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thrifty traveler birthday

Thrifty Traveler is Turning 6! Celebrate With Us

We’re celebrating Thrifty Traveler’s sixth birthday today!

Thrifty Traveler started six years ago today as a one-man show and passion project. Today, it's a full-time team of eight and counting, helping thousands of travelers see the world for cheap.

And that includes you. As we celebrate six years of travel tips and cheap flights and prepare to return to travel, we want you to join us … for less. Join the Thrifty Traveler Premium fam to start getting cheap flight alerts for your return to travel in 2021 and beyond using promo code BDAY10 for $10 off your first year!

And keep reading to see our story.


The Thrifty Traveler Journey

Thrifty Traveler started as a dream to help people travel more.

I launched this website as a passion project on the side of my old day job, sharing tips to save on travel. But it turns out I wasn't the original Thrifty Traveler after all…

That title belongs to Ms. Mary VanMeer. This is a story you won't want to miss: read about the original Thrifty Traveler here.

Two years into writing travel tips on the website, I noticed something: the cheap flight deals I shared here got readers even more excited about cheap travel. Two years later I launched Thrifty Traveler Premium, our flight deal alert service that now serves thousands of travelers across the U.S. and Canada.

thrifty traveler 

Since then, fellow travel enthusiasts have joined the team to support Thrifty Traveler's mission: To help travelers see more for less. It's time for a walk down memory lane.


6 Years of Thrifty Travel

Over the last six years, we've visited travel shows to spread the word about finding cheap flights…

thrifty traveler birthday 

Given a TedxTalk on the importance of traveling – and traveling now …


Hosted events around the country – pre-COVID-19, of course…

thrifty traveler birthday 

And hosted countless seminars to share our best tips and tricks for cheap travel with fellow travel lovers.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As travel ground to a halt, we pivoted to provide readers with information on airline refunds, vouchers, and travel restrictions. We created a YouTube channel to answer traveler questions and highlight what to expect in a new and unpredictable travel landscape.

It was an unbelievably challenging year for the travel industry, but we became a stronger team because of it.

thrifty traveler birthday 

Now, with good travel news coming out as fast as the bad news a year ago, we're excited about a return to travel. And nothing drives us more than helping travelers reunite with travel and get out into the world again.

But we wouldn't be here after the past year without you all. Whether you're a newsletter subscriber, Instagram follower, Thrifty Traveler Premium member, new to the TT fam this week or have been an “OG” Thrifty Traveler from the very beginning, thank you so much. We owe all six of these years to you.

As an extra thank you, we're offering a birthday discount if you're ready to start traveling more for less. Use promo code BDAY10 for $10 off your first year of our Thrifty Traveler Premium flight deal alerts!


Bottom Line

Here's to six years and counting of sharing our love of cheap flights and thrifty adventure with you all. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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  • Happy Birthday!!!!! I’m so happy to have been with you on this entire journey. And I have had so many amazing deals, information and pandemic travel clarity. Wishing you all 6×6 more birthday!!!!

  • Congratulations!! Your emails and alerts are my favorites! I will be enjoying one of your Hawaii deals soon. Cant wait for those get togethers at the brewery to start up again! Fun to mingle with others with the same passions!

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