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Delta Baggage Fees in 2024 (And 7 Ways to Avoid Them!)

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The days of getting a free checked bag on every flight are long gone – unless you're flying Southwest Airlines. 

After Alaska Airlines raised baggage fees at the start of 2024, the first major U.S. airline to do so in years, Delta and its competitors quickly followed suit. Luggage fees are huge money-makers for airlines, and they add up fast. These days, you'll pay at least $35 for your first checked bag on most U.S. airlines, including Delta.

We'll break down exactly what Delta charges for bags based on where you're heading (and what fare you've got). But with the right tools and mindset, you can avoid paying Delta baggage fees altogether.



Delta's Current Baggage Fees

So how much does it cost to check a bag when you're flying with Delta? It depends on where you're heading.

We've put together a chart spelling out the fees when Delta basic economy or main cabin economy between the U.S. and a handful of destinations for one checked bag.

These charges apply each way, so double them for a round-trip flight.

DestinationBasic EconomyMain Cabin Economy
U.S. (including Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico)$35$35
Caribbean & Central America$35$35
El Salvador, Panama$35Free
Ecuador $30Free
Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay$70Free
South America$60Free
Europe & Northern Africa$75Free
Middle East & AfricaFreeFree

Delta has a handy tool that can help you figure out how much you'll pay for a checked bag – if anything – based on where you're flying. You can input your airport of origin, destination, trip dates, the fare class you're flying, and how many bags you plan to check and Delta will estimate your baggage fees.


Delta baggage estimator


Some of these baggage fees increased as recently as March 5, 2024. If you booked your ticket before that date, even for a trip later this year or even early 2025, the lower checked bag fees will apply.

Have an overweight bag or need to check a lot of luggage? You'll have to pay for it – and get ready to pay a lot.


delta baggage fees


Delta caps the weight for checked luggage at 50 pounds. If your bag weighs 51 to 70 pounds, that will cost you an extra $100 each way. Bags that weigh in at 71 pounds to 100 pounds will incur another $200 fee. And bags that weigh more than 100 pounds aren't allowed, period.

As for checking a lot of bags, Delta's policies for excess baggage are convoluted, varying based on where you're heading. You'll be able to check up to two bags at normal prices – or even get them for free based on some of the strategies we'll dive into shortly.

Flying within the U.S. or to the Caribbean or Canada, the cost of checking a third bag will run you $150 each way. And while each passenger can check up to 10 bags, the cost of bags four through 10 will cost $200 apiece. Ouch.

Those costs swell on many international routes. On flights to Mexico, a third bag costs $180 each way. Flying to Europe with a lot of bags? Prepare to fork over a small fortune: Bags three through 10 will cost you $285 each.

Not finding an answer? Check out Delta's overweight and excess baggage policy for more answers.


Avoid Delta Baggage Fees By Packing in a Carry-On

The first way to avoid paying Delta baggage fees is completely free. You just have to pack a bit less.

Whether you're flying a Delta basic economy fare or first class at the front of the plane, you can always bring a carry-on bag (plus a smaller personal item like a backpack or purse) onboard. And with Delta, it's always free.


delta baggage fees


Delta says these bags should be roughly 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches, which is a standard carry-on size. And unlike some other major international airlines, there's no weight limit on your carry-on with Delta. 

While it will save you money, packing into a carry-on bag can also save you time and stress. There's no more waiting to check in your luggage or grab it from the baggage carousel. You don't have to worry about the airline losing your bag anymore – it's with you at all times.

Packing into a carry-on bag when you're used to taking a 50-pound bag on every trip can feel daunting, but we promise it can be done. Follow our tips and you'll be a proud member of team carry-on in no time.

Check out some of our favorite carry-on bags if you need to pick one up.


