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spirit big front seat

Is the Spirit Big Front Seat Worth It? We Put it to the Test

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Spirit Airlines might be best known for its knee-crushing legroom, but it doesn't have to be that way. That's where Spirit's Big Front Seat shines.

Spirit sells big seats at the front of the plane that are aptly named – you guessed it – “Big Front Seats.” While nowhere near the full “first class” experience you'll get flying up front on many other airlines, it can be worth it for those travelers who can stand the thought of cramming into 28 inches of seat pitch.

It's unlike anything you'll find on almost any other ultra-low-cost carrier. And it could be one of the best deals in domestic flying if you're looking to fly in a first class seat on a budget.

Read on for our review of the Spirit Big Front Seat.

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How to Book the Big Front Seat

Upgrading to the Big Front Seat is simple. You just have to pay for it.

When booking a Spirit flight online, you'll get to the landing page where you can pay to select a seat. Selecting an economy seat will typically cost you anywhere from a few dollars to $50, depending on the flight. Exit rows are generally a tad more.

But on most of its flights, Spirit offers this third option: The Big Front Seat. And there's no need to worry about upgrades or elite status to sit there. Buy it and its yours.

What you'll pay for a Spirit Big Front Seat can vary wildly based on what route you're flying, how close you are to departure, how many Big Front Seats are still available, and more. Generally, the rates to pick a Big Front Seat seem to range from as low as $25 to as much as $150 each way.

You can select a Big Front Seat right off the bat during the checkout process for your flight or manage your flight later on to move up front. We even received emails offering a chance to “bid” for one of these seats ahead of the flight.

For my flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Phoenix (PHX) earlier this month, I paid an extra $81 to snag a Spirit Big Front Seat. That brought the total cost of my one-way flight to Phoenix to $142.97.


spirit big front seat


Rates were similar for the return flight, which would have brought the cost for a roundtrip flight to Phoenix in the Big Front Seat to about $286. That's significantly less than you'd pay for a roundtrip first class fare on any other airline.

But as the flight drew closer, I noticed something: The price to pick a Big Front Seat had dropped. I checked again just a few days before departure and saw a few remaining seats available for just $39 apiece. Like any airline, Spirit wants their planes to go out as full as possible. And it worked: Every Big Front Seat was taken for the flight.

Planning to book a flight on Spirit? Make sure to check out our guide on Spirit Airlines baggage fees.

Thrifty Tip: Got the Platinum Card® from American Express? Moving up to a Big Front Seat is a great way to use the annual Amex airline fee credits! Just make sure you select Spirit as your designated airline first.


Basics of the Big Front Seat

No matter what Spirit flight you're taking, the Big Front Seats are … well, big. Much, much bigger than what you'll find at the back of the plane – and if you ask me, bigger than most of the domestic first class seats you'll find flying the likes of Delta, United, or American.

Spirit puts just two seats across in each row of the Big Front Seat section, which makes them much wider than your standard economy seat. And unlike the notoriously slim and hard seats in economy, these are very well padded seats.

Exactly how many Big Front Seats you'll find (and what they look like) depends on which kind of Spirit plane you're flying. Some Spirit planes don't have Big Front Seats at all – just 174 plain economy seats.

All of Spirit's Airbus A320s and Airbus A321s have eight Big Front Seats spread across two rows. Most of the seats look something like this, a fairly modern looking seat.


spirit big front seat


On their newest Airbus A320neos, the seats have an even fresher look, complete with memory foam padding and headrest as well as the signature black-and-yellow branding.


spirit big front seat
Photo courtesy of Spirit


And then there's Spirits oldest Airbus A319 jets, with a different look. Plus, these planes have two extra Big Front Seats for a total of 10, thanks to one more two-seat section in the third row. That's what we flew down to Phoenix.


spirit big front seat cabin


No matter which version you're flying, these seats officially measure in at 20 inches wide, with 36 inches of legroom – a whopping eight additional inches compared to what you get in Spirit economy. That's substantial.

