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The World is Standing with George Floyd: Protests Around the Globe

George Floyd spent most of his life in Houston before moving north to Minneapolis, where he was killed by a police officer last week.

In his tragic death, he's become a citizen of the world.

From Amsterdam to New Zealand and all 50 states, protests standing with George Floyd – most of them peaceful, and some not – that began in Minneapolis have spread across the globe. The 46-year-old has become a neighbor, friend, and family member to all, a symbol of the inequality and systemic racism that spreads far beyond Minnesota.

Here's how the world is standing up for George Floyd.

Protests for George Floyd Around the World

In Amsterdam, protesters filled the main city square on Monday to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter.


Supporters gathered in front of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin over the weekend to protest.


Protesters also took to the streets in Toronto.


The people of Iran held a candlelight vigil for George Floyd.


Dozens of protesters in Paris knelt in front of the U.S. Embassy with signs saying “I Can't Breathe”  – some of Floyd's last words before he died with a police officer's knee on his neck.


Even in Syria, artists stood with George Floyd with a mural in his honor.


Thousands of protesters have marched in Auckland, New Zealand.


Meanwhile, protests have spread across the United Kingdom. Unrest bubbled up in London, Cardiff, and Manchester over the weekend.


Bottom Line

Travel makes the world a smaller place, but it's largely on hold. Now, George Floyd is connecting the world with a common purpose.

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  • This has absolutely nothing to do with travel or the purpose of the website. We’re all aware of Georgd Floyd. This just feels like unnecessary virtue signaling. Hate that phrase but it’s apt. Believe it or not you make the issue more banal and meaningless by tossing it into an email on flight discounts.

  • While the reason is sad and tragic, thank you TT for showing us that the world is uniting in support of Black Lives Matter. This is a time of grief and also a time to raise awareness and have the critical conversations regarding inequity and privilege. This needs to happen across all platforms, in all areas of life and business. I think this article absolutely ties into the topic of travel and helps to raise awareness of a local, national and global issue of prejudice. I hope that when we are allowed to travel again, we can use travel as an opportunity to learn about cultures different from our own, break down assumptions, celebrate our differences and unite as people. I support TT’s decision to use their platform to raise awareness and keep the conversation going because it will save lives.

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