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Got an Amex Platinum or Gold? Use Up All Your Amex Statement Credits Soon!

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In the world of travel credit cards, cards with big annual fees come with big perks. And no perks are bigger, better, or more important to help you come out ahead than the Amex statement credits on cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express or the American Express® Gold Card.

There are statement credits for airline fees, hotels, shopping, and more on these top Amex cards that can help offset the cost of the annual fees of up to almost $700 each year. It’s a big part of the reason why we urge readers not to write off credit cards just because of the annual fees. Do it right, and you can come out way ahead – yes, even when travel isn't quite back to normal.

But time is ticking. Many of these credits reset with the New Year, which means you'll soon lose anything you haven't used when the clock strikes midnight. Make sure you use up all your 2023 credits before the year is up! Here's how.



Up to $200 in Airline Credits

With $200 in airline fee credits each year, this credit on the Amex Platinum card can go a long way. After having a smaller, $100 annual credit for years, the Gold Card lost that perk at the end of 2021.

Got the Hilton Honors Aspire Card? You've got a similar credit to use each year … for $250!

But it's not exactly as simple as just buying flights or an upgrade to put it to use before the year ends. Unlike the $300 annual travel credit on the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card, there are some major strings attached to these credits that can make them harder (but far from impossible) to use.

They're “airline incidental fee credits.” That means up to $200 in fees at one qualifying airline for things like checked baggage, guest access at a lounge and others will be reimbursed – but keep reading for some other ideas to put these to use. You have to pick one U.S. airline to use them at by logging into your American Express account and navigating to your Benefits, though you might be able to switch mid-year by calling or messaging Amex. 


amex statement credits airline fees


Unfortunately, a longstanding workaround to buy gift cards from certain airlines no longer works. But here are a few ideas on how best to put them to use:

  • Got eCredits with Delta after canceling flights this year? Use them to rebook travel for 2023, then put the remaining balance on your Amex Platinum or Gold Card. So long as you charge less than $250 to your card and have selected Delta as your preferred airline, it should trigger the credit
  • Pick Southwest as your preferred airline for these credits and book a cheap flight – flights under $99 typically trigger it, in our experience.
  • Select United Airlines instead, then load up your United TravelBank account using your Amex card – allowing you to use the airline credit to book tickets with United
  • Pay for your pal to get into the Delta Sky Club with you
  • Upgrade to the Spirit Big Front Seat for your next flight with the ultra-low-cost carrier
  • Book an award ticket and charge the taxes and fees to your Platinum card!

Read our full guide on the best ways to use these airline credits to get the most out of them.

Like most of these Amex statement credits, this is a “use it or lose it” perk. If you don't use up every dollar, it won't roll over into 2023. Luckily, American Express makes it easy to track whether you've used up your airline credits – just log into your account check your benefits tab.


amex platinum airline fee credit


$200 Towards Hotels

Platinum cardholders were dealt a blow this year when Amex raised the annual fee to a whopping $695 a year (see rates & fees)., using questionable new benefits like credits for entertainment services and Equinox gym memberships to justify that hike. But one new credit shines.

Every year, Platinum cardholders get a $200 credit to use toward prepaid stays at Fine Hotels and Resorts and Hotel (FHR) Collection Properties through Amextravel.com. All you need to do is log in at Amextravel.com, search for a property, pay with your Platinum Card, and that $200 credit will kick in automatically.

However, a two-night minimum stay is required to receive the $200 credit for “The Hotel Collection” stays. With FHR, a one-night stay will do.


amex fhr portal travel credit


This credit resets each calendar year – not based upon when your card renews. That means you've got through the end of the year to book a prepaid hotel stay and put this credit to use. Keep in mind that means you could use your 2023 credit for a stay far into 2024 so long as you book before Dec. 31.

