Pack Your Bags: Flights to Europe are Below $300 RT!

Pack Your Bags: Flights to Europe are Below $300 RT!

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Once upon a time, paying $1,000 or more for round-trip flights to Europe was the norm. Those days are gone.

Flights to Europe have dropped to record lows, regularly below $300 and sometimes even under $200. And flights continue to drop in price. From the big airports like New York City (JFK) to tiny ones like Lincoln, Nebraska (LNK), we’ve found dirt-cheap fares to Europe from all across the U.S. You don’t have to live in a major hub to score a great deal.
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Many of these international flight deals are already gone. But if you don’t want to miss out on the next dirt-cheap fare to Europe, try Thrifty Traveler Premium free for 14 days (and then just $45 per year). We send deals just like these directly to your inbox.

Thrifty Tip: Want to know about the best flight deals from your home airport? Learn how Thrifty Traveler Premium works.

Here’s a small taste of the 100+ flight deals we’ve found in the last month that showcase just how cheap it’s become to fly to Europe.


1. Fares to Spain from $183…Roundtrip!

Believe your eyes. We found flights to Barcelona (BCN) for under $200 – nonstop and roundtrip!

This flight deal was part of a larger flash sale we discovered for flights to Barcelona. Multiple cities were in on this one, from New York City (JFK) to San Francisco (SFO) and Chicago (ORD) to even Miami (MIA). Several cities even had summer availability to Spain!

Spain has been reliably cheap for a while, but these fares set a new low – at more than $400 off normal prices!

2. Get to Paris for under $300

Many U.S. cities were blessed with several chances to fly to Paris for under $300 roundtrip last month! At the time we found these deals, the fares were available during both summer and Christmas. You could head to the Christmas markets of Europe for less than $300!

Our Thrifty Traveler Premium members could hardly believe it! Here are a few messages we received from members who booked these cheap fares to Paris:

  • “I booked three trips to Paris on United for $287 each! On one trip I am taking my daughters to Paris & London to celebrate their graduation. This was a deal of a lifetime, and I am a Premium member for life!” – Premium member Cami S.
  • “Amazing deal!! I was able to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points too to get it down to only $115 per ticket! Prices are now way back up to $950 for the exact flight we chose.” – Premium member Steven S.
  • “My boyfriend & I have been dreaming of a Europe trip for a long time & this was a deal we couldn’t pass up!! Minneapolis to Paris for $290 in November!!” – Premium member Jessamine B.
  • “Thank you for the deal. Booked this deal for a week in Paris, including  New Year’s Eve and New year in Paris from Atlanta for $307!”  – Mike D.
  • “Booked the trip for our honeymoon AND had points so we only paid $300 for the two of us! Stay Thrifty, my friends!” – Premium member Sydney T.

Thrifty Tip: Some Premium members took advantage of their credit card points from cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and booked these fares for just 20,000 to 25,000 Chase points each!
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3. $800 off Nonstop Flights to Greece

Getting to Greece can be expensive. It doesn’t have to be.

With this deal from last month, you could fly nonstop on Delta from New York City to Athens for under $300 … roundtrip! This kind of deal is too good to pass up, and it just underscores how cheap it’s gotten to fly almost anywhere in Europe.

Thrifty Tip: Don’t live in New York to take advantage of deals like this one? It’s worth booking a cheap positioning flight to hop on cheap international fares like this one.

4. Hundreds Off Your Favorite European Destinations

The savings don’t stop there.

We found fares to Europe under $300 to some other top cities throughout Europe. Flights to Amsterdam (AMS), Oslo (OSL), and Prague (PRG) were under $300 roundtrip in the last month. These fares are typically $800 or more!

Thrifty Tip: One of our top tips to Premium members is to think outside the (hometown) box! Broaden your search to some major airport hubs, or add them to your Premium departure city preferences. Then just book a cheap positioning flight to take advantage of wild deals like this one to Prague.

…and much more.

The amazing flight deals we found this past month stretch much further than Europe. We found 100+ international flight deals this past month alone, and we’re busy finding the best deals of March now!

If you think we only find flight deals for the major cities and hub airports, we have good news: We find flight deals from over 130 U.S. airports, likely including yours! It’s not just the big cities that benefit from flight deals – whether you’re in a small town, a huge city, or just prefer to beat the traffic and fly out of a regional airport, we find flight deals from them all.

Got points and miles to spend? We’ve got you covered. We’re the only flight deal notification service that also sends out alerts for deals using miles, including frequent Delta SkyMiles flash sales and award availability to fly first or business class, too!

Here’s a look at just a few of the other flight deals we found this past month:

  • [NONSTOP] 18 cities to Cancún, Mexico from $213 (inc’l summer – Was: $650)
  • [SUMMER] 65 cities to Montreal, Québec from $200 (inc’l nonstop – Was: $525)
  • 25+ cities to Montreal, Québec: ALL under $196 (Was: $450)
  • 45+ cities to Nairobi, Kenya: ALL under $699 (Was: $1400)
  • 8 cities to Germany from $312 (Was: $750)
  • 60+ cities to Fairbanks, Alaska: ALL under $399 (inc’l summer)
  • 12 cities to Bangkok, Thailand: ALL under $654 (Was: $1100)
  • 85+ cities to Calgary, Alberta: ALL under $322 (Was: $550)
  • ATL / DTW / MSP to ALL Hawaii for $403 (Was: $900)
  • Nationwide AAdvantage Miles Flash Sale to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for 30k R/T (Was: 60k+ or $1000)
  • 25+ cities to Turks and Caicos: ALL under $399 (Was: $550)
  • [BIZ CLASS] 4 cities to India from $2423 (SUMMER / NONSTOP – Was: $5500)
  • Minneapolis to Amsterdam & London from $539 (early June – Was: $950)</li
  • Delta SkyMiles Flash Sale to Mexico & Puerto Rico from 9k R/T (Was: 40k+ SkyMiles)


Bottom Line

It’s time to stop paying too much for airfare – to Europe, or anywhere. 2020 is the year to cross those bucket list destinations off your list thanks to cheap fares!

All of these deals were discovered by our team and sent out to Premium subscribers. If you’re looking for up to 90% off airfare to Europe and all other destinations, sign up for Thrifty Traveler Premium and get instant notification of the international flight deals we find.


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