How to Save Big Money on Airfare with Priceline Express Deals

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There is no shortage of ways to save big bucks on plane tickets. We’ve got plenty of tips to book the cheapest flights possible.

And then there are Priceline Express Deals.

A relatively new entrant in the arena of booking cheap flights, Priceline has upped their game with these extra-special (and sometimes, extra cheap) discounts. But there are some critical things to know before you book.

Read on to learn more about Priceline Express Deals and how they can save you hundreds.


What Are Priceline Express Flight Deals?

If you search for airfare often on Priceline, you’ve likely come across this box, notifying you of an “Express Deal.” Priceline Express Deals can pop up when you search for a flight deal in Priceline.

Typically, this option shows up for more popular international routes, and are not as common to see on domestic or less-traveled routes. In the example below, the Express Deal offer is for $141 less than the next cheapest flight to Europe on Priceline.


priceline express deals
Example of Priceline Express Deals


Priceline’s website states that Express Deals can save users up to 40% off their ticket for their desired departure, destination, and travel date range. Here’s the concept: airlines give discounts to online travel agencies (OTA) like Priceline, allowing them to offer deals on airfare to consumers that won’t be available elsewhere. And while there are some major factors to keep in mind with booking through an OTA versus an airline, the savings can be real.

And Priceline takes that to the next level with Express Deals.


What Should I Know About Priceline Express Deals?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is too good to be true!” Luckily, Priceline makes it easy to understand why these flight prices are cheaper.

There are a few critical components to keep in mind about Express Deals.

  • Express Deals are different from almost any airfare you buy. When booking through Express Deals, the airline you will be flying is shown only after booking the ticket. This flight deal service is similar to the Hopper Secret Fare: The airline is revealed only after you book the ticket. But don’t worry, these are major international airlines – not budget carriers.


priceline express deals


  • An Express Deal’s full itinerary is not disclosed prior to purchase. This means that only details of general timing are given prior to purchase, such as “evening takeoff” or “morning takeoff”, as seen in the photo below. Click through each fare and it will show you some more details on your itinerary – most will say they are either nonstop or one-stop flights. Exact departure and return times are revealed after purchasing the ticket.


priceline express deals


  • According to the Priceline website, Express Deal flights are non-refundable and non-changeable. Again, similar to Hopper Secret Fares, all Express Deal airfare sales are final. This is in contrast to other flights booked on Priceline, which typically honor a 24-hour cancellation policy. That policy does not apply to Express Deal bookings.


  • Priceline indicates that the Express Deal fares do not earn frequent flyer miles. However, we can not yet confirm this. We suspect this is highly dependent on the carrier you are flying. Typically, on non-Express Deal fares booked with Priceline or any other online travel agency site, you can still earn miles.


  • Each Express Deal will be different, but some will include a free carry-on bag and advanced seat selection. Compare that to many typical flights to Europe, for example, and you may find that most other options are basic economy and don’t include seat selection. The Express Deal might be a few hundred dollars cheaper and get you more!


priceline express deals

How Do I Use an Express Deal?

Start by heading over to Priceline and entering your desired departure city, destination, and travel dates.

If there is an Express Deal available for that route, an “Express Deals” box will pop up before the first regular flight option listed on the Priceline search results page. To learn more about the Express Deal, just click “Select.”


search results


Priceline reminds you that the flight details will be revealed after you book. They also show several trusted airlines, one of which will be the airline you’ll fly on for this deal.

Priceline offers an estimation of when the flight will depart and arrive, as well as when it will return. As you can see below, this deal will have a mid-day takeoff between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Due to the length of international flights, you can see this flight may arrive early the next day. For the return flight, Priceline notes that it will be a morning takeoff between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., and will arrive the same day.

This flight is either nonstop or one-stop, with a maximum layover of 3 hours. And don’t worry: you’ll see all of these details once you’ve booked.


priceline express deals


If that all sounds good to you and you’re ready to book your cheap flight, click the green “Continue” button to fill out your personal and billing information. The total Express Deal price includes taxes and fees, but additional baggage fees may apply. Once you confirm and submit, Priceline will immediately open a new window with your flight details, including exact departure and return times and the airline you’ll be flying.


Example Express Deal Flight Details

All flight details are disclosed immediately after booking on the Priceline site, as well as in the confirmation email. The confirmation email includes the details below:


priceline express deals


Again, Priceline states these fares may not earn frequent flyer miles but that may vary based on the airline you are flying.


priceline express deals

How Do Priceline Express Deals Compare to Other Flight Deals?

