Capital One Transfer Bonus Miles to FlyingBlue aren't Posting Immediately

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Capital One Transfer Bonus Miles to FlyingBlue aren’t Posting Immediately

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Capital One launched its latest transfer bonus when sending Venture One or Spark Miles to an airline partner at the start of June, offering a 20% bonus when transferring to Air France/KLM FlyingBlue through June. There's just one small problem: While the normal miles get deposited in your FlyingBlue account immediately, those bonus miles do not. 

I recently transferred some Capital One miles to FlyingBlue to take advantage of that bonus and book some cheap flights to Hawaii. With the 20% bonus, those miles should convert at a 2:1.8 ratio – so 100,000 Capital One miles would get you 90,000 FlyingBlue miles. That's compared to the norm of 2:1.5, for which 100,000 Capital One miles would equal 75,000 FlyingBlue miles.

The transfer went through immediately, but only the normal amount – not the bonus miles. After several phone calls to both FlyingBlue and Capital One, it wasn't clear what might have gone wrong. Roughly two days later, the additional bonus miles finally deposited in the account.


FlyingBlue Capital One Transfer Bonus


That's unusual. No matter which bank you're transferring points from, any bonus miles typically deposit at the same time as the standard amount.

A Capital One spokeswoman confirmed that “due to technical challenges, bonus mile crediting can take up to 48 hours” from Flying Blue. FlyingBlue is apparently working to fix the issue.

This isn't the first Capital One transfer bonus – the bank previously offered transfer bonuses to both Emirates and JetBlue. But Capital One says those previous bonuses have posted at the same time as the standard mileage amount.

An extra two days may seem minor. But in the wild world of points and miles and finding award availability, every hour matters. Keep this lag time in mind if you're trying to transfer Capital One miles to FlyingBlue. Until FlyingBlue fixes this issue, you might need to transfer more miles in order to get the amount you need immediately to book a flight.

On the bright side, FlyingBlue does typically allow you to put an award on hold. If you're waiting for all your miles to hit your account, give the airline a call at 1 (800) 375-8723 to lock your flights in. You'll just need to call back to finalize the booking once you've got all your miles.


Bottom Line

There's no telling when this situation may be resolved, so be warned. If you're trying to get some extra miles through this transfer bonus, keep in mind you may have to wait to get them.

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