How Anyone can Apply for a Business Credit Card

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Anyone can apply for a business credit card

How Anyone can Apply for a Business Credit Card

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Am I eligible to apply for a business card even if I don't have a traditional business?

The short answer is generally yes. Almost anyone can apply for a business credit card. In fact, business credit cards often offer some of the most lucrative welcome bonus offers of any cards in the marketplace.

Even if you only sell items on eBay or Craigslist, you should still qualify for a business card. The only reason business cards are more difficult to get than personal cards is you're typically not instantly approved. If you aren't instantly approved you should call into the bank’s reconsideration line (listed below), and you will have to talk to a real person. Don't be intimidated, it's usually a quick and easy process.

Thrifty Tip #1: If you don't have a registered business use your Social Security Number in the place of the required Employer Identification Number (EIN). Select Sole Proprietorship as the business type as this does not require an EIN. Sole Proprietorship is usually the easiest business type to be approved for.

When calling the reconsideration line a credit analyst will ask you questions about your business such as years in business, number of employees, total revenue, net income, etc. Once they are satisfied with the information you have provided you are typically instantly approved, even if your business makes little to no income.


Who to call if you are not instantly approved:

American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 877-399-3083 (new accounts) 8am-midnight EST M-F, 10am-6:30pm Saturday

Barclays Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 866-408-4064 (credit analyst) 8am-5pm EST Monday to Friday

Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 888-245-0625 (personal credit analyst, 7am-10pm EST M-F; 8am-10pm EST Sat. and 9am-9pm Sun.)
  • 800-453-9719 (business credit analyst, 8am-10pm EST M-F)

Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 800-763-9795 (personal and business card application status/analyst) 7am-midnight EST 7 days a week


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20 Responses

  • En route to get my companion pass on SWA, I opted to take Mr.TT’s advice and apply for the business card, from SWA and then quickly turnaround and apply for a personal.
    A bit nervous and anxious, at first thought- I went all-in and decided to double down. I applied for the business card, online. Next, the screen stated “your application is being considered- please allow 2 weeks for a decision”.
    In this society of instant gratification, I opted not to wait.
    Immediately, I called the Chase Credit Card Reconsideration line and spoke to a business analyst. I penned my business name to be merely a fiction of my imagination.
    Once I spoke with the analyst he asked for my GAR (Gross Annual Revenue) of my business for 2012, 2013, 2014 and a 2015 projection. My company is so liquid according to my projections. Next he asked if I pay myself a salary and how many full time employees I employ. Remember, I do NOT have a business. I made these numbers up.
    Within minutes, I was Approved over the phone and was being thanked for my contribution to society and offered a Business Credit Line of 10K.
    Next, I immediately applied for the personal, online. I had to call In once again and was approved over the phone for another 10K. Companion Pass for SWA is in sight.
    Thanks for the solid advice Mr.TT!

  • When churning for Amex business bonuses, do you need to wait 12 months from the time you cancelled the card, or 12 months from the time you received the first bonus?

  • I have a business and want to apply for my first business credit card. Will they pull an inquiry from my personal credit? Or is it easier to get one with an ein number??

    • Great question Danielle. They will pull an inquiry from your personal credit and typically it is easier to get approved for business credit cards with an EIN number. This is especially true with Chase and Citi cards. American Express will usually approve you with or without an EIN. Anyone can get approved for an amex biz card.

  • LOL, I opened up about 9 Amex Business Cards, but suddenly they shut me down for a FR. Will have to close up shop there, and churn elsewhere, LOL.

          • Well, i made sure i got the low hanging fruit. Several had small Bonuses just for making any purchase…..gobbled Those up…then got Delta Gold, And Platinum…Delta Reserve, Amex Platinum, Amex Gold, Amex Blue…well u get the idea…i just wanted all the sign-on Bonuses…i got greedy, LOL

    • Wow, that’s crazy! How quickly did you get those 9 business cards? It’s making me nervous about my original plan which includes many AmEx biz cards during the year. I wonder if cancelling the ones I don’t really need would help.

      • I got them really quickly. But I closed All of Them. Me and Amex people don’t get along, and I was tired of them constantly flagging my transactions when I M.S.. Then I called their fraud dept. to clear, and I have to wait 72 Hours. This doesn’t help me when I just drove 100 miles to my nearest WM! So once I got All The Bonuses, I Told them to close all my accounts down. I’m done with that company and won’t ever deal with them or their nonsense again. But hey, if they treat u right, go for it! Don’t let me discourage you. Personally, I won’t deal with the Amex company ever again. I hate them.

  • As a foreigner , I incorporated an business in USA doing exporting , got the EIN number , what’s the likely hood Amex will approve me ? I am aiming for platinum card I am okay with the annual fee, will it be a tough sell ? Thanks TT in advance

      • Thanks, I mean getting an business credit card tho , not an personal one . I am able to get T mobile phone line setup with EIN number and they are able to pull up credit on it , so it keeps me wonder .

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