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Welcome to Thrifty Traveler! I’m founder Jared Kamrowski! I don’t have an exciting story like many other travel writers. My parents didn’t take me jet-setting around the world when I was a kid, nor do I have a big trust fund to travel with. Regardless, I’ve always been immensely curious about the world around me. Since I’m not rich, I’ve had to learn how to travel on the cheap and now I want to help others get on the bandwagon. I know traveling is expensive, but over the years Mrs. TT and I have devised a simple strategy that allows us to travel to amazing places, without emptying our bank account.

There really is no trick to our strategy, we fund our travels using frequent flyer miles and hotel points, primarily earned from credit card sign-up bonuses. It’s a simple strategy that almost anyone can take advantage of, even if you don’t travel often. Miles and points can be incredibly valuable if used right. Our hope is that readers will be able to utilize our tips to see more of the world for less.

About Thrifty TravelerI’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and my prior job required a significant amount of traveling, which has acquainted me with many airline and hotel rewards programs. I’ve spent years researching points and miles, and I hope to pass along some of that wisdom. Following this site will teach you how to find the cheapest flight deals and minimize costs by maximizing credit card and travel rewards.
About Thrifty Traveler

This site primarily deals with travel, but there are so many other ways to save money. Thrifty Traveler will also include tips such as the best way to save on an engagement ring, cut your cable bill, reduce student debt, lower the cost of your phone bill, or even save on new appliances. My goal is to help readers save more of their paychecks, allowing them to travel more. If you love to travel and saving some coin, you’ve come to the right place!

Have a hot tip on a flight deal or just a general question? Feel free to email me at jared (at) thriftytraveler (dot) com or message me on Facebook or Twitter. Also, don’t forget to follow our travels on Instagram!

Nick Serati began writing for Thrifty Traveler in 2016 in a part-time role. In January 2018, he joined the Thrifty Traveler team full time to become the Editor-in-Chief. Based out of Minneapolis, MN, Nick has traveled extensively for work and begun collecting points and miles in 2009. He has a strong interest in maximizing points and miles through credit card sign up bonuses and has since earned over 5 million miles. These miles have afforded him and his wife Abbey many trips all over the world.

Nick developed a love for travel at a young age. His dad was a franchisee for a national restaurant chain that had conventions & meetings all over the United States in which Nick often got to tag along.

When Nick is not working, he is likely playing golf or planning his next vacation, using points & miles of course. Contact: nick (at) thriftytraveler (dot) com


Mikhala Stutzman began writing for Thrifty Traveler in February 2018. After studying abroad in 4 different countries in college, this Iowa born-and-raised girl moved to Chongqing, China for a year and fell in love with Chinese landscape, language, and most importantly, food! Her favorite city to travel to is Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Her top thrifty tip is to screenshot maps, addresses, and restaurant names in the native language while still on WiFi to confidently maneuver while you’re out and about. Don’t let your dreams be dreams: go book that flight deal and see the world!

Contact: mikhala (at) thriftytraveler (dot) com 


Kyle Potter started writing for Thrifty Traveler in March 2018. A longtime Thrifty Traveler follower who believes in the power of miles and points, his goal is to help even the most novice traveler understand the sometimes confusing and complex world of credit cards and frequent flyer programs so they can see more of the world, for less money.

Kyle is a journalist and native Minnesotan who spends any time he’s not working or traveling with his fiancee Allie and their corgi, Mikka. His favorite city in the world is Hanoi, Vietnam.

Nicole Berg joined Thrifty Traveler in March 2018.   As a daughter of a flight attendant, Nicole’s frequent travels started as a young child, but once she lost her airline benefits she quickly realized she needed to find ways to travel on the cheap.  Nicole is passionate about helping travelers like herself travel the world more without the stereotypical high costs.


When Nicole isn’t traveling to a new destination, you may at either find her at a Minnesota United soccer game or camping in a State Park with her boyfriend Mike and their dog, Meko. Her favorite country to visit is Japan, as most of her family resides there.

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