Review: A Refreshed (& Busy) American Express Centurion Lounge Las Vegas (LAS)

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Review: A Refreshed (& Busy) American Express Centurion Lounge Las Vegas (LAS)

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American Express Centurion Lounges have been setting the standard for U.S. lounges for years now, and the Centurion Lounge at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) has been redesigned, capitalizing on what the lounge got right the first time around, and adding some stylish touches that make the space shine.

Our determination: Despite being one of the more crowded Centurion spaces, the Las Vegas Centurion Lounge is worth a visit if you're flying out of the D Concourse at LAS.

Centurion Lounges are really nice, which is a curse and a blessing. They're popular to the point that it can get crowded. And after a recent visit to the Centurion Lounge Las Vegas (LAS), that much is clear.

I visited the lounge before a flight on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which is the busiest travel weekend of the year, and it was packed, as I expected. Still, a group of four of us were able to find a place to sit and enjoy free food and drinks as is customary at Centurions.

Read on to see what you should expect and keep in mind.

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How to Get Into the Las Vegas Centurion Lounge

You'll find the Las Vegas Centurion lounge in Concourse D across from Gate D1, not far from the main bank of escalators at the center of the terminal.


AMEX CenturionLounge LASMap


One of the best reasons to get the Platinum Card from American Express is the unrivaled lounge access. It gets you a free Priority Pass Select membership, which will get you and two guests into 1,000-plus Priority Pass lounges across the world. You can get into Delta SkyClubs if you're flying Delta that day. And you can also enter Escape Lounges, like one of our favorites at Minneapolis-St. Paul. 

And then there are Centurion lounges, which are the cream of the crop.


LAS Centurion


Getting into the Las Vegas Centurion lounge is the same as any of the other outposts. Simply show your Platinum card, a boarding pass, and an ID. You and up to two guests will be whisked straight into the lounge.

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Centurion check-in


Unfortunately, American Express has started to tighten access restrictions in a bid to combat overcrowding. You can only get into the lounge within three hours of your departing flight – though passengers on a longer layover may be allowed entry. And you can no longer get into the lounge at the airport you arrive at.


What to Expect in the Las Vegas Centurion Lounge

Let's start with the good news: The Las Vegas Centurion has some comfortable seats, from a place to grab dinner near the bar to cozy, personal love seats where you can sit and work or take a quick nap. And the whole lounge is nice, decorated in a familiar Centurion style – right down to the green wall that greets you as you walk in.


centurion lounge las vegas entry


The bad news? Depending on how busy the lounge is, it can be pretty packed. And these lounges fill up fast. Later in the day or on the weekends, it can be a struggle to find seating or grab food quickly.

This was the line at the bar around 2:30 p.m. on the Saturday afternoon of Thanksgiving. It's an especially busy weekend, so take my experience with a grain of salt.


Centurion bar line


At the back of the lounge, there's more dedicated seating, with a mix of those familiar black cubes and sets of small tables with chairs.


LAS Centurion Lounge



While most seats had sleeping people in them, this is a good look at one of the more private pod-seating areas at the LAS Centurion.

You'll also find another bank of the in-wall, green seats here. They're perfect for two.


centurion lounge las vegas seating

Elsewhere were more social seating areas for couples and even a few pods of four chairs for larger groups.


Centurion tarmac views


The terminal side of the lounge skews a little bit dark, but the tarmac side has huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

The lounge has a pretty wide variety of different seats, including these two loungers just outside the entrance.


Las Vegas Centurion


As part of the refresh of the lounge, Amex installed these cool travel-themed wall decor items. This one, which includes a TV showing the football du jour, was put behind a long table where a family of six or so people had set up shop for the afternoon.


LAS Centurion Lounge


A similar display was found just around the corner, too.


LAS Centurion


Along with the open seating areas and pods you can see spread throughout the lounge, the Centurion in Las Vegas also has some individual rooms.


LAS Centurion Lounge


Called the “Multi-Purpose” room, this section of couches, tables, and TVs was open for public use. It was mostly empty during our time there.


Phone booth room


This phone booth room also gives room for one or more people to escape somewhere quiet during a lounge visit.

There's free Wi-Fi throughout the lounge – just snag a card with the passcode from the desk as you check in.

There are men's and women's bathrooms inside the lounge. And while they're decorated beautifully and stocked with L'Occitane amenities, they're quite small. There were just two urinals and one stall inside the men's room – an expansion may be in order.


centurion lounge las vegas bathroom


There are also plenty of tables and chairs inside the dining area.


centurion lounge las vegas dining


And that brings us to the highlight of the lounge.


Food and Drink at the Las Vegas Centurion Lounge

Airport lounges in the U.S. are typically pretty lackluster – especially when it comes to food and drinks. But this is where Centurion lounges really shine, and the LAS location doesn't disappoint.

Let's start with the bar. Though small, it's decorated nicely.


LAS Centurion Lounge bar


There is plenty of free wine, sparkling wine, and beer available. But the star is the cocktail menu. When we were at the lounge, two bartenders were working furiously to prepare many of these items for travelers (and fending off rude lounge guests arguing about the rules…sigh…) and they were stellar.


centurion lounge las vegas cocktail menu


During a visit in 2019, we ordered a Blue Door, which was every bit as delicious as it sounded – including that hint of star anise. And once again, all of these cocktails are free.


Centurion Lounge Las Vegas cocktail


Food can be hit or miss in lounges, but not the Centurion. Even with the volume of people streaming through the buffet line, the food was delicious.


LAS Centurion buffet


The lounge seems to mix up its menus weekly, so depending on how often you pass through, you can probably try something different.

On the main buffet, you had your choice of a full salad bar and then the main course. Along the wall is the soft drink section.


LAS Centurion


There were ample coffee and espresso options at the lounge, and there were the three big jugs of juice and iced tea alongside them.

While the menu rotates, American Express offers this as a sample menu on its website.


Centurion menu


The day we were there, the vegetable curry was the star. There was also a chicken dish not listed on this menu, too.

Overall, the food was the best part of our time in the lounge. I went back for seconds and thirds if you count the chocolate cookies we took for the walk to our gate. The Las Vegas Centurion lounge is a great place for a hot meal before your flight.


Bottom Line

The Centurion Lounge Las Vegas has a lot going for it: great seating, top-notch cocktails, and good food.

But as with all Centurion lounges, the only question is timing. If you're lucky, you'll be able to enjoy it all freely. If not, expect to work to find a seat or grab some food.

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  • We were there on a Friday afternoon, returning from a conference in Las Vegas. It was crowded as you say. What was somewhat annoying was that individuals had taken the love seats and other double seats to spread out making it very hard to find two for my wife and me together. Because of where I live and where I travel the only other Centurion Lounge I have been to is San Francisco on a few occasions. It was similarly nice and similarly crowded. I have recently opened a Chase Sapphire Reserve account and closed my AMEX Platinum. I think the only thing I’ll miss is the Centurion Lounge.

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