One tip: Focus on Fine Hotels and Resorts (FHR) to get the most bang for your buck. This is Amex's collection of luxury properties across the world that also comes with a handful of special perks like free room upgrades when available, free daily breakfast for two, an experience credit of $100 or more for dining or spa services, noon check-in when available, and guaranteed 4 p.m. checkout.


Uber Cash on Both Cards

The American Express Platinum card might put some tighter strings on travel credits, but they make up for it with another $200 reserved for trips with Uber. And as of this year, Amex Gold cardholders get some Uber love, too.

This one’s a bit easier to spend by year’s end, as it’s not given in a $200 lump sum. Instead, you get $15 in free Uber rides or Uber Eats orders each and every month – except one. December is the biggest month yet, as it bumps up to $35 in Uber cash for the final month of the year for Platinum cardholders.

The Amex Gold, meanwhile, gets up to $120 annually in Uber cash doled out in $10 monthly amounts.


Amex Platinum Credits
Your usual $15 monthly Uber credit with the Amex Platinum card jumps to $35 in December, so make sure you use it!


Make sure you’ve added your American Express Platinum or Gold card to your Uber account, as that’s the key to unlocking the monthly credit. It will apply automatically to your ride no matter whether you “pay” with your Amex card. And American Express has even made it easier to apply these credits.

If an Uber ride isn’t in your future, fire up Uber Eats instead for some takeout or delivery in the U.S. 


$50 Off Saks Fifth Avenue

American Express added this quirky benefit way back in 2018, offering $100 in statement credits on Saks Fifth Avenue purchases. These credits are split into $50 installments: one available from January through June, and the second from July through December.

So make sure you find something to buy at Saks before the year is up and your $50 credit for the first half of 2023 expires. But before you do, register for the benefit using this link. Then use the card to check out online or in-person and American Express will reimburse up to $50.

Saks isn’t exactly a cheap store, but there are plenty of great items you can buy without breaking the bank.

Thrifty Tip: Sign up for a Rakuten account and use this incredible online shopping portal to get an extra cashback bonus on your Saks purchase – plus earn an easy $40 bonus for your first purchase of $40 or more.


Cover Some Entertainment Services with the Platinum

Way back in the thick of the pandemic, Amex was incredibly generous with monthly credits for almost any streaming service on the planet. The company has made that type of credit a permanent perk … but it's gotten much stingier.

This new monthly credit of up to $20 can currently be used in just a handful of places: Audible, The New York Times, Peacock, and SiriusXM, Hulu, Disney Plus, and the Disney Bundle. 


disney plus


That’s far more restrictive, so this one has limited value. Fortunately, Amex added a handful of new platforms earlier this year. And if you’re already using one of these platforms or plan to, it adds up to another $240 over the course of the year. Why not use the last $20 monthly credit before the year is up?

Beware: You can't just go charge a subscription to one of these services. Log into your account first, navigate to your benefits tab, and enroll first before plowing ahead.


Get Walmart+ for Free

This one's just weird. Nothing says “premium travel credit card” like a Walmart subscription, right?

On the heels of that big refresh last summer when Amex hiked the Platinum Card's annual fee with additional benefits, the bank added several more perks last fall, including a monthly credit of up to $12.95 for … a Walmart+ membership. Sure, why not.

Odd or not, there are some decent perks with a Walmart+ membership that could make it worth signing up for, including:

  • Free next-day shipping from Walmart.com, with no order minimums
  • Free local delivery of groceries and other items, with a $35 order minimum
  • Discounts on prescriptions from Walmart pharmacies, with savings of up to 85% according to Walmart
  • Save 5 cents per gallon on gasoline from Walmart and Murphy stations.
  • Skip the checkout lane: Scan your items with your phone using the Walmart app, pay, and go.

Plus, a Walmart+ membership now gets you free Paramount Plus for at-home streaming of popular channels like CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, and Nickelodeon as well as many live sports events and movies. Like many others on this list, this is a monthly credit … and it's “use it or lose it.”


