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Delta Call Wait Times Are Still Awful: 6 Ways to Reach Delta Customer Service Faster

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From the very start of the pandemic, Delta has shined. They've made customer-friendly move after move, from extending credits for canceled flights all the way through 2022, extending Medallion status, and blocking middle seats longer than any other airline. But the Atlanta-based carrier has one major problem frustrating flyers: Delta call wait times can be atrocious.

Waiting three, six, or even 10 hours or more to reach an agent in Delta customer service by phone has become the norm, and a once-reliable callback option is spotty at best. As the airline gets hammered with an unprecedented wave of calls amid mass cancellations, even flyers with top Delta Medallion status are facing lengthy waits.

Despite promises from the airline's CEO that wait times would improve as they add staff, the problems persist. But there are ways to reach Delta faster when you've got a problem or question about an upcoming flight.

We've rounded up our best tips to get through faster. Unfortunately, a secret Delta customer service number that has helped hundreds of travelers reach the airline in minutes is no longer an option… but there are still plenty of ways to get what you need.



Try to Do it Online Instead

Are you sure you need to call Delta at all? Skip the phone altogether if you can.

While far from perfect, Delta has brought much of the functionality you may need to change, cancel, or book flights online at Delta.com and to the Fly Delta smartphone app. That's one small silver lining of the pandemic: It's forced airlines to streamline customer support and improve their digital offerings.

For instance, you can:

  • Change or cancel many reservations online by logging into your Delta account or entering your confirmation number


delta call wait times


If you can avoid picking up the phone in the first place, it's worth it. But that doesn't always work.

Changing a flight online can result in errors – if Delta lets you do it with your reservation at all. And sometimes, your issues are simply too complicated to handle without some assistance.


Text Message Delta Instead

Waiting for a text message beats sitting on hold for hours every time.

Yes, you can text Delta. Last year, Delta introduced a new “Message Us” function through its smartphone app. This routes directly through your text messages on your smartphone, which means you'll simply get a text whenever Delta is ready to help you out.


delta app message vs delta customer service number


Want to skip the automated prompts? Simply respond with “Representative” or “agent” after your initial request.


delta message app call wait times


Unfortunately, as Delta call wait times have grown longer, so has its response time to these messages – at least in our experience. Over the winter, it could take hours (or even a day) for Delta to get back to you. And if that happens overnight, you may miss it and be out of luck. Delta has recently added a new feature that estimates how long your wait will be to get an agent on the line. And in the last few weeks, the response times have drastically improved.

At the very least, shoot Delta a message before you hop on the phone to get another iron in the fire.


Tweet Delta & Slide into Their DMs

RIP to Delta's Twitter DM service.

As requests for help stacked up at the start of the pandemic, Delta killed off its ultra-popular Twitter direct message support feature. And despite assurances that it would return, there's no sign that it's coming back anytime soon.

But there's still a way to slide into Delta's DMs: Mention them in a tweet first about your issue. By mentioning @Delta on Twitter, Delta will often open up their direct messages and respond privately. In our experience, this is a much faster method of getting in touch with Delta – especially if your issue is particularly urgent.


delta call wait times twitter


Messaging with Delta via Twitter is a great way to quickly exchange private information about your travels and get help. And in our experience, the support staff handling these requests is second to none.


The Secret Delta Customer Service Number is Dead

This was the best one. But sadly, it was too good to last.

Officially, Delta's customer support line can be reached at 1 (800) 221-1212. Or 1 (800) 323-2323. Unofficially, there was another number worth dialing: 1 (800) 835-9154.

Over the past nine months or so, we heard from hundreds of Thrifty Traveler readers who used this little-known number to reach a Delta agent in 15 minutes or less – even when the main customer service line quoted waits of four-plus hours.

But it seems that Delta killed off that number this week. A recent call to that number yielded the following message: “You have reached a non-working Delta number. For assistance, please call 1 (800) 221-1212.”

Fortunately, the other methods we've laid out in this post are still working. Still, this stings.


Call Another Number If You're Flying Soon

Flying within the next 48 hours and need help? There's a special Delta customer service number you can call.

Dial up the Delta Airlines phone number and call 1-855-548-2505 when you need urgent help on an upcoming Delta flight. It's reserved for passengers with a flight in the next 48 hours, which means far shorter wait times – but not just anyone can use it. To our knowledge, View from the Wing first published this number.