All things considered, if you are looking for a cheap flight deal and are flexible on departure and return time frames, Priceline Express Deals are worth considering.

They can often save you hundreds compared to other Priceline fares. They also often include free seat assignment, which basic economy fares do not.

In comparison to a similar option, the Hopper Secret Fares don’t provide as deep of discounts – or nearly as much flight deal availability. I’d definitely pick Priceline Express Deals over Hopper Secret Fares.

However, it’s worth noting that there are some drawbacks to booking with an online travel agency like Priceline as opposed to booking directly with the airline. We always recommend starting your search with Google Flights and seeing what it costs to book directly with the airline. It may be a bit more expensive, but it can mean more peace of mind.


Bottom Line 

If your schedule is flexible, you’re open to flying most airlines, and you’re willing to roll the dice, Express Deals can be a great way to save on airfare.

Compared to other deals you find via Priceline – or other search engines – Express Deals are often hundreds of dollars less. And many times, these fares even include advance seat assignment.

We still recommend checking Google Flights to see how much it costs to book directly with the airline. But if you don’t mind a bit of mystery about your trip, you could save big money with Priceline Express Deals.


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9 Responses

      • Hi Matthew,

        If you’d like advance seat assignment to select seats next to each other, we’d recommend skipping the Priceline Express deals and instead purchasing a Main Cabin fare (not Basic Economy) to get seat selection. Happy travels!

  • I have used Priceline for years and it has been my go to travel app. However, I have been disappointed lately in their Express Deals. The star ratings for the deals are VERY misleading. This last time I selected a 3 star hotel room Express Deal for a great rate and was actually booked at a 2 star hotel. After receiving the hotel information I read the reviews and sadly I was not the first person this had happened to for this location. When I called to dispute the selection I was told Priceline uses its customer’s reviews to set the rating and others must be happy. When I pointed out the similar complaints as mine on their website the representative then changed the story and said the ratings are set by independent consultants. He basically stated it was a done deal and no refunds or changes allowed. To be fair, the hotel was a decent hotel if you were looking for a nice 2 star. The people were friendly and accommodated me as much as they could with the options they had. This practice is not only unfair to the consumer but to the property as well. By misrepresenting the true star rating of the establishment, Priceline is setting businesses up to get poor reviews. Had the marketing been honest, I am sure the hotel would be a highly rated 2 star and those looking for a quality 2 star would book it more often. As it is, it is receiving poor reviews as a 3 star. Priceline is causing the property to lose potential future business.
    I base my standards on experience. Just 3 weeks earlier I booked through Priceline, but did not use the express deal option. I went with a 2.5 star hotel where I knew which hotel I would be staying at upfront. That 2.5 rated hotel was far and above a much classier establishment then the so called 3 star rated Express Deal. When you travel a lot and do not always know the area well where you are going relying on hearsay from a well known travel business is the only option. Unfortunately, it’s also a gamble. I will not be taking this risk again.

  • Purchased an express deal for a trip to Hawaii in December. Initial flight after booking was what I suspected based on the many flights I looked at and had a 1.5 hr layover in Seattle & 6ish hr layover in Oakland on the way there & similar on the return flight. Have gotten 2 flight updates since then & each time the layovers get longer & longer. We’re now at 4/5 hrs in Seattle & 6.5/8 hrs in Oakland & still have 3 mths until our trip. Who knows how much worse the flight will get until then. Will never again purchase an Express deal, would much rather spend the extra $ for a flight that won’t change multiple times & get extensive delays.

    • Hi Kelli Alane! Are you looking for customer service for our team, or for Priceline? If you’re looking to get in contact with us, shoot us an email at [email protected] 🙂 If you’re looking to talk with Priceline, choose the “Help” tab in the top right hand corner of Priceline.com and select “Contact Us”. It gives you options to live chat, text, or call. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • We had to cancel our trip to Mexico that was scheduled for March because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We started calling March 12th, today is June 15th and we still don’t have it resolved.

    I have called no less than 20 times. Each time I am placed on hold, they say the contact the hotel but get transferred around and can’t get through. They say they will try them again and email us. They say they email the hotel but don’t get a response. But a few days pass as we hear nothing from them. When I ask them to escalate the issue, they say they will and that they’ll call back but no-one ever does.

    I have talked to Supervisors and have gotten no where. All we want is to get at least a partial refund or reschedule.

    This has been the worst experience! I will never book a trip through Priceline again!

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