It's Gone: Earn 90K Points + $200 with Massive Amex Gold Referral Offers (Targeted)

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It’s Gone: Earn 90K Points + $200 with Massive Amex Gold Referral Offers (Targeted)

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Editors Note: This targeted referral offer has expired.

The American Express® Gold Card is one of the best all-around travel cards out there to rack up points on your everyday spending. And one of the best welcome bonus we've ever seen has made a comeback.

Unlike the usual credit card links you see on travel sites, this one is only available through personal referral links you can get from friends or family members (or from us – keep reading). But it's a doozy: Through June 7, 2023, you can earn 90,000 points after spending $4,000 on purchases in your first six months of card membership. Plus, you'll earn $200 back in statement credits on purchases during the first three months of card membership.

That easily trumps the 60,000 points you can normally earn for the same spending requirement.

Click here to apply for this targeted referral offer. This 90,000-point referral offer will be available through June 7, 2023, so we'd encourage any traveler who's been considering the Amex Gold Card to apply sooner rather than later. You might need to open it in an incognito window in order to pull up the 90,000-point offer, or even try a different device.


amex gold referral offer


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This isn't the first time we've seen an eye-popping 90,000-point bonus on the Gold Card. It first cropped up early last year, and Amex even sweetened the deal back then with an extra 20% statement credit for eligible purchases at restaurants worldwide, for up to $250 back in the first 12 months of card membership. That extra dining perk is not included this time around – nor is the extra 5x points per dollar bonus for spending at restaurants that was available to the cardholders doing the referring.

But this new offer includes a $200 statement credit for spending in your first three months of card membership which takes care of most of the card's $250 annual fee in your first year.

This is an insanely lucrative offer for new cardholders … and there's still something in it for the person referring the card, too. By having a friend or family member apply for the Gold card through your referral link, you'll get 20,000 Membership Rewards points as well. These personal referral bonuses through Amex are normally capped at 55,000 bonus points a year, but with this new offer, you can earn up to 100,000 points from referrals.

Plus, you'll earn an additional 5x points per dollar spent (9x points total) on eligible purchases at U.S. supermarkets for the first three months on up to $25,000 spent.

Unfortunately, these referral offers are targeted so not every current cardholder will have this 90,000-point offer to send to new applicants – some may have the standard 60,000-point bonus available. If you've already got the Amex Gold Card and want to check, you can head to the American Express Refer a Friend homepage to see if you have the offer.


amex gold referrer offer


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How to Check for the 90K Referral Offer

Just because you have the American Express Gold Card doesn't mean you will have this offer.

Of the Thrifty Traveler staff members who hold the Gold Card, just a few of us had this new 90K referral link available.

To see if you are eligible, head to the American Express Refer a Friend Homepage and log in to your Amex account. If you have more than one American Express card, make sure you select your Amex Gold Card. If you don't have this offer, you'll see the standard 60,000-point offer that is also available through all of the public channels.

If you have the offer, you'll be able to refer as many friends and family members as you would like. However, you'll only get a max of 100,000 Amex points for doing so – you'll get 20,000 points for each successful referral. While you can refer as many people as you would like, you'll only get bonus points for your first five successful referrals.

But be warned: Starting back in 2018, American Express started treating points earned from referral bonuses as taxable income. For tax purposes, Amex values each point earned at one cent each. So earning 100,000 points for a referral means you are going to get a 1099 tax form for $1,000 early next year.


Pay Taxes With A Credit Card


Don't have the American Express Gold yet? You can use our personal referral link to pull up the 90,000-point offer. You may need to open the link in an incognito or private web browser or even try different devices.

This is truly one of the best offers we have ever seen on this card – and the best way to get the Amex Gold Card if you're in the market for it. And it isn't particularly close.


Bottom Line

American Express is out with a massive targeted referral offer to earn 90,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $4,000 in the first six months of card membership. Plus, you'll earn $200 back in statement credits on purchases during the first three months of card membership.

If you already have the Amex Gold Card and have this offer, you'll also get 20,000 for each successful approval (up to 100,000 points a year).

This is truly an incredible offer for both the referrer and the referee, but it is only available until June 7, 2023.

If you don't yet have the Amex Gold Card, you can use our personal referral link here to earn a welcome bonus of 90,000 points after spending $4,000 in the first six months of card membership.

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39 Responses

  • Is this a once-a-lifetime bonus? I had a Gold card for a long time a few years ago and cancelled because I got a Platinum. I honestly don’t remember if I earned a bonus when I got the Gold card over a decade ago.

      • Interesting. I filled out the application not logged in(is that key factor?) and it never popped up saying anything about not being eligible. I will try it logged in before submitting it.

          • Just wanted to follow up on this, I can confirm that I was given the welcome bonus after previously having the Gold Card, which was cancelled 2ish years ago. I had the card since 2011, so maybe that was considered a “lifetime” and allowed me to receive a bonus again.

            Thanks again for the referral, a bunch of my friends also took advantage of it!