Or Call the Singapore Support Center

Yes, Singapore.

Delta has a dedicated support call center in Singapore. There can be a tiny language barrier, but the agents at this call center are extremely well-trained and extremely professional. Most importantly, the call wait times are much shorter. Even in the thick of the pandemic, I've always gotten through to an agent within a few minutes.

To avoid exorbitant international rates, you'll want to call them through a service like Google Voice or Skype. You can reach the Delta Singapore call center at +65 6336 3371. 


Try an Agent in the Sky Club

Alright, so this one isn't the most practical. But it could be the fastest if it works for you.

If you're already traveling and have an issue with a future flight, head into the Delta Sky Club at your airport and ask a check-in agent for help. Some larger Sky Clubs even have dedicated help desks.


delta sky club


Some agents will be better than others, but all Sky Club staff are eager to help however they can. It's worth a shot to ask for an assist with a future flight if you're already traveling.

You can get into Delta Sky Clubs free with some credit cards like the Platinum Card® from American Express or the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card. If you've got the Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card, you can pay $50 to get into the Sky Club, then grab a meal and a glass of champagne and ask for some help with your upcoming flight.


Bottom Line

Delta call wait times have been awful for months upon months, and it's inexcusable. But this, too, shall pass. As the airline staffs up at its call centers to cope with a growing travel surge and battles past skyrocketing COVID-19 cases and flight cancellations, the hours-long waits to connect with a Delta agent should steadily shrink. We hope.

But for now, you may have to get creative to reach a Delta agent. Try some new way to get in touch.

Or … just prepare to be patient and watch the grass grow while you sit on hold. The choice is yours.


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108 Responses

  • The 800-835-9514 number you mention in your post is a joke? I’m confused.!

    It’s telemarketing scams.

    You’re better than this TT. Remove it.

  • Great article/information, Kyle!! I’ve experienced this frustration and I just have a simple question to ask. Do you happen to know if I can use a companion ticket to have someone fly to visit me? Or, do I need to fly as well…hence a “companion ticket”? Thank you!!

  • I’m a senior citizen.Gave up doing on line reservations because of mistakes I made. Could not get contact by phone. Made reservation on line. Mistake! Called all day one day. Next day received call back option. 4 hours. Problem fixed. I cried because I didn’t think I was going to reach an agent in time. Prayer works.

  • Thank you so much. While still waiting and on hold for over 2.5 hours, when the initial message said that the hold time was going to be less then 2 hours, out of desperation and frustration I did a search and found this article and was able to call the special number without any wait time. I was already upset that Delta changed my reservation for party of 5 from a direct to a flight to another flight with a stop over for some unknown reason when my original flight was not canceled and available for new booking. I was able to change back to my original flight but wasted so much time. This special number at least helped me not waste any more time.

  • WOW!!IT WORKED!! i got an agent within a minute! I was not even prepared , expecting a long hold time. BUT I got thru using this new number! Have had to call Delta several times prior w/ wait times of 2/ 2.5 hrs/ 7 and even a whopping 9 hours! Nuts!!
    THANKS SO MUCH for this!

    • Same here! Couldn’t believe it! Original number had a wait time if 4 hours and we got through in a minute…. You’re awesome!!!

    • Alternate number worked great for me also. Had my wife call it while I had been on hold for an hour. Had a very nice agent within 5 minutes. She took care of everything we needed.

  • My wife called the Singapore number from her cell phone yesterday. The 65 minute wait time resulted in a $260.00 international calling charge on our ATT bill.

    • Yikes, sorry to hear that Keith. That’s why we recommend using a service like Whatsapp or Skype to call and avoid those huge international charges.

  • This was SO helpful! Currently been on hold 6 hours via phone and text, and sent a tweet, but I had my husband try the other phone number and he got a friendly Asian man on the phone within 1 minute. Amazing! I know delta is doing their best and so I don’t blame them too much, but sometimes you just need to know. Thank you again!

  • The additional number given works like a charm. I am platinum medallion and so the representative who answered had to transfer me to that desk, but the wait was minimal. I was able to change our flights in no time. By the way, there seems to be a system change online, where before i used to be able to change flights online, selecting a new fly without cancelling the current one and then approving at the end, when everything seemed correct. You cannot longer do this and you are instructed to cancel your flight period or to call.

