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Apply to Live in Airbnbs Around the World for a Year for Free!

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After a year without travel, are you dreaming of traveling the world without being tied to “home”? Are you a digital nomad or thinking about taking the leap? Empty nester, or recently retired? You're going to want to see this.

Airbnb is out with another once-in-a-lifetime experience: A chance to live in Airbnbs around the world, on Airbnb's dime, for an entire year. This is just the latest contest we've seen from Airbnb in recent years, giving travelers a chance to do see the world and stay in Airbnbs at little-to-no cost.

Does this pique your interest? Submit your application via Airbnb's form. Here's the low-down.


The Details

Airbnb is accepting 12 applicants to live entirely in Airbnbs around the world from July 2021 to July 2022. And each applicant can bring up to three companions, so partners and families are welcome.

Airbnb will cover the following costs:

  • Credit for Airbnb stays
  • Transportation allowance of $5,000 to $12,000, depending on how many companions you have
  • Listing suggestions
  • Local experiences at destinations

As the traveler, you'll plan your adventures and destinations!

In return, Airbnb is looking for feedback on products and resources that can improve long-term Airbnb guest experiences, and the best long-term stays for solo travelers, partners, and families. Seems like a decent tradeoff, right?




Application Details

I think we can safely assume that we're all interested in this awesome experience.

If you can work remote, don't work, or are able to travel for 12 consecutive months starting in July, this might be right up your alley. So here's how to apply!

Apply on Airbnb's form by June 30 at 11:59 PM EST.

To be considered, you'll need to:

  • Have a valid passport through February 1, 2023
  • Speak and understand conversational English
  • Be a resident of one of these countries (yes, that includes the U.S.)

The application also asks if you have any experience living long-term outside of your home, and if you'd be willing to share your experience with Airbnb to improve long-term rental experiences.

You will also need to share what excites you most about the potential of living nomadically in a 500-word essay-style response.


Bottom Line

Does this unique opportunity have you daydreaming about setting off around the world for a year? Don't be shy: apply!


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95 Responses

    • I am 22 and a graduate. I always want to see the world and it’s charm. I have never visited any other country but would love to travel the world. Thank you for providing this opportunity.

    • I am 19 and a design student. I have always wanted to travel the world and was waiting for something like this to happen to me. I have applied for the same, I hope I get considered. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I have lived in Japan, England, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Ecuador, The Galápagos Islands, Budapest, Thailand, Turkey and have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and a bit of South America. I am free, available and ready!

    • It would be really interesting to leave for a new experience. I am 18 years old and I am used to traveling a lot. I am in Italy but I would have no problems starting tomorrow

    • Hi Holly! If selected by Airbnb, you’ll choose your destinations. All countries have different entry requirements 🙂

  • I have been a copyeditor and English coach for twelve years, the past eight of which I’ve worked remotely—from just my laptop—at cafés and urban workspaces across this country. I make it a point to travel as much as I can (though it’s almost always been within the United States) because it puts me in different environments for weeks at a time, waking my senses and expanding my mind to make space for the new. I seem to require that challenge, and I might be a little addicted to the invigorating and surprising nature of travel. Half my friends travel all the time too, so the lifestyle works for me. A year at Airbnbs, which would mean I could live that life even outside the country, would just be heaven. I am fluent in English and an excellent writer and proofreader. I also speak conversational French. How excited am I for this possibility? Two separate friends texted this link to me today, and by the second one I had already confirmed with my main client that I won’t be needed in their office next year either. I’m free to travel anywhere, a citizen of the United States, and my current, oversized passport expires in July of 2026. So does my passport card.

  • I love traveling, it’s always been a dream of mine to be able to do something like this! I want to have this opportunity to take the chance and be able to travel a whole year.

  • I’ve lived in Germany , Denmark , Iceland and Thailand I’d like to live somewhere near beaches this time. Thanks you for sharing this

  • I have not been able to travel for the past year due to covid. This would be life changing for me and my husband. What an amazing experience to be had. Please choose me!

  • OH MY GOSH!! This would be a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! I graduated early and want to take a year to see the world!!!! PICK ME PICK ME:))

  • Hello this a traveller enthusiast from india and I would love this opportunity to roam all around the world … PLEASE PICK MEE!!!!!

  • In the middle of the pandemic, this feeling of lost and anxiety does come in. I want to travel around to gain some innovative ideas and to do something really big in my life and obviously to, overcome the the things I’ve been feeling lately.