          • Me and my wife had the Gold in the past, but we both just got approved for the 90K offer with no lifetime restriction pop-up. Maybe this offer link doesn’t have the lifetime bonus restriction? Just to give a data point.

  • I had been wanting to apply for the Amex gold but the bonus for the platinum was better and I was not wanting to pay the $650+ annual fee. Thanks for the referral link I just got approved with the 90k bonus!

  • I have a platinum but have longed yearned for those 4x gold rewards points. I debated getting a separate gold card under my name and linking both cards under my rewards account to earn points more efficiently, but I wouldn’t be eligible for a gold signup bonus since i already have a platinum. I also debated adding my wife as a second user under my platinum card but as a no-annual fee gold card user, but this setup won’t allow her to earn 4x rewards points on restaurants and groceries. That only works on independent gold card accounts. I also debated getting my wife her own independent gold card account, but the additional $250 on top of the $700 seemed like a lot. However, when I saw this article we used your referral to get her the 90,000 bonus signup points lol. Yeah, we’ll have separate rewards accounts, but we’re married so we’ll both benefit from them. Also, both cards will pay for themselves in rewards alone. In the last 10 years I’ve averaged about 100,000 rewards points a year with my platinum card alone. All the other benefits are the cream on top. We also added her gold card as a payment method to my uber app and now that uber account gets $25 a month instead of only $15.

    • For what it is worth, you will still be eligible for the bonus on the Gold card even if you have the Platinum. I hold both cards and earned the welcome bonus on both of them.

  • I got the 30K/90K referral link on my account. If my husband once had an AMEX Gold card, but closed it a few years ago, is he prohibited from getting the 90,000 bonus? I guess we’ll find out if there’s a popup about eligibility, but even if he’s not eligible for the SUB, would he still get the 20% back restaurant benefit and would I still get the +5x points restaurant benefit? Thanks for any guidance anyone can share.

    • Hi Larry. As long as you don’t get the pop up, you’re eligible for the points and the restaurant credit. Both are part of the welcome offer bonus. Same goes for the +5x at restaurants for you.

  • Say you do pay over time with your spend requirements, does it have to be completely paid off when the 6 months is up? I can’t seem to find that information anyway – but seems that it is a “spend” requirement, I’m not sure they would care…and would make more money if you were paying any interest.

    • There would be no requirement to pay off the balance in full over that six-month span … but the cardinal rule of credit cards is that you should pay off your balance in full every single month. Even at 90,000 points (or 490,000, for that matter), it’s not worth accumulating debt or paying interest.

  • Any idea when the Am Ex platinum will offer a generous welcome package? I have the Gold but was thinking of upgrading now that I make more income and travel a bit more. Thank you

    • These links are still working for us, David. Try a different browser if it isn’t working for you currently.

  • Nick, I just read the offer, and although I was not targeted for the Gold 90K offer, it was only 10K for me and 60K for my friend). I did follow the refer a friend link in this article, and I have the Gold card AND the Delta/Amex Platinum card, so while after logging in, “Lo and Behold”, referring the Delta/Amex Platinum offer, I would get 15K, and my friend would get 90K for purchasing $4000.00 in 6 months. A much better offer!! 7/26/2022

  • Hi Nick, I’ve tried using the link with various browsers and even in incognito mode but I get the message below. Do you know if this offer is still valid?

    Sorry, it looks like something went wrong. This could be:

    A missing character
    Incorrect character case
    To correct please check the American Express Referral Link before trying again.

  • I saw the 90k offer, applied and was accepted (thank you!). That said, I didn’t any email that confirmed that it was the 90k that I signed up for, and I previously was told on the phone that I would only be eligible for 60k (I’m a Platinum card holder and never had the Gold before). Is there a way I can check?

    • If it’s not too late, I would take a screenshot of the offer. If you saw it and applied for that offer, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about though. Should credit as normal.

  • I got “you are not eligible to receive the welcome offer.” pop up and it took me to the 60k bonus offer page instead 🙁 I have not had Amex gold card before…

  • I received an offer in June stating if I switched from my Gold card to Platinum & spent $3000 in 3 months I would get 90k. I did this thru the link sent. After spending as required, I received 15k. When I inquired, was asked for promo code, which I did not pay attention to. Am being told there was no such offer, & since I had no “code”, I am out of luck. Moral of my story, CALL & enroll & make certain you have promo code, etc. If too good to be true, be wary. PS I previously worked for another airline in the awards area, so I know “fine print”

  • I just wanted to say thank you too Nicholas for sharing the invite i was accepted for the 90k point it is a really awesome welcome bonus hope you get your 30k soon again thank you!

  • Do you think the previous offer of both 90,000 mile AND up to $250 for charging at restaurants will come back? Would hate to sign up for just the 90,000 mile and then see the previous better offer show up again. Thanks

  • Will Amex give a hard pull for this? I am an Amex cardholders, just not a charge card holder. I’ve never had this card but don’t want an inquiry …. the offer did appear when I clicked your referral link. Will it be hard or soft pull?

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