  • Hello Kyle-
    I came across your blog / page while on hold with Delta for an hour- and simultaneously waiting for a message reply- I had to change a flight date within 24 hours of original departure so could not do it on line under Delta My Trips etc- message came up that said I had to speak with a Rep and to call the publicized number- Ugh.
    I tried the other number you suggested- 1 (800) 835-9154 and amazingly a Rep came on within JUST A FEW MINUTES!
    She took care of me very quickly, efficiently and friendly. When we were done I mentioned to her about the other number and the long wait- for which she had no reply! Anyway I’m glad I found you!
    Thank you! John G, Rochester, NY

  • Unbelievable! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Calling forever to get my middle name changed on the ticket for an upcoming flight and my SkyMiles account – was about to drive to the airport for help there. They answered within a minute! Of course, it took 40 minutes because they had to contact the service desk, but YAY it’s done – THANKS TO YOU!

  • Bruh, this article and info saved my wife and I so much time. She was like on the phone for like two hours. I found your article in frustration, called the Singapore number by chance and got a real live person within minutes. We were able to get our flight issues resolved quickly. Thanks a bunch!

  • WOW! This was amazing. I don’t usually leave comments, but I was so impressed! I called that number & got through in not even a full minute. Thank you so much!!

  • After two days of 2+ hour hold times, DMing and chatting, the (800) 835-9154‬ number answered w/in 30 seconds. Amazing!! Thank you so much for this tip!

  • Kyle Potter

    The number 1800 835 9154, worked like magic. I could not believe it when somebody answered.
    I was waiting for more than 2 hours from 12:30 AM to 2:45 AM. Out of frustration I started to search while I was waiting for somebody to reply. Then after finishing reading your article I called that number. I got a reply immediately. I could not believe it but I got disconnected and to my surprise the representative called me back.
    I asked her from where she was calling me and she said from Utah. She was extremely professional and very kind and resolved my problem immediately. Thanks again for that amazing article. I am very grateful.

  • WOW!!!!! Answered in 1-2 minutes THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I feel I have found a treasure. My last 3 hold times were 4.5 hrs, 5.5 hrs and 3 hrs respectively. I was dreading having to call them to add a lap child and an in cabin pet ! What a blessing.

  • Wow, can’t believe I spent the morning trying to cancel a flight and be sure to get a refund vs. e-credit after an airline flight change. Like so many others, I found this link while waiting in 3 airline queues…and got through in 3 minutes! Great tip, thank you so much!!!!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. The alternative number worked for me in 2 minutes after I spent over 8 hours on HOLD over the past 3 days. Bless you!!!

  • Incredibly helpful!! Thank you! After waiting for more than an hour on the regular customer support line, my husband tried the 1 (800) 835-9154 number and got through immediately. As in no wait time!

  • No love on August 25, 2021. Been waiting more than 1/2 hour already on the ‘secret’ number, looks like the secret isn’t secret anymore.

  • I also never comment on these things but want to say your secret # worked. I was on hold for 1 hour and 23 minutes (from 12-2am pst, then googled Delta holds, found this, decided to cut my losses and call a new number, and 17 minutes later I got through at 2am.

    Just a note that a month ago, I was on hold with Delta from 11:30pm-3:30 am pst. I fell asleep and thankfully woke up when someone finally picked up. Thank goodness I can go to bed at a more reasonable time thanks to you!!

  • Waited over 6 hours on hold and on the texting feature, then found this article, thought I’d give it a try. Still holding on text just in case, but now at 1am not very likely to have many working . . . I take that back, it worked. Got an answer in less than 10 minutes. I told the agent what happened, and she was shocked too. All her calls tonight were long waits like my initial attempt. I told her the number I called. It’s my magic number. Unfortunately, she couldn’t help me. So there’s that. But the number worked. Go figure.