  • I came to America for a better life from a refugee camp near Burma and Thailand.I don’t have money to be traveling i can’t even travel state to state because I don’t have it like that. Traveling is my dream hope it comes true

  • Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Starting from airplane rides, hotel/Airbnb’s stay/, meeting new people, the adventures etc . My favorite kind of vacation is anywhere with a beautiful beach area . I dream to travel the world .

    • Airbnb’s site doesn’t mention a date they’ll respond by, but feel free to reach out to Airbnb for a timeline!

  • I’m young and I would love to have the opportunity to travel more and discovering new places.

  • Hi , I’m a girl from poor family and one of my biggest dream is to travel,from discover new place and new opportunities, thanks a lot ,have a good day !

  • Iam 19 year old girl.travelling is my favorite thing to do. But i didnt travelled much because of my financial status.the main motive of my studies also from dreaming to travel after getting job. So this is really an awesome opportunity for me. Be Kind to me plsss

  • I am 21, a graduate and I always wanted to see the world and it’s charms. I wanna travel and break the stereotypes of the society. Just a young girl seeking for her dreams in this amazing world

  • I am a single mother who works as a worker and raises my son. let me live this dream to me and my son ❤️

  • I’m 19 girl, from Italy.
    I love travel and discover new places, countries and learn more about other lifestyles.
    If I can go everywhere and with my family or my friends, I will so excited!!!

  • Hii! My name is Alyssa Piazza and I am a 23 year old girl from America! I have go to fortunately travel a bit throughout my life and have been an Airbnb connoisseur! So easy and would love to be apart of this journey!

  • Hi!! My name is Shivani Sakpal. I am 22 year old graduate. I always wanted to travel across countries but never got a chance beacuse of my fiancial condition so was waiting to get a job so that i can travel.

  • Wow – what an amazing opportunity. The comments above are so compelling I wish everyone could win. I hope you will share some of the stories to inspire others to travel. Applying even if the odds are long is a chance to dream, imagine and plan a bucket list. Thank you and Bravo!

  • Hi, this is an opportunity of a lifetime !! My boyfriend and I are graduating and planning a year long trip to film a documentary together, it feels so serendipitous to have stumbled upon this competition at this time ! I have sent in an application but I am nervous I may have mispelled my email address because I didn’t recieve any confirmation email. Also, is it one application for one party or can my boyfriend apply seperately aswell? Thanks !

  • Omg the dream of Life I will love sharing this adventure with my followers! when do we leave? 😍😂

  • After working in a hospital for last year I realised that life is short. I need my old life back where I can wander freely and have no regrets afterwards. I have travelled multiple countries so I know what to look for and how to explore the local attractions. I am very much into experiencing the Airbnb too. So I know what to look for in a Airbnb and I believe I can review it the best way possible.

  • Years of hard work with no vacation and being a mom. I think me and my loved ones deserve to see and enjoy the world this would be amazing 🤩

  • I’m turning 20 this year. I wanted to go work on the yachts but because of covid I hadn’t really had a chance to go explore the wonders of the world. It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world.

  • This would be amazing!! Would love to start vlogging as it’s always been a dream of mine to document travelling.

  • I am a working software engineer. Working from home. Live in united states on a student visa. Indian!

      • I left South Africa in 2001 to work in the Middle East. Since then I have travelled extensively all over the world and have visited over 30 countries. As I am now retired, I am able to travel full time. When can I start?

  • I’m a 23 year old business owner and able to work remotely. I’m a seasoned solo traveler and have spent 3 months in Thailand on my own. That experience has taught me so much and I would love to continue doing what I’m passionate about!

  • Why is the list of countries that can apply so short?! Seems pretty unfair to me. There’s only one Scandinavian country. What the heck?

  • I love to travel and can work remotely plus I have a lot of vacation time, sign me up 🙂 we love using Airbnb on our travels! Had the best penthouse stay in Valencia Spain using it!!

  • Hey, thank you for showing this opportunity. I really wish I could apply, but I live in Romania, and it is not on their country list of people who can apply. 🙁

  • Amazing opportunity… Surely will go for it… After all why I took home based sed from my company.. Just because of my love for travelling.. Solo travellers are going to rock this trip..thanks

  • Great idea ,,it is so helpful for people like us ..i never seen any country before..this would be a great opportunity for me ..if i luck i got it or pls help me to get it…

  • Definitely a “one time in your life chance” let’s go for it!! This could be the best year EVER!!

  • I’m Akshay from India, traveling around the world would be a dream come true at an younger age, travel blog has always been a fantasy for me, really looking forward for this opportunity

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