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Calgary, AB airport

Got Global Entry? You Can Clear Airport Security Faster in Canada Now, Too

One of the big selling points of a Global Entry membership, the popular program that helps international travelers clear customs faster when returning to the United States, is that it also comes with TSA PreCheck perks. That means you can skip the general security line … only at U.S. airports. But now you can add another country to that list.

Canada recently launched a new, PreCheck-like program called “Verified Traveller,” offering expedited screening service at security checkpoints at a number of Canadian airports. And the best part? Even U.S.-based travelers with Global Entry (and NEXUS) can benefit from Verified Traveller perks in Canada, as first flagged by Your Mileage May Vary.

Many international airports in Canada have Preclearance facilities with Global Entry, allowing travelers to speed through U.S. customs before even boarding their flight back to the States. With this new Verified Traveller perk, Global Entry members can potentially speed through security beforehand, too.

Here's what you need to know about Canada's airport security program and how to take advantage if you have Global Entry.


How Does Verified Traveller Work?

Canada's new Verified Traveller program was launched just last month, replacing its previous “Trusted Traveller” program.

That's a win for current Global Entry members, who can use Verified Traveller. Just remember to put your physical Global Entry card in your wallet or bag: Unlike when you're clearing customs, you'll actually need to present your card to use Verified Traveller in Canada.

Exactly how this new service works depends on which Canadian airport you're departing from – and whether you're flying within Canada, flying back to the U.S., or hopping on another international flight. And because this program is brand new, we're still not entirely sure how it will work in practice.

Many flyers using Verified Traveller at major Canadian airports will have an experience much like TSA PreCheck in the U.S.: a dedicated screening lane and no need to take off your coat or shoes. The following Canadian airports will have Verified Traveller lanes, though the list may continue to grow:

  • Calgary (YYC): Domestic
  • Edmonton (YEG) Domestic/International
  • Halifax (YHV): Domestic/International, pilot starting Aug. 22
  • Montreal (YUL): Domestic/International/Transborder
  • Ottawa (YOW): Domestic/International, pilot starting Aug. 9
  • Toronto (YYZ): Terminals 1 & 3, Domestic/Transborder
  • Winnipeg (YWG): Domestic/International
  • Vancouver (YVR): Domestic

Many other Canadian airports will have “front-of-the-line” service for Verified Travellers. For more details on which airports offer expedited service, check out the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority's dedicated page.
Toronto Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada

Children 17 and under and adults over the age of 75 will be able to accompany Verified Traveller members through the Verified Traveller lane so long as they are booked on the same reservation. At some transborder checkpoints for flights to the U.S., it gets even better: Anyone booked on the same reservation as a Verified Traveller member, regardless of age, will be able to accompany them through security.


What Do Global Entry Members Need?

Once you're officially enrolled in Global Entry, you'll receive a physical membership card. In most cases, you don't need this card to use the Global Entry kiosks at the airport – you just need your passport and your fingertips or face for a photo.

But if you're traveling to Canada and want to take advantage of these new Verified Traveller benefits, you'll want to bring your Global Entry membership card with you. The same goes if you have a NEXUS membership, essentially the Canadian version of Global Entry.

Global Entry costs $100 for a five-year membership, but there are plenty of travel rewards credit cards that will cover that cost for you.

Read our complete guide to getting Global Entry


Bottom Line

Canada recently launched its new trusted traveler program called Verified Traveller which works much like like TSA PreCheck, helping travelers get through security faster and smoother.

It's good news for travelers with Global Entry traveling to or from Canada, as your membership card can get you Verified Traveller benefits at many Canadian airports.


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