  • Dude, you are a lifesaver. I tried for hours trying to get through and I just did the Singapore number and got through in less than 5 minutes. What’s your cashapp or paypal, I’d like to send you some money for my gratitude

  • Like everyone else… the secret number worked like a charm! I was near tears by the time I found this article. You’re doing the Lord’s work

  • OMG! Holy Friendly Skies Batman. I called the Alt # and I was chattin with my Wifey about everything under the sun here in our office as we tried to figure out what to do about contacting Delta and Whaaaaaaaammy, the line dialed and we had a Rep on the line with an 11:14 wait. Everything was taken care of in about three mins. I was highly impressed, a bit rushed by the agent but I can understand why but would of been nice if she had of been less pushy. Would of made me feel more warm n fuzzy inside not just warm. But, our reservation was changed from a one stop to a multi-stop first class from Las Vegas to Boston. Uuuuuum NO, no courtesy call or nothin! Especially, with a connecting flt from JFK to Boston, as you know that’s just a puddle jumper, basically a CRJ 900, not worth first class n I can barely stand up in one of those bad boys. I’m like linebacker size for the Patriots, not the Bears but Patriots! But, all fixed and THANK YOU for this article, you ruuuuuuuuule! Stay safe!

  • After spending over 3 hours on hold with Delta today, I was able to connect with a Delta agent within 10 minutes using your “secret number” who quickly processed the necessary changes. Amazing, thank you. Any chance you have a number to reach Air France where they don’t automatically disconnect the calls if they have a wait of over 30 minutes?

  • You’re a lifesaver!! Was waiting close to 4 hours, called Singapore and fixed all my problems in 5 minutes, no wait! Thank you so much!

  • Secret is out with the alternative number. Sigh. It was good while it lasted. Sadly I won’t be flying Delta anymore until they work this issue out.

  • I have been a Delta Skymiles member for over 25 years. After spending 4+ hours on hold (after it told me it would be less that 2 hours) in the middle of the night at (800) 323-2323, out of desperation if not outright despair, I started googling and came upon this site. I don’t know who you bribed at Delta to get that number, but (800) 835-9154‬ is absolutely the best thing ever… I got through in 2 minutes directly to the most helpful human! She was friendly and resolved my problem in under 10 minutes! (small spelling error in online profile’s last name, needed my boarding docs to match my passport for imminent international travel). I literally cannot thank you enough! Mille grazie!!!

  • I called the main customer service line and waited 2.5 hours. Called the unofficial number and got through in 20 min to a lovely lady who helped me! thank you for this article!

  • Your alternative number worked great!! Within 10 minutes I was connected with an agent and she spoke English and was awesome. I waited on hold a few months ago for over 4 hours and then was on hold for over an hour and half until I read your article. Called the new number on my husband’s phone while still on hold with the main number and was shocked when I got through.

  • I’ve used twitter numerous times for delta. I’ve rebooked missed connections while still taxing on the first leg.

  • What dark magic is that secret Delta number? I initially had a 2 hour wait time. Googled, found this page, hung up, called the secret number, someone answered immediately. Amazing.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for this number. Spent 4 hours on hold several days in a row to try and get to the bottom of our issue, turns out the credit card information didn’t register and we almost missed my cousin’s wedding. Using your secret Delta number I was able to get through in 25 minutes, to a lovely rep named Krishna. She re-ticketed our flights and everything is fine! Idk where you got that magic number but it sure works!

  • I had to change a flight again and after waiting for the chat feature for over 2 hours with a guy that seriously had no idea what he was doing, I dialed the ‘secret’ number and the agent there picked up in less than 5 minutes and helped me in under a minute. So much appreciation for this site!

  • I really don’t have anything new to add that hasn’t already been said but could not leave without saying THANK YOU .. THANK YOU!! 🙂

  • OMG! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited so long and tried the messaging app and the number that Delta gives you and I was waiting an ETERNITY! I tried the 800-835 number and got through in 2min!!!!!!!!! Your a live saver bro Thank you x1,000,000 your the man!!!!

  • It just worked for me September 28, 2021 at midnight. I had to add two dogs to my reservation. I called the main line twice. First I waited an hour and a half. The second time I waited for two and a half hours.

    When I called 1-800-835-9154 I waited for 14 minutes! Issue has been resolved. My two dogs have been added to my reservation.

    Thank you!

  • I tried this number tonite after being on extended hold the last two nights! I got thru in less than 15 mins and was to the point of canceling my trip because I couldn’t get thru and had ecredits. Thank u so much!

