7 Ways to Improve Your Travels When You're Ready to Fly Again
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7 Ways to Improve Your Travels When You’re Ready to Fly Again

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COVID-19 has changed travel. Even as vaccinations ramp up and travel slowly resumes, many of these changes will shape your next trip for years to come.

Your return to the skies may look much different than just a year ago. Now more than ever, travelers want to get through the airport quickly and have some additional space to themselves.

Here are a few easy ways to improve your travels for your next trip, whether that’s next month or not until next year.


Check-In Online … and Pack in Just a Carry-On

The airport may look much emptier than the last time you remember. Travel numbers in the U.S. are still down by more than 60% – and airlines and industry experts don’t expect those numbers to return to pre-COVID levels until 2023 at the earliest.

Still, there are three areas where crowding still occurs: Airline check-in desks, baggage drop-off zones, and baggage carousels. Even with travel down across the board, there are only so many kiosks and airline agents available. Some crowding is bound to happen – and in some cases, it’s worse than ever.

msp baggage lines e1614010525964
Crowds at Delta baggage dropoffs in Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) have gotten bad in recent months

There’s a simple way to avoid that and the hour (or longer) of waiting in line. Forget a checked bag, and pack in just a carry-on bag instead. Trust me, it’s easier than you think. And being able to skip the baggage counter and baggage claim on both ends of your trip will make it worth the work.

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Plus, by packing in just a carry-on bag, you can easily check-in for your flight online. Then, just pull up your boarding pass on your smartphone and head straight for the security line.


Get TSA PreCheck (Or Global Entry)

The security wait time guessing game hasn’t gone away. Even with travel down, there’s no telling whether you’ll breeze through or get stuck in line when it’s your time to fly – though you can use the MyTSA app to check on wait times at your home airport.

No matter what, getting through security fast is more important. Ditto for clearing customs and immigration upon your return from an international trip. And that’s where TSA PreCheck and Global Entry come in.

These two government-run programs are your ticket to get through the airport even faster. With TSA PreCheck, you get a shorter security line – plus you don’t need to take your shoes or coat off, or take electronics or liquids out of your bag. Global Entry gets you a designated lane when returning home from abroad – plus it also comes with TSA PreCheck!

tsa precheck lines 

Not sure which to pick? Read our guide comparing TSA PreCheck vs Global Entry.

Cutting through backed-up lines at the airport is worth its weight in gold these days. TSA PreCheck costs $85 while Global Entry will run you $100, and both memberships last for five years. But there’s a simple way to get them for free.

A growing number of credit cards offer a credit that will cover the cost of your application for either program. There are top-dollar premium travel cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Platinum Card from American Express, which also carry a host of other travel benefits. But even mid-tier cards like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card or the United Explorer Card will also cover the cost of applying for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.

Want to take it next level? CLEAR will let you cut to the front of the TSA PreCheck line, making your trip through airport security touchless and even faster. While I’m normally skeptical of CLEAR’s steep annual costs, there’s no question it can come in handy now.

Brush up on the differences between TSA PreCheck vs CLEAR.


Relax in the Lounge While You Wait

Nothing – I repeat, nothing – will improve your travel experience more than spending time in an airport lounge before your flight. And you don’t need to be a frequent business traveler to get in.

At a minimum, you’ll get free drinks and snacks and far better seating than the stiff chairs at your gate. In major hubs and overseas, you might find a la carte dining, showers, and even private sleeping rooms.

Many airline lounges have drastically cut back their service, operations, and even locations during the pandemic. Others like the American Express Centurion Lounges still shine.


The easiest way to get into lounges is by holding the right premium travel credit card. And no credit card opens more lounge doors than the Platinum Card from American Express.

For starters, you’ll get into more than a dozen posh Amex Centurion lounges in cities like San Francisco (SFO), Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Las Vegas (LAS), New York City (JFK), and many more. These lounges are better than anything else you’ll find in the U.S., thanks to great food and drinks in a cozy environment. American Express has overhauled from top-to-bottom with enhanced safety measures while still delivering a top-notch experience.

denver centurion lounge 

Read our full review of the new Denver Centurion Lounge.

Not flying out of a city with a Centurion Lounge? You’ll also get a Priority Pass membership, which gets you into 1,000-plus lounges worldwide. If you’re flying Delta that day, you can get into any Sky Club, too. Finally, the Platinum Card will get you into several smaller lounge networks like Escape Lounges, Air Space Lounges, and Plaza Premium.

