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Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Card 3

75k Bonus Offer on Marriott Premier Plus Card

  As part of the recent announcement about the future of the Starwood and Marriott Rewards program, Marriott unveiled the future of their co-branded credit card offering. On May 3rd, Chase rolled out the new Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card. Get...

Freedom Bonus Categories 0

Chase Announces Q3 2018 Freedom Bonus Categories

  Chase has announced the new bonus categories on their Freedom card for the third quarter of 2018. If you are not familiar with the Chase Freedom credit card, it is a phenomenal no annual fee, cash back card that...

Chase 5/24 Rule 0

The Chase 5/24 Rule: Everything You Need to Know

  Back in 2015, Chase bank implemented an unpublished restriction that applies to most of the credit cards they offer. The rule is affectionately known around the world of points & miles as the Chase 5/24 Rule.   What is...