  • I’d like to thank you for this advice. I tried the app, but after about 45 minutes of waiting I called the Singapore number where I got through in less than 5 minutes, and an extremely helpful agent processed my refund in a matter of another 5 minutes. While we were on the call the app came through! – so both work. Thank you!

  • You’re a life saver! That other 835 number I was able to get thru within 12 min while still holding for 2 hrs+ on the main line!

  • Your secret Delta number is magic! Thank you so much! So glad I found it instead of waiting the three hours and twenty minutes on the main number!

  • This phone number worked great for me. I got to an agent in less than 10 minutes. I mentioned I used a different number to the agent and they didn’t know anything about it. I was also able to use the Delta app and go to my profile and scroll down and go to messenger. I was able to chat with a bot but I got what I needed quickly and easily that way as well. Thanks for sharing the secret phone number. 🙂

  • Like others, I had sent a message in the app and was waiting on hold for about 45 minutes on another number. We fly in 3 days and they changed our flight time so we were going to miss our connection. THANKFULLY, I found this conversation when I was trying to figure out if there was some other way of getting a human. I hung up and tried this number as listed above. I was on hold for 18 minutes when “Stanley” answered my call. I had been doing a search of possible options and gave him the flight numbers and within 15 minutes it was all resolved. We land within an hour of our original flight. Hallelujah…thank you for posting this!!!

  • The alternative number worked so well! I got connected to someone in less than six minutes. Granted, the Delta agent accidentally hung up on me when she put me on hold, but then she CALLED ME RIGHT BACK to apologize. When has that ever happened!?! Incredible. I saved this number in my phone and will use it going forward.

  • Thank you SO much! I was about to just give up when I was told the wait was several hours. I hung up and tried your number, and I was through to an agent in two minutes. You are a sanity saver!

  • Thank you. I called Singapore directly, the wait time was 1 hr. So called 1 (800) 835-9154. Got through in 10 min wait. Amazing service, problem addressed immediately. I asked the agent where they are she said this number switches between Salt Lake City and Singapore depending on where its day time!

  • The alternative number is a lifesaver. I’m in the UK and booked a trip to see my fiance in the US but Delta’s website cancelled the ticket without telling me. Couldn’t get hold of anyone on the UK line but this has worked like magic

  • Kyle you ROCK!!

    I called Special Member Services at 11:30 pm (23:30) EST and was informed that the wait was 2 hours and 18 minutes. Then I came across this article and called the (800) 835-9154 you suggested. Connected with a representative in under 10 minutes and then spent the next almost 1 hour working with the Delta representative on some rather complicated reservations involving points, e-credits, and upgrades on open-jaw tickets for 2 people. The guy was fantastic! Turns out he was in Singapore and his native language is English – he admitted he actually struggles sometimes with Chinese.

    So thank you for your VERY helpful article!!

  • The elevator music totally sucks – just like Delta Support tonight – nice that others had a positive experience – since I did not – even with this number……

  • I be spent my life working in customer service and Delta is the worst. The disrespect they show towards their customers is downright rude. It’s an easy process to fix, may cost a little. Delta has the resources to fix the hold time but choose not to. Unconscionable

  • Secret number is such a good shortcut! 4 Hours quoted on main line – only 6 minutes on this one! thanks so much

  • Secret number is such a good shortcut! 4 Hours quoted on main line – only 6 minutes on this one! thanks so much

  • I understand that you’re trying to provide a service here, but now that the secret number is no longer “secret”, it it also no longer going to be a way to get quick access to an agent. The more people who try to use it to access a Delta agent, the longer the hold times on that number will quickly become.

  • I’m gonna save this. Back in March I called Delta and agreed to have a call-back. I figured in 4 hours, I could wait… it would be 8 pm. However, Delta called me back at 3 in the morning! I was in deep sleep (my brother had just died and I was re-arranging travel plans). I was not happy, but the caller was very apologetic. Good luck to all!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Regular number was 2 hours, got through to someone on the secret number in less than 10 minutes. Not only did I reach someone quickly, but she was incredibly fast and knowledgeable! Needless to say, that number is now programmed into my phone.

  • Secret Number is soooo gooood! Thanks you for this!! Shortened the wait time from 2 hours on the original number to 6 mins on the secret number!!

    Life Saver!

