About Thrifty Traveler

About Thrifty Traveler

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Welcome to Thrifty Traveler – and to the world of cheap travel.

Our mission here at Thrifty Traveler is simple: to show you that travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Through finding flight deals, using credit card points and airline miles, and smart money-saving strategies, almost anyone can get out to see the world. We live to help you travel more for less.

That’s why we post domestic flight deals every single day. That’s why we run Thrifty Traveler Premium, our paid subscription service for international flight deals. And it’s why we try to break down the confusing world of airlines, hotel chains, points and miles, and more down to their bare essentials to make them understandable to the average and aspiring traveler.

But there’s more to it than just jetting off somewhere. We want to help you get out to see new more of the world – but also take care of it, too. So we’ve committed to offsetting the carbon footprint for each and every flight our team takes. We also plant a tree for each new member that signs up for our Premium service.

And although we can’t travel now, we’re dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all changes during the coronavirus pandemic. Find answers to your questions about vouchers, refunds, cancellation policies, travel bans, and more in our dedicated travel & coronavirus section.

What started off as a passion project and one-man operation in 2015 has blossomed into an entire team of Thrifty Travelers. Meet our team.

Jared Kamrowski is our founder and CEO, and he’s not like your average travel entrepreneur. His parents didn’t take him jet-setting around the world as a kid, nor did he have a trust fund to start traveling. After graduating from college with a mountain of debt, he and his wife wanted to travel – but had to do it on the cheap. Over the years he and Mrs. TT have devised a simple strategy to travel to amazing places – without emptying their bank account. And that’s what this site is all about.

About Thrifty TravelerA Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by trade, Jared’s prior job required him to travel 100 nights a year, which quickly acquainted him with many airline and hotel rewards programs. That led him to create Thrifty Traveler in 2015 as a way to pass on all his tips and tricks. Just two years later, he made Thrifty Traveler his full-time job – and it’s only grown since then.

But his goal hasn’t changed: Teach you how to find the cheapest flights and minimize travel costs using points and miles. And above all, show you that travel doesn’t have to be expensive.  

Nick Serati is our co-founder and joined Thrifty Traveler in 2016. Nick traveled extensively for work and became obsessed with points and miles in 2009, piling up more than 5 million points since then from credit cards and maximizing his spending. These miles have afforded him and his wife, Abbey, many trips all over the world.

Nick developed a love for travel at a young age by tagging along with his dad to conventions and meetings all over the United States.

When Nick isn’t working, he is likely playing golf or planning his next vacation – using points and miles, of course.


Mikhala Stutzman is our member experience specialist and joined Thrifty Traveler in February 2018. After studying abroad in four different countries in college, this Iowa born-and-raised girl moved to Chongqing, China for a year and fell in love with Chinese landscape, language, and most importantly, food! Her favorite city to travel to is Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Her top thrifty tip is to screenshot maps, addresses, and restaurant names in the native language while still on WiFi to confidently maneuver while you’re out and about. Don’t let your dreams be dreams: go book that flight deal and see the world!

Kyle Potter is our editor-in-chief and joined Thrifty Traveler in March 2018. A longtime Thrifty Traveler follower who believes in the power of miles and points, his goal is to help even the most novice traveler understand the sometimes confusing and complex world of credit cards and frequent flyer programs so they can see more of the world, for less money.

Kyle is a journalist by trade and a native Minnesotan who spends any time he’s not working or traveling with his wife Allie and their corgi, Mikka. His favorite city in the world is Hanoi, Vietnam.

Jon Shallbetter is our Chief Flight Analyst who joined Thrifty Traveler in March 2019.  After living in Australia for a year he traveled throughout SE Asia and quickly became a travel addict.  Visiting at least one new country a year became one of his top priorities.  His favorite city in the world is Sydney, Australia.

When he is not working he typically spending time with his fiancé Sarah attending concerts, watching sports, or discovering new restaurants and breweries.  His goal is to help everyone see the world regardless of their income.  “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of things.”  

Rhea Anabu has been a proud member of the Thrifty Traveler team since she joined back in August 2018.
She manages all of Thrifty Traveler’s domestic and international flight deals posted here daily. She also manages Thrifty Traveler’s many Instagram accounts posting domestic flight deals across the nation, posting deals and stories every day.

Jobelle Lomotan joined Thrifty Traveler in May 2018. She finds and compiles many of the international flight deals we send to Thrifty Traveler Premium members.
She loves traveling with her husband and children – and doing it for cheap! When she’s not traveling, she loves to bake and spend time with her kids.


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