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Travel Insurance Protections Provided by the Capital One Venture X Card

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The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card has quickly built a reputation as one of the best travel rewards credit cards on the market since its launch last November. And for good reason.

With an annual fee of just $395, it is drastically cheaper than its primary competitors, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® which has an annual fee of $550, and the Platinum Card® from American Express which has an annual fee of $695 (see rates & fees).

And while it might get buried underneath the allure of big points bonuses and travel perks like lounge access, the Venture X travel insurance coverage you get with your card is sneaky-good and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Simply put, no credit card provides more in terms of travel insurance protection at a cheaper price point.

Read on for everything you need to know about the travel insurance protections provided by the Capital One Venture X Card.


capital one venture x card


Click Here to learn more about the Capital One Venture X Credit Card.


Venture X Car Rental Insurance Coverage

This is the big one.

Thanks to Venture X being a Visa Infinite card, the rental car insurance you get when charging your car rental to your Venture X is some of the best coverage you’ll find among top-tier credit cards.

Just in case the worst happens, Capital One Venture X rental car insurance allows you to skip costly additional policies from the car agency – or even your own personal policy – saving you more money in the long run.

First things first: You must charge your rental car to your Capital One Venture X card. 

And you also must decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver or loss damage waiver. If you do not decline the car rental company’s collision damage waiver, your Capital One Venture X coverage will be voided.

We’ve broken it down to help you know exactly what you’re getting from Captial One Venture X’s auto insurance benefit.


capital one venture x car insurance


Capital One Venture X Rental Car Insurance: Primary vs. Secondary Coverage

The Venture X card isn’t the only card out there that offers insurance when renting a car. But this coverage is great.

Most travel credit cards out there offer only secondary rental car coverage. If you get into an accident or your car is damaged with secondary coverage, you’d have to file a claim with your personal insurance policy before turning to your credit card company for help. That means you’ll have to pay your deductible – and your auto insurance premiums will likely go up, too.

But it’s different with the Capital One Venture X card. You get primary rental car coverage. And that means you can skip your own policy and head straight to Capital One for help.

That puts the Venture X Card on par with both the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, both of which also offer primary rental car coverage.

But what does that mean for you? Let’s dig in.


Capital One Venture X Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver

It’s time to get technical.

This primary coverage from the Venture X card replaces the typical “collision damage waivers” – or loss damage waivers – that car rental companies are required to offer.

This policy will provide reimbursement for damage due to collision or theft on a rental car. So if you get into an accident, it will cover the costs of any damage up to the cash value of the vehicle. But from car rental companies, it costs $10 to $30 a day. That can add up fast if you’re traveling for more than a day or two.

This is why Capital One’s rental car coverage is so valuable. It means you can decline the car rental’s add-on policy and still be covered. And you get it not just in the U.S., but internationally with any car rental. In fact, there are just four countries that don’t make the cut: Israel, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Jamaica. Anywhere else, you’re set.

Just note that this is not liability insurance. It will not cover medical bills, damage to another vehicle, or damage to property.

For more information on what is and isn't covered by the Capital One Venture X car rental coverage, and how to file a claim, see our master guide below.

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Venture X Lost Luggage Reimbursement

Lost luggage reimbursement is something you typically don't think about until it happens. Did an airline lose or damage your luggage – or did it get stolen?

  • As long as you paid for your airfare with your Venture X Card, you can get up to $3,000 to replace or repair the bag and its contents (or $2,000 per bag for New York residents).
  • The cardholders and all immediate family members are covered.


lost luggage reimbursement


Venture X Trip Delay Coverage

When your trip is delayed, it can often mean more than just lost time.

A trip delay can be caused by weather, aircraft maintenance issues, or even emergency situations, and it can create additional expenses for lodging, food, toiletries, and more that you weren't expecting to pay.

While you'll be on the hook to cover the expenses upfront, you may be eligible for reimbursement.

  • As long as your airfare was booked at least in part with your Venture X Card, you are eligible for up to $500 if your travel is delayed by six or more hours – or forces an overnight stay.
  • You, your spouse, and your dependent children under 22 years of age are automatically covered if they are traveling with you.
  • You must also be traveling outside of your home city to be eligible.


delayed passengers at the airport


Venture X Trip Cancellation and Interruption Coverage

If something goes seriously wrong on your trip like an accident, illness, or death that forces you to cancel or cut it short, you’re covered for up to $2,000 per person in expenses – and you, a spouse, and any dependent children are eligible.

