but wanted to confirm.

    Me and a few other will be flying out of NYC in May and wanted to be 1000% sure before hand. All but 1 has insurance so I wanted to ask if anyone has any tips/recommendation for someone who is traveling to Hawaii from NYC without insurance but also needs the NAAT test from of Hawaii’s Trusted Partners. (Hopefully at a no or low cost)?

    When I asked Walgreens through a live chat, the representative couldn’t give me an answer so I guess no each agent is knowledgable in that topic. They did however confirm with me that all their COVID tests weren’t free without insurance and is no-cost depending on which insurance we have.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has our same situation and/or can give us some information/tips on what we should do! Thank you!!

  • If my flight from Atlanta leaves at 1050est and arrives in Honolulu at 1506 pacific time, what is the earliest I can be tested at Walgreens?

  • Question – Flying out from New York on Sunday, April 25. We have a layover for 2 hours in Utah and leave at 4pm local time straight to Maui from there. It is fine to get the covid test in NYC 72 hours before that 4pm pst flight, right? The test doesn’t have to be in the state of the layover, correct?

    • Correct. The only requirement is a negative test taken no more than 72 hours before the scheduled time of your flight to Hawaii. That means so long as it’s taken in New York no more than 72 hours before your flight from SLC is scheduled to depart to Hawaii, you are set.

  • We are planning on getting tested here in the LA area by Hawaiian Airlines’ lab partner, WorkSite Labs. We are flying on American out and Hawaiian back and Worksite says we can get tested by them even if we’re flying out on American (they said that happens all the time). Worksite isn’t listed directly by the state but is listed as an approved lab for HA. I called the state and they confirmed it would be accepted by the State but I’m still nervous about it. Has anyone used Worksite and flown in on an airline other than Hawaiian?

    • Replying to my own post! Worksite Labs is indeed accepted by the State of Hawaii no matter what airline you arrive on. They are the least expensive (apart from the free tests Kaiser gives its members) and guarantee the results back in 36 hours for their $90 fee. We went on Saturday and took the guided self-administered test and the results were back in FOUR hours!!! Great experience with Worksite Labs!!!

      • Tom, Were these tests accepted on your other airlines? I am flying out Delta airlines and want to use worksite labs as it is the cheapest and fasted results in the Sacramento area.

  • I am still unclear. We leave on a Wednesday from California and have a layover until 12:05 PM for our departure from Oahu to the Big Island. Does that mean we can take our Covid test on the Sunday prior at 11:45 am PST (which is the latest that day) and consider it 8:45 am Hawaiian time? Or do we need to take the test at 3 PM PST to account for the time difference for our last leg flight departure

    • You would need to take your test no earlier than 12:05 p.m. PST on Sunday (assuming your flight departs California for Oahu at 12:05 p.m. PST on Wednesday).

  • How long does it usually take for the walgreens PCR test? I’m in SoCal so there’s no walgreens rapid tests available.

    I took my test on Monday, and leave Thursday Morning. If I don’t get my results by wednesday morning I’m going to have to figure out a different way.

    • Ron, how did it work out? I’m also in SoCal flying to Maui on Thursday and planning to go to a Walgreens. Curious about the timing. Thank you.

      • I tested positive in April and traveling to Hawaii in June. If i provide my positive test and a note from my doctor, do I still need a test within 72 hours?
        The rest of the family will need a test, the last leg of the flight leaves lax at 430 pm we live in ny-what time can we get tested?
        My only choices are walgreens or cvs- do I need to book cvs through the specific travel website?

  • Are results from CVS free test accepted as proof since you mentioned it’s free? Or you must use the self pay link?

    • Were you able to get this answered by anyone outside of here? I have a test set up for both CVS & Walgreens (just in case) and I went with the free test that says it’s a drive thru PCR test with CVS and I hoping it works lol.

  • Hi, I received my negative COVID test from Kaiser and it says “Covid not detected”. However, when I try to upload it to Safe Travels the Status says “Not approved: Not a Negative test result”. Kaiser is an approved testing agent. Why won’t the upload work? Thanks.

  • I just need reassurance my flight from Sacramento, CA departs Friday May 14th at 8:55am which is a direct flight to Oahu. Our COVID-19 PCR test is scheduled on Tuesday May 11th at 10:30am which means by the time we board the plane test results would have been within 72 hours (Taken within 72 hours time frame). But will exceed 72 hours upon arrival to Oahu Airport Hawaiian time. From my understanding, they only care if the test is taken within 72 hours prior to departure, not arrival? Correct?

  • Hi, I received my negative COVID test from Walgreens and it says “Negative”. However, when I try to upload it to Safe Travels the Status says “Not approved: Not a Negative test result”. Walgreens is an approved testing agent. Why won’t the upload work? Thanks.

    • Were you able to get this question answered? I’m getting tested at both CVS & Walgreens next week & I’m trying to get answers to any questions that might occur.

    • I just got the same result (Not approved: Not a Negative test result.”) . How did this turn out for you? Anything additional you had to do?

  • Hi, I am confused about the interisland requirements. We are flying from Arkansas 6/19 to Oahu then flying to Kauai 6/23. I had originally understood that as long as we were in “Hawaii” >72 hours then we could take a Covid test and as long as it was negative then we could avoid quarantine in Kauai. Even if the negative Covid test was 12 hours before departure to Kauai but 72 hours or longer since being in the state of Hawaii. Is that right? Does my question make sense? Thank you in advance. This is all so confusing!

  • Hi, This may be a weird question but how particular is the 72 hour requirement as far as minutes? Our flight is scheduled for departure at 3:53 p.m. on a Friday. CVS has the last available appointments for 3:40 and 3:50 on the Tuesday prior (we need one for my husband and one for myself). If we test within a few minutes prior to the 72 hour requirement is that going to matter?

  • I am confused by State of Hawaii approved labs. Are all CLIA labs approved, or only Ontario and Oakland Airports that are listed? Wondering about Palm Springs Airport.

  • We discovered on our most recent trip to Maui (10/12/21 – 10/18/21 east side of island) that no restaurant would seat us without proof of vaccination. Please be prepared as the only other options were fast food, take out, or standing in long lines at places that had outdoor seating.

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