But I have to say: These seats felt even bigger. The first thing that stood out to me was just how wide the Big Front Seat felt. I've felt far more constrained flying first class on legacy U.S. carriers like American or Delta.


spirit big front seat


The legroom was also pretty impressive. It's not the most legroom I've ever seen up in first class … but you can't complain when you've got eight more inches of room to spread your legs than flyers behind you.


spirit big front seat legroom


spirit big front seat


The seats themselves were covered in soft leather and fairly well padded. That included an adjustable headrest – something else you won't find back in Spirit economy. That said, I wish these headrests protruded a bit more as is the case Spirit's newer Big Front Seats.


spirit big front seat


The Big Front Seats on these older A319s are definitely showing their age. The leather has seen better days and some parts of the seats are more than a bit beat up. Still, it was plenty comfortable.


spirit big front seat


One feature you won't find in Spirit's Big Front Seats? The ability to recline. Just as throughout the rest of the plane, Spirit doesn't let you recline your seats. As you should assume, there's also no in-flight entertainment – just a blank seatback in front of you.


spirit big front seatback


There was, however, a fairly large tray table inside the armrest.


spirit big front seat table


The armrest between seats is also pretty substantial, so there's a place to put a drink – or simply not worry about rubbing elbows if you're flying next to a stranger.


spirit big front seat armrest


Unlike traditional first class on other airlines, there's no divider or curtain separating Big Front Seats from the rest of the plane. And that brings us to an important point.


The Rest of the Big Front Seat Experience

When you opt up for the Big Front Seat, you're paying for the bigger seat … and nothing else.

Besides its substantial size, the rest of the in-flight experience isn't any different than any other standard Spirit flight. Here's why:

  • There are no charging outlets in the seat.
  • There is no in-flight entertainment or Wi-Fi
  • There is no recline on the seats, even up front.
  • You board just as normal unless if you pay up for early boarding.
  • You might get a bit more attentive service from the flight attendant working at the front of the plane, but that's no guarantee.
  • Water, snacks, and any other service items are for purchase, even with the Big Front Seat. No water or beverages are included with the Big Front Seat.


spirit big front seat menu


One unexpected challenge of flying Spirit is that there are only two lavatories onboard: One at the front and another at the rear. That means lines often form for both bathrooms. And Big Front Seat flyers don't get special access to the lavatory up front, unlike in most traditional first class cabins. The lavatories themselves are basic, as you'd expect.


spirit big front seat lavatory


Is the Big Front Seat Worth It?

The Big Front Seat is exactly what it says it is. It's a big seat.

That alone can easily make it worth it. Depending on how much Spirit is charging for one of these bigger seats up front, you could fly in a massive seat for the price of economy on many other airlines. If Spirit flies the route you're looking to buy, it's worth doing some price comparison to see how a Big Front Seat would stack up against a standard economy ticket on another airline.

But it's important to stress that the seat is all you get: No free drink (not even water), no charging, and no in-flight entertainment. In fact, aside from its (admittedly substantial) size, the Big Front Seat isn't all that different than economy.

Still, all that extra room can be the difference between a very pleasant flight and a miserable one for some travelers. And at the price point you can often snag a Big Front Seat at, this level of comfort is hard to beat – especially for longer flights.


Bottom Line

At the right price, the Spirit Big Front Seat can be one of the best deals in domestic flying.

The seats themselves are massive, on par or better with what you'll get flying first class on most other U.S. airlines. And while a big seat is all you'll get, that alone can be a game changer – especially compared to the cramped and stiff seats at the back of the plane on Spirit.


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15 Responses

  • YES! It’s worth it! Especially if you’re 6’4″. It’s actually one of the best bargains in domestic travel.