While the $550 annual fee is steep, it could be worth it for the lounge access alone.

platinum card

Click Here to learn more about the Platinum Card from American Express


Fly Airlines That Give You More Space

As the pandemic first disrupted travel, many airlines began blocking middle seats to give passengers more space on otherwise empty planes. But that was never meant to last, and airlines like Alaska and Southwest have backed away from capping ticket sales.

Now, there’s just one airline blocking middle seats: Delta. After a recent extension, Delta has promised to keep middle seats empty through at least April 2021 – and the airline isn’t ruling out extending that even further.

While an empty middle seat may not give you six feet of social distancing from your nearest neighbor, it makes a big difference to not be rubbing elbows with a stranger.


Pick the Right Seat

No matter which airline you fly, seats aren’t created equally. Some may not recline completely (or at all), while others may not have a window – or be annoyingly close to the lavatory.

Enter SeatGuru. SeatGuru is our go-to tool to find the best seat on the plane. It allows you to quickly tap in your flight information and pull up a seat map for that flight, color-coded to guide to the best (and worst) options to pick a seat.

seatguru travel tips 

If you hover over any of these seats, it will provide you additional details on that seat including limited recline, close proximity to the lavatory, no window, and other upsides – or downsides.

On the flight above, for example, seat 15A is red because there’s no window. The block of seats from rows 18 to 20 are yellow because those seats don’t recline – and some don’t have any space for storing a bag underneath the seat in front of you. And seats 21A and 21F are green because there’s not a seat in front of them: Hello, legroom!

SeatGuru also provides a helpful key for each flight with critical information like how wide the seats are, how much pitch (aka legroom) each seat has, and how many seats total are onboard.

Read our full guide to using SeatGuru to pick your seats!


Skip the Line at the Rental Car Counter

We’re all about avoiding lines and crowds, especially these days. And nowhere are those lines more notorious than at rental car centers at the airport. One of our favorite perks from one of our favorite credit cards will help you waltz right past them.

It’s National Emerald Club Executive status, and while it gets you several perks, one stands out: Access to the Executive Area and the ability to completely skip the rental car counter upon your arrival.

Skip the lines at the counter and mountains of paperwork. You can simply walk off the plane, head to the car rental area, select your car, and go. It will minimize your contact with others and allow you to keep a safe social distance. And it’s often much, much  faster.

As long as you book at least the Midsized car rate, you’ll have access to any vehicle in the Executive area for no additional charge! Emerald Club Executive members are also guaranteed a free upgrade in the U.S. and Canada – assuming you book at least a midsized car.

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Once again, you can automatically unlock National Executive Status with the Platinum Card from American Express.


Get Hotel Status for Free Breakfast, Upgrades

Just like airline status, earning hotel status isn’t for everyone. It typically requires tons of travel that puts it out of reach for average travelers.

But there are easy shortcuts to earning hotel status that are easily worth it. Two credit cards can easily earn you either Gold or even Diamond status with Hilton Honors, and those come with plenty of benefits.

We think Hilton Gold status is the best mid-tier hotel status in the world, due largely to the fact that you’ll get free breakfast for two every day. Those savings can add up fast no matter where you’re staying. Plus, Gold status will get you space-available upgrades, bonus points on paid Hilton stays and more.

Once again, the Platinum Card from American Express pays off as it gets you automatic Hilton Gold status. Registering for Hilton Gold status is easy – just log into your Amex account and navigate to “benefits” to set it up.


platinum card

Click Here to learn more about the Platinum Card from American Express

But you can go even further with Hilton Diamond status. In addition to free breakfast, you get Hilton executive lounge access, a better shot at upgrades, and even more perks. You can unlock Hilton Diamond status with the Hilton Honors Aspire Card (for full disclosure, this is our personal referral link). 

While the Aspire Card also isn’t cheap at $450 a year, it comes loaded with money-saving credits and perks that make it one of the best hotel credit cards, period.

hilton aspire card


Apply Here for the Hilton Honors Aspire Card (for full disclosure, this is our personal referral link)


Bottom Line

Travel has changed and it will keep changing for the foreseeable future. And with it, travelers’ preferences have changed too.

Use these tips and tricks to get ahead the next time you’re ready to travel.


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