Fly the Right Route for Free Baggage

Paying Delta baggage fees for your flight is the rule these days as airlines have made baggage fees a big business. But there are some destinations you can fly to where the old days of free baggage live on.


delta baggage fees


You'll always pay $30 for a checked bag each way for a domestic flight within the U.S. That same $30 fee applies on flights from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. But on other flights, you may not have to pay.

Delta still allows a free checked bag when flying from the U.S. to:

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Most of the Middle East

So long as you're not flying Delta basic economy, you can also get a free checked bag flying from the U.S. to:

  • Europe
  • El Salvador, Ecuador, and Panama
  • Most of South America
  • Israel


Stop Paying Delta Baggage Fees with the Right Credit Card

Hands down, the easiest way to stop paying Delta baggage fees is to pick up one of Delta's co-branded credit cards from American Express.

There are four cards in all for everyday travelers: *delta blue*, *delta skymiles gold card*, *delta skymiles platinum card*, and *delta reserve card*.

All but one (the Blue card) will get you a free checked bag of up to 50 pounds on every Delta-operated flight you take. What's more, you'll get free bags for up to eight other passengers booked on your reservation.

And the best part? You don't even have to pay for your flight with your Delta credit card. So long as your Delta card is attached to your SkyMiles account, the free baggage benefit is automatic. It even gets you a free checked bag when you're flying Delta basic economy. One important exception: Even with these cards, you won't get a free bag on partner airlines like Air France or KLM.  You'll need Delta status for that.

If you need to check a second bag, fees will still apply. And there are some additional hurdles for excess baggage, which you can read about on Delta's website.


new delta credit card offers


Most of these cards carry an annual fee, which no one likes to pay. But at $30 per bag each way, the savings can add up fast. Let's do some quick math.

The *delta skymiles gold card* is a great card for even occasional Delta flyers looking to earn some SkyMiles and get some benefits. The card has a $0 introductory annual fee and it's just $150 per year thereafter (see rates & fees.)

At $30 or more per bag each way, it would only take three round-trip flights on Delta (6 segments x $30 = $180 in baggage fees) to come out ahead on the annual fee. Flying with a companion – or even a whole family? You could easily recoup the annual fee with just one flight. Up to 8 passengers booked on your same reservation will get the free checked bag benefit.

And remember: In your first year with the card, you're not paying for it at all. It's a win-win – save on Delta baggage fees at no cost.

Delta's other co-branded credit cards can also get you free baggage along with many other worthwhile benefits, though those cards come with much higher annual fees. If you're just looking to get a free checked bag, the value of the SkyMiles Gold card is undeniable.

Read our guide to decide which Delta credit card is right for you!

Here's a look at the full features of the Delta SkyMiles Gold American Express Card.

  • Welcome Offer Bonus: bonus_miles_full
  • Check your first bag free on every Delta flight – savings of at least $60 on each round-trip flight, per person
  • Priority boarding (even with a basic economy ticket)
  • Earn 2x SkyMiles per dollar spent at restaurants worldwide (including takeout and delivery in the U.S.) and U.S. supermarkets 
  • Earn 2x SkyMiles per dollar on eligible Delta purchases
  • Earn 1x SkyMiles per dollar spent on all other eligible purchases
  • Up to a $100 Delta Stays credit: Earn up to $100 in statement credits each year when you make a Delta Stays prepaid hotel or vacation rental booking on the Delta Stays platform.
  • Earn a $200 Delta flight credit if you spend $10,000 on the card in a calendar year
  • Get 15% off SkyMiles award tickets with TakeOff 15 when booking on delta.com or through the Fly Delta app
  • Get 20% off in-flight purchases such as food & drinks in the form of a statement credit
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $0 introductory annual fee – then $150 each year after that (See rates & fees)


*delta gold*


Learn more about the *delta skymiles gold card*.


Build Up Delta Status

Frequent Delta flyers can make their way toward Delta Medallion status: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

And while we feel earning Delta Medallion status isn't worth the work for most travelers, it's yet another way to avoid paying Delta baggage fees. And while Delta has overhauled how its most loyal flyers earn status going forward, when it comes to baggage perks, nothing's changing.


