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Our savvy team finds cheap international flight deals, including mistake fares, and immediately sends them straight to your inbox. Being the first to know about time-sensitive flight deals is essential to book the cheapest flight possible. Premium emails will consist of flight deals similar to those featured on but with several improvements.

Premium members can tailor their emails to their home airports, which will only provide flight deals relevant to you. We cover over 120 U.S. departure cities across the country. Even smaller regional airports are searched for every deal.

Other valuable benefits include free travel rewards credit card consulting and access to our Premium members only Facebook group. The only way to access all these amazing benefits is to join up! Learn more about how Thrifty Traveler Premium works


What Our Fans Say About Us

Earlier this year I found the deal of a lifetime on Thrifty Traveler which included a flight to Brazil with a stopover in Europe. I immediately jumped on it not knowing it would be the trip of a lifetime. I spent a week exploring Madrid which included endless tapas, sangria, paella and clubbing at the hottest nightclubs for only seven Euros. I then found myself in London where I saw the historic changing of the guards, Big Ben, and the London bridge. The most exciting part was that I didn’t have to break the bank to enjoy my dream vacation since it was an error fare I was able to catch! Kay A.

We follow Thrifty Traveler daily as we’re based in Minneapolis and love taking advantage of great flight deals. We lucked out when we saw Thrifty posted a mistake fare from all US to London for around $377. After some trial and error we were able to book non-stop, round-trip flights from MSP to Heathrow for $307 each in January! Alisa H.

I booked a deal of a lifetime through Thrifty Traveler – Minneapolis to Melbourne, Australia round trip for less than $600! I’ve wanted to go to Australia my entire life, and I was finally able to afford it. This site is so helpful because it lists actual dates that the deals are available and an estimate of how long the deal will last. I’m obsessed! LIndsay N.

My wife and I desperately wanted to take an international vacation before our son turned two, so we could save on the flight. We missed that opportunity and thought we’d never be able to afford three tickets. Thrifty Traveler found flights for all three of us at the cost we were finding for one seat! Because of Thrifty Traveler, we saved enough money to book another vacation! Soren H.

I caught the Christmas Error Fare to Abu Dhabi: $422 for me, hubs and baby. The deal was too good to pass. While my family slept – I bought our tickets and emailed my husband, “I hope you’ll be free these dates – we’re going to the UAE!!” The site gave us so many tips on booking and travel. Struck gold on TT again and booked a flight to Cuba!
Ambyr A.

My boyfriend and I took advantage of the flight to Taiwan you advertised earlier this year for our Thanksgiving week vacation. Taiwan wasn’t really on our shortlist for upcoming vacations, but we couldn’t turn down a flight with a 22 hour layover in Japan (2 countries in 1 trip!) for less than $600 RT pp. We had an amazing time and are already stalking your posts for our next vacation. Since booking that trip, we’ve gone to the “book now, question later” mindset when we find awesome deals like the ones you post. Kaitlyn M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into the new service?
To change your departure city, email, and billing preferences, you can log in at
Are these the same deals as
You will receive far more international flight deals through our Premium service. We feature 10x more deals through Thrifty Traveler Premium than
What kind of flight deals are included?
Thrifty Traveler Premium is for international flight deals originating from the United States. International flight savings far exceed anything we’d ever find for a domestic flight.
Wait! What about domestic flight deals?
We love domestic flight deals and will continue to feature them on our main site. The best savings are on international flight deals and that is Thrifty Traveler Premium’s concentration.
Where do these flights originate from?
Flight deals will originate from over 50 departure cities in the United States.
Are these economy fares only? What about business or first class?
Most of the fares will be in economy but if we find an incredible business or first class fare, you’ll be the first to know! Expect 1-2 business class and first class emails per month.
What is travel credit card consulting?
Shoot an email to our credit card guru nick [at] with your current card lineup and we’ll suggest the right travel rewards credit cards to meet your travel goal. There is no fee for this service!
How do I update my departure city?
By default, you’ll receive emails for all U.S. departure cities. To change your departure city preferences you can log in at
Why am I not getting any of the emails after sign-up?
The emails are likely going into the “Spam” or “Promotions” folders. You can avoid this by adding us to your email contact list. In Gmail, you can also drag and drop one of our Premium emails into the “Primary” tab, which will ensure it’s always in your primary inbox, instead of “Promotions”. If you still can’t find the emails then shoot us an email at jared [at]
What happens when my subscription term ends?
You will automatically be charged once per year. The best part is your price will never go up. You’re locked in for life!
What is your refund policy?
We offer a no-questions-asked refunds within 100 days. If you’re not satisfied with our service, then simply send us an email at jared [at] and we’ll refund your payment immediately.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can log in to cancel at
Help! I'm having issues with my Premium subscription!
Email us: help [at]

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