The following situations qualify:

  • The death, accidental bodily injury, disease, or physical illness of you or an immediate family member of the cardholder
  • Default of the common carrier resulting from financial insolvency. The death, accidental injury, disease, or physical illness must be verified by a physician and must prevent you from traveling on the trip.

Again, the kicker here is that the trip must have been paid for with the Capital One Venture X Card.

For cancelation reasons outside of this, including COVID-related cancelations, you may want to look into a cancel for any reason policy.

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Venture X Cell Phone Insurance Protection

As long as you pay your cell phone bill with your Capital One Venture X card, you can get reimbursed up to $800 for repair or replacement if your cell phone is stolen or damaged.

Here is what you need to know about how this cell phone coverage works:

  • This insurance benefit applies if you're a Venture X cardholder and pay your monthly cell phone bill with the card.
  • You must have paid with your card in the billing cycle before the month the incident occurs.
  • The cell phone coverage applies to all lines listed on the account. So if you have a family of four, all lines are covered.
  • You will need to pay a $50 deductible for each claim
  • The benefit can be used twice in any 12 month period, and you are eligible for reimbursement of up to $800 per claim.
  • It's supplemental coverage, so if you have an insurance policy through your carrier or through the device manufacturer itself, this coverage would not be valid.
  • If your device has been stolen, a police report must be filed within 48 hours of the event to be eligible for coverage.


cell phone


I recently had to use my phone insurance coverage through my Amex Business Platinum Card (which is the same coverage offered by Venture X), and I was extremely impressed with how easy it was and how quickly I received my reimbursement check.

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Bottom Line

The Venture X travel insurance benefits are fantastic. In fact, with an annual fee of just $395 each year, you'll be hard-pressed to find another card that offers similar coverage at a cheaper price point.


capital one venture x card


Click Here to learn more about the Capital One Venture X Credit Card.


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19 Responses

  • What if you booked your ticket with miles and paid the taxes/fees with the Venture X card? Does the delay and trip cancellation coverage apply?

  • What is the trip cancellation total coverage limit? I see $2000 per person , but is there a max? For example , if four members of cardholders family traveling together, is it $8000 or capped at a lower number?

  • FYI my claim for nonrefundable hotel charges due to my fathers death was denied. They said only common carrier charges are covered, not hotel. Very disappointing.

  • What if we book a flight and hotel via this credit card and the flight gets canceled? In this case, there is not enough notice given to the hotel. Do we eat the cost or does Capital one reimburse us?

  • Capital One Venture X is currently offering 10x points for car rentals with Turo but I’m seeing that Turo is often not covered by credit card car rental insurance since it’s not a traditional car rental agency. Do you know if Venture X car rental coverage extends to Turo?

  • i purchased air flights tickets for my family with Venture X and they had delay for over 24 h. Are they eligible for trip delay coverage? Thanks

  • Hi, how does the Venture X insurance compare to Sapphire Reserve? I know the Sapphire is more expensive, but is the higher annual fee getting you better coverage?

  • Hi There! My husband and I are going to Africa. I purchased travel insurance for the land portion of the trip. Now that the international flights are open to book, I checked on adding the cost to the existing policy and it more than doubled the policy price (even though the flights were half of the cost of land portion of the trip…grrr!). I’m looking at just getting a separate policy. If I do, will I still be eligible for the benefits from the card?

    • That shouldn’t impact anything as far as the Venture X is concerned. Before buying a policy for your flight, I would ask what exactly you want to insure. Most airlines will offer the ability to cancel for a voucher as long as you book main cabin or higher (no basic economy). With that said, you may not need it.

  • I had a massive delay leaving India. Our Air India flight was delayed 14 hours and we were stuck in the terminal because we had already passed immigration. I used the Venture X to pay for the tickets and filed a claim when I returned to the states. I knew the time for refund would be lengthy. I provided them with everything they asked, and still they continued to ask for documents they already had. In the end, they DID NOT reimburse me for my missed connection and hotel I needed to stay in at connecting city. I think for the extra annual fee it is better to find a card that actually provides peace of mind if things happen on a trip.

  • Does Venture X (or any) credit card offer trip cancelation when you are a single person traveling with a friend who becomes ill? Those of us without families seem out-of-luck for no discernible reason.

  • I purchased the ticket from dallas to India in Kuwait airlines with venture capital credit card. When I reached India, one of checked in baggage handle is broken beyond repair. I sent the picture to Kuwait customer relations email (per their request) almost a week back, but have not heard back from them. Can I seek replacement cost from capital one after I go back to US in a week?

    • That should be covered, assuming the airline isn’t covering it. I would reach out to Capital One and explain the situation.

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