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Stop Clearing Your Cookies When Searching for Flights

Of the many myths that surround travel and airfare, one stands out. I hear it again and again and again, from beginners to even so-called travel experts. “You should clear the cookies on your internet browser when searching for flights...

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10 Best Tips for Cheap and Stress-Free Travel

  From booking flights to getting on the plane to moving around a new, foreign place, travel can be daunting. Don’t let it scare you away. We’re here to help. We’ve assembled the best tips and advice to save you...

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Get into National Parks Free this Saturday, April 20!

  All 61 of America’s national parks will be free on Saturday, April 20 as the National Park Service kicks off the start of National Park Week. From sea to shining sea, America is packed with some incredible national parks...

How to Beat Jet Lag 1

My (Almost) Foolproof System to Beat Jet Lag

  Jet lag can be a killer. No one wants to spend their vacation sleeping the day away when you should be out exploring. Whether you’re headed to Asia, Australia, or across the pond to Europe or Africa, the combination...

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Boeing 737 MAX: Where it’s Flying (And Where it’s Not)

UPDATE: Following President Donald Trump’s emergency order to ground all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the U.S., all 387 Boeing 737 MAX across the world are making their way to the ground amid investigations into recent crashes.    Airlines and countries...