  • Magic number works like a charm!!! After
    7 hours of holding via phone and text, I found this site and within 15
    Minutes my call was answered and I was able
    To finally be done with Delta for the day. Love the airline but damnnnn hire people and pay them. Geesh

  • Hold times on “secret number” must be long. An hour into and I’m done. I’m also done with Delta…never again. Such a minor issue of an incorrect birthdate that Alaska fixed in one minute. Delta still (after two days) unreachable. It’s really silly that they can’t get staff to deal with this.

  • The Secret Number works! I was on the Delta “chat” for over 6 hours, on the regular 800 number line for 2 hours 45 minutes. Gave up. Searched for how to get in touch with Delta and found you and your “secret number” advice. I was connected in 12 minutes!
    But wait — my ticket had to be manually reissued, so I got transferred and put on hold again. We’ll see what happens next. Pray for me.

  • Just tried calling the Delta secret number which I have used in the past and it now says it’s no longer a working number 😩 just thought I should let you know so you can update your post!

  • Thanks for the information
    Several months ago I called Delta on their normal 800 number and after a long wait i was allowed to put in my phone number for a call back. Their recording replied that Delta would call me back within 72 hours!!! My problem was never resolved and I took my business elsewhere.

  • Has the problem gotten worse in March 2022? I would prefer to make the flight fix I need on the website — but the website’s modify flights feature does not work right now. So I can’t get them on the phone, can’t get them via the website chat feature, and can’t fix the problem myself on the website. Is there a fourth option?

    • Call wait times seem to have gotten a bit worse lately, but messaging via the Delta app is definitely much faster than it was just a few months ago!

  • In this world of such great (quick and easy) technology surely a pet can be added to a flight on line! I am now entering the 4th hour of being on hold for this simple request!!! I read some people have held in excess of 10 hours, so I have no idea how much longer I will be holding???? Delta can and must do better than this!!!!

  • Much of this info is out of date as Delta has made their customer service much worse as time goes by. My flight credits can not be viewed or used inline; the web site refers me to the reservation desk. We tried the Singapore call center and were given a 4 hour wait time. After 5 hours my wife got thru to someone on a chat and has been on the chat for about 3 hours, but has been transferred to a “specialist” required to apply our credits. It has been over a year since travel started to recover. One can only conclude that Delta is trying to discourage people from using the many accumulated travel credits by simply ignoring their customer.

  • Second day on hold, for over 4 hours, for Delta on the 855 number. Misconnect for international flight requires Delta to Fix it. I DO NOT TEXT, I DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA. This is disgraceful. to leave family stranded in the height of the summer is just cruel. I have 5 numbers for Delta, I also have
    the email for travel professionals (which I am). It doesn’t matter. they do not respond. Next call is to my people in Congress—something has to be done. You cannot play with people’s lives, and their money like this. HIRE MORE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That secret number was a fantastic time-saver for me a couple of months ago but it no longer works 🙁

  • Delta is a fcking disaster. I can’t login to save my life. I can’t change my password without passing a security question check that is failing. Hold time is a whopping 43min. I can’t turn off the music. I can’t just purchase a ticket online—says I failed to enter information which I DID enter. They must be going bankrupt. This is horrendous.

  • The 800-835-9154 is NO LONGER WORKING. Delta cancelled my return flight but now my new flight…THE FOLLOWING DAY…did not transfer with my Delta Comfort seat I paid for! I have been trying to contact them for TWO DAYS and cannot find the Message Option… So frustrating for this disabled senior!

  • I have been trying to get a response from Delta baggage messaging for delayed (lost?) bag for 6 days. I get a response that they are busy and will get back and then that the office is closed and they will get back to me the next day … and this repeats day after day.. Wait times to talk to an agent are 2hours plus.

  • Delta has been a nightmare for us. Bumped off a flight for no reason; paid for and purchased our tickets for 4 for a vacation back in March. Flight not cancelled…. they just gave our seats to someone else. Moved us to the day before, lost our Comfort status and screwed up our cars, hotels, traveling plans with our party. Now we have been on hold for over 45 minutes. I wish I had other options at this point. But we are about to leave Delta as customers.

  • The plandemic is over and wait times are still 30+ minutes. Also, pricing is very shady. If you act like you are booking a new flight it might be $600 for BOTH tickets to upgrade to the next level of seating, but if you try to upgrade what you already have they want $1100 for those same tickets.

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