  • I agree with this entirely! Only 5′ 2″ I opted for the Big Seat for comfort due to the early am flight. Happened to be my 1st with Spirit and I loved it! Only costed me $15.00. It was a VERY smooth, quiet ride even compared to AA which previously flown with all the bells n whistles. I was disappointed there was no Wifi, especially since I get inflight Wifi free with my carrier. Other than that my new fav Airline and Seat is 2F Spirit!! #WindowSeat
    Looking forward to my next trip!!!

  • As a bigger person, I wish people that didn’t need these seats didn’t take them. I don’t fit in the regular seats comfortably so when it’s not a ridiculous price, I always want the “Big Front Seat” option. But sometimes, these are already taken by people who (I find after boarding the plane) only want them to feel upgraded.

    • Sorry? Lose some weight? I mean, I’m 240 myself, so the regular seats are snug, but nothing outrageous. I mean, I have the money and if the price is what I believe is worth it (it isn’t always), I am going to upgrade. And when I’m traveling with my family, I’ll upgrade them, too. When we fly Spirit, we are on vacation, and if riding in the bigger seat makes vacation begin or end a little easier, and it’s available, then that’s what’s happening.

      • My husband is big dude. He’s 6’6 and has a realllyyyy hard time flying because there is no room for his legs, so I get it. Anyone being rude here can take a hike 😊

    • Hate to say it, because I get where you’re coming from, but just from looking at somebody you can’t really tell what their reason for booking it is. Last time I flew Spirit I got a lot of anxiety with how cramped it was in a standard seat (I hardly ever fly with them in the first place but the route I was looking at was the only option). Looking at booking a flight with them next month, once again because it is the only option for a direct flight and will be paying extra for the big front seat, even though I’m not that big myself.

    • What?? Either pay the premium or don’t. You snooze you lose if you dont buy it early. Im paying 119 and 124 for it on my 2 trips, and whether I’m big or not is irrelevant (I am btw). Im paying the premium because I want the seat.

      • Myself and my brother just flew these seats roundtrip from Philly to Orlando. We’re both large guys, but he’s like King Kong Bundy large. I shopped around the airlines for larger seats, and in the end, even after paying for the seats and luggage, it was still cheaper than anything else when upgrading to a larger seat or adding a second seat. If anyone knows of others that compare, I’d love to hear about them, but this recent trip sold up on Spirit. I looked into Premium Economy or Economy Plus types of seats on multiple airlines, and those were much more expensive. If Jet Blue and Spirit merge, I’m hoping that means even more flights with Big Front Seats for us big boys…and whoever else wants them.

  • That’s gonna be a no from me dog. I’ll stick to my DL medallion status with free checked bag, ife, wifi, snacks, meals etc

  • All I can say about the big front seat is..if you don’t reserve one…you loose. Spend a buck… you’ll be glad you did.

  • At this writing the Big Front Seats on my upcoming flight from Philly to New Orleans run $95. That strikes me as way north of reasonable for my 2 1/2-hour flight. Now, I’m a pretty slender 5’10 guy, and I have no problem opting for a reserved standard aisle seat at $14. And I just got an email saying I can “bid” for a BFS. But having survived a the outgoing leg on Frontier without incident, I guess I’ll take my chances on my maiden Spirit voyage.

  • Please don’t buy the big front seats!!…Ok, I am only saying that so there will be more availability for them when I fly! 😉
    I refuse to fly on Spirit unless there is a big front seat available. I have changed my travel dates just for that reason. It is absolutely worth it for me. I find the prices are not bad at all especially if you are a rewards member. I have found, even with the price of the seats, they are cheaper than Southwest and the bigger airlines. I also don’t normally check a bag. I have a big laptop backpack I can fit 5 days worth of clothes in. Once you reach gold status the bags are free.
    So yes, the seats are worth every dime! Super comfy and I get off the plane first! And for fun watch everyone pass you with a look of envy as they work their way to those tiny rock hard seats they have! haha!

  • In this exact moment i’m sitting in 2F seat. And with 4 hours flight ahead….it’s definitely worth the price. Huge seat, room for legs….my new fav too!

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