6 of the Best Cheap Destinations to Travel in 2019

Cheap Travel Destinations

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Traveling for less = more travel. It just makes sense.

Flights are a big piece of any travel budget, and we’ve got you covered for flights with Thrifty Traveler Premium, our international flight deal service that can easily save you hundreds on airfare. Maybe you’ve dipped your toe into the world of points and miles, too.

But the key to traveling more for less is going where it’s cheap. Here are a few of our favorite countries and regions that won’t break the bank.


Southeast Asia

Aside from the long flight, the hardest part about going to Southeast Asia is picking which country (or countries) to visit.

With the exception of Singapore, nearly every spot in this corner of the globe is cheap. Check out countries like Cambodia, Indonesia (hello, Bali), Malaysia, or the Phillippines on the cheap! But two of our favorites are Vietnam and Thailand.

You’ll save a ton of money on food and drinks – Vietnam is the land of beer for a quarter, after all – and you won’t be able to resist “splurging” on luxuries like an hour-long Thai massage for $8 or less.


Ha Long Bay in Vietnam


Check out our guide to Hanoi, Vietnam and what to do in Thailand for two weeks and you’ll easily see why the whole TT team has fallen in love with this area of the world.


Eastern Europe

Go beyond the well-tread countries in Europe and head for Eastern Europe.

Between Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, Eastern Europe has a ton to offer for the savvy traveler. Many of these countries aren’t in the Eurozone and the local currencies offer great exchange rates with the U.S. dollar.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary


Besides being affordable, these countries are typically less traveled, which means no crowds! If you love history, great architecture, wine, and vibrant nightlife consider traveling to this part of the world. The top attractions in Budapest should be enough to entice you – it’s one of our favorite under-the-radar cities in Europe for a reason.



Greece’s economy may be sputtering, but Athens remains a major tourist city, fetching high prices for food, drink, and tourist sites. So be sure to head outside of Athens for a great value vacation – including the islands.

After spending just a day or two in Athens, hop on a cheap flight to the massive island of Crete, where liters of wine will cost you just 8 euro (less than $9 USD)! Or visit the peaceful island of Paros, just as beautiful as Santorini but cheaper and less crowded.


Paros, Greece

Paros, Greece


Chile, Argentina and more

Getting to Brazil is almost always expensive, but flight prices to the rest of South America have finally been dropping! Start considering this part of the world for your next trip.

No jet lag (same time zone), cheap food and drink, and great scenery are among the many reasons to add Argentina or Chile to your list. Check out the Amacaya Dessert or Torres del Paine in Chile, the vibrant city of Buenos Aires in Argentina,  or go off the beaten path and visit the salt flats in Bolivia.


Cheap Travel Destinations Chile

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile


It’s never been cheaper to spend time in Argentina, thanks to an amazing exchange rate with the U.S. dollar, which has more than doubled in Argentina in the last year alone. It’s one of the best places in the world to make your dollar go farther.



Mexico is generally a budget-friendly destination, but popular resort areas put a dent in that reputation.

Leave the beaches behind and head for a truly cheap vacation in Mexico City. You could easily spend less than $30 a day on all meals and tourist sites. Here are all the reasons why you should visit Mexico City.


Cheap Travel Destinations Mexico City

Palacios des Bellas Artes, Mexico City



Europe and “cheap” generally don’t go together, but there’s one big exception: Portugal.

This western European country is cheap with a capital C, despite being next door to both Spain and France. A great glass of Portuguese wine will run you 3 euro, and sometimes less. An amazing, classic Portuguese dinner for two can be yours for close to 20 euro total – a price point you won’t find eating on your own in Paris.


cheap travel destinations porto

Porto, Portugal


Visit Porto, the birthplace of port wine. Or check out Lisbon, one of the best capital cities in Europe, with enough sights, food and drink to keep you busy for a week on the cheap.


Bottom Line

If you are strategic, you can travel to amazing places and experience everything – all without spending down your savings.


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