2024 Delta MQD Requirements


No matter whether you're a low-level Silver member or a top-tier Diamond Medallion, you can check bags free on each and every flight within the U.S. and Canada. In fact, it gets better as you climb the status ladder: Silver medallions get one free checked bag, Gold status holders can check two bags, and Platinums and Diamonds can check a whopping three bags for free. And these baggage benefits even apply on some partner airlines like KLM and Air France!

While Delta sets the limit on most checked bags at 50 pounds, Delta Medallion members get a bit more weight – 70 pounds on their first bag. And unlike the credit card benefit, your status will also get you free baggage on some partner airlines. 

If you've got Delta status, you can help out the rest of your traveling party, too. Up to eight other passengers booked on your reservation can also check bags for free.


Fly Up Front, Get Free Bags

While it's not the most cost-effective way to get a free checked bag, flying first class, Delta One business class, or even Delta Premium Select will also get you free checked bags.


Delta One Suite A330neo


Whether you're flying domestic first class, Premium Select to Europe, or in a Delta One Suite to Asia, you'll get two free checked bags with your premium ticket. In each and every case, these bags can weigh up to 70 pounds.


Strollers and Car Seats Fly Free

Traveling with children and worried about paying a boatload to bring everything you need? Don't stress.

Delta allows you to check strollers and car seats for free. That should make it much easier (and cheaper) to plan and pack for your family trip.


Pay Your Delta Baggage Fees with SkyMiles

Please … don't do this.

Delta now allows travelers to pay for their checked baggage fees with SkyMiles for flights from most domestic airports.


delta baggage fees


With this setup, a $30 baggage fee would cost you 3,000 SkyMiles. And that's a horrible deal. You're much better off saving your SkyMiles for flights – especially some tremendous deals through the frequent SkyMiles flash sales we see. With flights to Hawaii as low as 12,000 miles roundtrip, wouldn't you rather fly to Maui and back than check a bag four times?

By giving you more options to use your SkyMiles, Delta is hoping to get travelers to fork over their SkyMiles without getting much value out of them. Read more about how Delta SkyMiles work – and how to make them work for you.

So please, skip this method and find another way to avoid Delta baggage fees.


Bottom Line

Baggage fees can be a pain – especially since it wasn't long ago that you got a free checked bag on every flight.

While Delta baggage fees have increased over the years, there are still a handful of ways to avoid paying these pesky fees when you're flying with Delta.


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  • 8. Pay for the bag with the PenFed Pathfinder Visa (formerly an Amex), which has no annual fee. Get reimbursed up to $100 per year for such airline expenses.

  • Sometimes it’s tricky when you have a Delta cobranded credit card. You may still have to pay baggage fees in the case one of the filghts is serviced by other airline, even if you bought the tickets thru Delta.

  • I’ve been a travel agent for almost 50 years. Most of these are not viable suggestions for the majority of clients. Simply dress in layers just before you board the flight, the minute you get on peel everything off, use as a pillow (did this to both Italy and then to France last year). Or, wear black or navy and just change the scarf everyday—no one will remember anything but the scarf. If you spill, it won’ show. I literally did this on a week in London, with just a little under the seat carry on. Goes without saying to leave hair dryers, irons, full size anything at HOME. A bar of Dr. Bronners castile soap can be used for everything: shampoo, bath, washing clothes, etc.

  • Please be aware that the Delta AMEX free checked bag benefit is only available when the primary card holder is traveling. My family went on vacation, and there were no outbound baggage fees. I had an emergency and came home on a different flight. Even though my wife is an additional card holder, since I was no longer flying with my family on the return flight, Delta charged $90 for 3 checked bags. I contested with both Delta and AMEX and both said NO refund of the $90 baggage fees since I was no longer traveling with my family. Big bummer!!!

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