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Delta Improves Comfort+ Upgrades for Elite Travel to Europe

Delta has quietly rolled out new complimentary Comfort+ Upgrades for Medallion elite travel to Europe beginning January 22, 2018. Positive changes to the Delta SkyMiles program is rare news, and I'm a fan of this change.

I recently flew to Madrid in early December and was surprised to see that I had access to Delta Comfort+ seats several days before departure. As a Platinum Medallion, I had not received this perk for several years. I then checked all my Delta flights booked to Europe in 2018 and sure enough I already had access to Delta Comfort+.


New Upgrade Language:

Medallion Members are eligible to request automatic Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ on all flights between the U.S. 50 and Canada, Latin America/Caribbean, and Asia Pacific markets including China and Hong Kong; and on all flights between the U.S. 50 and Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East that depart January 22, 2018 and beyond. In other regions where Delta Comfort+ is offered, Medallion Members may manually select a Delta Comfort+ seat through the seat map if one is available during their eligibility window. (Source: Delta)


Elite access to Delta Comfort+:
  • Silver Medallion: 24 hours before departure
  • Gold Medallion: 72 hours before departure
  • Platinum Medallion: At Booking
  • Diamond Medallion: At Booking


Bottom Line 

This is great news for Delta elites. While Delta Comfort+ isn't an incredible upgrade, it does provide a few more inches of legroom, better position in the cabin, and generally has access to AC plug-ins to make sure all your devices will remain charged during the flight. While we generally hear negative news coming out of the SkyMiles program, this is one perk that adds just a little more value to being a Delta Elite.


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H/T: Laptop Travel

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