Global Entry or TSA PreCheck

Don’t worry – you’re not in a time crunch to get signed up for these two trusted traveler programs. But you may want to sign up soon.

Among these top Amex cards, Only the American Express Platinum card offers up to a $100 credit to sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. They’re part of a growing number of credit cards that will cover the application cost for these time-saving programs.

On one hand, you’ve got time to sign up. The card offers this benefit once every 4 1/2 years for the application fee for TSA PreCheck® and every 4 years for Global Entry, so you can sign up when you’re ready. Just use the card for the application fee and you’ll be automatically reimbursed. Membership in either program will last you five years.

But if you're considering Global Entry, it may make sense to sign up sooner rather than later. For starters, getting signed up can take a long time with a backlog of applications and trouble securing a Global Entry interview to finalize enrollment. Plus, the cost of the popular international travel program is expected to increase in the near future.


global entry membership fees


Torn between TSA PreCheck or Global Entry? We recommend Global Entry, as it’s a twofer: Global Entry comes with PreCheck, too. So you’ll get through TSA security checkpoints faster, and also clear immigration when returning to the U.S. from international travels.

If you’ve already got one of these programs under your belt, you can cover a friend or family member’s application with your credit. Just use the card to pay for the application as you would when applying yourself.


$200 in Dell Credits on the Amex Platinum Business Card

If you've got a small business, The Business Platinum Card® from American Express is worth a look. You'll get $200 in statement credits between January and June and up to $200 in statement credits between July and December for a total of $400 per calendar year to spend at Dell.

That's a change from the previously offered $100 credit twice a year which happened after the annual fee increased from $595 to $695 a year (see rates & fees) earlier this year.

Similar to how the Saks credit works on the Personal Platinum Card, it's split into two installments. You got a $200 credit available from Jan. 1 through June 30, and another $200 available July 1 through Dec. 31. You will lose any remaining balance you have after the expiration date, so be sure to use them up.


amex platinum dell credit


You might be surprised at how many products are available on Dell's website – it's far from just computers. Think Bose headphones, Google Home & Nest products, and much more. Make sure to stack any purchase you make with a shopping portal like Rakuten.


Bottom Line

Airline credits, free Uber rides (or Uber Eats orders), discounted hotel stays, and other credits help take the sting out of otherwise big annual fees on premium cards like the Platinum Card or Gold Card. But that’s not true if you don’t use them up before the year ends, so act fast.


Editorial Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

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  • Hi, my $300 Chase Travel Credit has renewed and I’m wondering how to best utilize it. You say to buy Delta gift cards in increments of $50? Is that accurate?

    • Chase’s travel credit works much differently than Amex’s, so there’s no need to go out and buy gift cards. If your credit has renewed, Chase will simply reimburse up to $300 in any travel purchase you make. So you can just go out and buy a flight, book a hotel, hop in a cab, and so on. Much easier to use than Amex’s!

    • Correct, as we spell out in this post! Just a reminder to pay attention to your card renewal date and travel credit usage if you have the Reserve.

  • Delta automatically applied my e-credits directly to my Amex Delta Gold card statement each month. Also, I had $100 e-credit deposited into my Delta account because I spent more than $10k during 2019. It was supposed to be used by 12/31/20 but Delta has extended it into 2021. They have been very accommodating to their customers through the covid crisis. I have always loved Delta but the have earned another ⭐️ In my book.

  • Thank You, for this article. You guys are the best at maximizing points. American Express will be issuing 50k for Platinum and 20k for Gold to keep the card which I would have anyway. Again Many Thanks

  • Questions as I just applied for (and was approved for) the Platinum card …

    1. Can I get the airline credit for 2020 and then again for 2021?
    2. Can I get the Sak’s credit in 2020 and then both credits in 2021?
    3. Am I instantly eligible for the Uber credits (i.e., can I get the $35 Dec credit right away)?

    Seems like December is the best time to get the card if it allows you to double/triple dip! Thanks for all your great advice!

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