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Google Fi Makes Our Favorite International Phone Plan Even Cheaper

  We’ve previously covered how Google Fi offers the best international phone plan. T-Mobile may come close (I have both), but if you need to be connected at unthrottled 4G speeds, no other plan offers the same speeds for cheap....


Google Fi is the Best Phone Plan for International Travelers

  I’m frequently asked what’s the best cellular service for international travel. Google Fi is the cheapest (and easiest) international phone plan you can buy, period. If you need to be connected when you’re abroad, you can’t beat their cheap...


Verizon and AT&T Add Free International Wi-Fi Calling

Back in March, Verizon and AT&T both quietly rolled out free international calling services through Wi-Fi connections at no extra charge for their iPhone users. This update became available with Apple’s iOS 9.3 operating system update. Verizon started offering Wi-Fi...