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amex platinum retention offer

Huge Amex Platinum Retention Offers Are on the Table (Again…)

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If you've got The Platinum Card® from American Express in your wallet and your big annual fee is due soon, you might want to give the number on the back of your card a call – or chat with an online agent before paying up.

From discounted annual fees to big points bonuses, retention offers are the banks' way of encouraging customers to keep their cards rather than canceling. And many cardholders (including myself and other members of the Thrifty Traveler staff) have recently received Amex Platinum retention offers of up to $500 or 60,000 American Express Membership Rewards points to keep their card open for yet another year.

American Express is clearly eager to keep travelers around. After adding a slew of new benefits while raising the annual fee last year, 2022 is the first year many cardholders are seeing that higher $695 price tag (see rates & fees) on their renewals. A retention offer can help take the sting out of those higher fees.

Read our guide on Amex Platinum benefits to learn more!

So if you are renewing soon (or anytime this year, really), calling American Express to seek a retention offer is a wise move … whether you're seriously considering canceling or downgrading that card or not.

amex platinum card

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Amex Platinum Retention Offers: What's Available?

Just how big are these retention offers of bonus points or statement credits? Well, it depends. But we've seen and heard firsthand how generous American Express is willing to be in order to get consumers to keep their Platinum cards for another year at a higher price point:

  • A year ago, I was offered 60,000 points for spending $4,000 within three months to keep my card open which I had originally opened in 2020. Just today, I was offered another 30,000 points after spending $3,000 in the next three months.
  • A few weeks ago, Thrifty Traveler executive editor Kyle messaged Amex via online chat in his account and said he was considering canceling his Platinum Card. After running through the list of new benefits, he was offered 55,000 Membership Rewards points for spending $4,000 in the next three months.
  • Our points & miles reporter Peter was recently offered a choice between 30,000 points after spending $3,000 within three months or a $400 statement credit for the same spending requirement.
  • We've heard from other readers who received similar offers, including some annual fee discounts or points bonuses without any spending requirements.

Exactly what's available to you depends on many factors, including how long you've had your card open, how much you spend on it per year, your history with American Express, whether you've accepted a retention offer in the last year, and more. But even if you have no plans of closing your card account, it's worth a call or a quick online chat.

Not getting the offer you want when you call? We always suggest hanging up and calling again to see if another customer service representative has a better offer. In the case of Amex, it seems the offers are predetermined in your account – not something you can change by trying again. Still, it's always worth a shot later on to see if another agent can produce a better offer.

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amex platinum retention offer 

But you may need to time it right … after the annual fee initially hits your account.

When I first reached out to American Express about a retention offer last week, the $695 annual fee had not been posted to my account yet. At that time, an Amex agent told me there were no retention offers available to keep my card open. But after that fee hit my card this week, I reached back out … and sure enough, there was now a retention offer available: 30,000 points after spending $3,000 in the next three months.

Even if you don't get a retention offer, you'll still have 30 days to cancel your card and get a full refund of the charged annual fee.


The Scoop on Amex Platinum Retention Offers

With the Amex Platinum card and any credit card, it always makes sense to call (or send an online message to) your bank and see if there are any incentives to stick around before you cancel a credit card. These incentives are called retention offers.

Read our full guide on retention offers

Annual fees are big business for the banks, and they certainly aren’t shielded from the economic downturn the pandemic caused over the past few years. In Amex's case, they need to keep their most coveted Platinum cardholders after a hefty annual fee increase. And dishing out a big retention offer is often much easier than attracting a new customer. Needless to say, Amex is dishing out a ton of points.

American Express is generally one of the more generous banks when it comes to retention offers. That was true before COVID-19, and it's even more true today. We've seen many data points suggesting Amex Platinum retention offers are plentiful. But even if you have a card like the American Express® Gold Card, the American Express® Green Card, or even a co-branded Delta or Hilton credit card, it is worth calling Amex to see what offers are available.

amex gold and platinum cards 

Even if you have no intention of canceling your card, it never hurts to ask. Worst case scenario, there are not any retention offers attached to your account. That could make your decision to cancel easier.

Simply chat online with an Amex representative, or call 1-800-525-3355 or the phone number on the back of your Platinum card to see if you have offers associated with your Platinum Card account.

In almost every case, an agent will run you through the list of benefits on the card in an effort to convince you to keep the card open. Simply explain that you're aware of the benefits of the card but that they don't outweigh the cost of keeping the card open for another year … unless there are any additional incentives to keep you around.

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Bottom Line

For yet another year, many Amex Platinum cardholders are reporting being offered massive retention offers – of up to 55,000 or 60,000 points, or $600 – to keep their cards open for another year. That alone can make it easy to justify keeping the card open for at least one more year.

Even if you have no intention of closing your card, it never hurts to call the number on the back of your card and see if you are eligible for an Amex Platinum retention offer.


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82 Responses

  • Hi Nick. Love your blog. I have had the card for over 20 years (personal version). I have the business as well. (loyal Delta)
    I received a $100 courtesy credit earlier last month. I pulled up chat and ended up asking for the bottom line best offer. They gave me 50k miles, which I gladly accepted.

    • Can’t say the same for Delta Reserve. Couldn’t justify the fee any longer as we already get TSA pre check free, have Global and a domestic companion fare thru another card. The last few times we’ve flown we’ve not been able to make use of the Delta Lounge either. When I asked to cancel they just processed the transaction without so much as a thank you my last 15 years of business. Guess I made the right move

  • Hey Nick!! After seeing this post and recently paying our hefty annual fee for the Amex Platinum, my husband called to see if he could get a retention offer. They gave us 50,000 points and we gladly accepted this as well!! Thank you all for this amazing service <3 You all do such a WONDERFUL job!

    • Hey Jennifer! Amazing! Thanks for the kind words and glad to hear Amex gave you 50,0000 points! We appreciate the data point.

  • My husband (the primary account holder on our Platinum AMEX) called this afternoon and was easily awarded 50,000 miles for agreeing to leave the card open for a minimum of one year from today’s date. Thanks for the tip Thrifty Traveler!

  • My annual fee was due today so I called yesterday asking for a retention offer and they told me to go fly a kite. Platinum cardholder since 2015 and regularly use it. Astonishing.

  • HUCA doesn’t work by amex everything is documented and the agent can just offer what the account is targeted for

    • That seems to be the case yet we’ve still had some luck personally with HUCA so it’s always worth a shot.

    • Hi Nick. Thanks for the information. Is there a time that’s too early to make this request for a credit or points? My 1st annual fee is coming up in April. Been with Amex since 2010. Platinum for less than 1 year. Would you suggest that I make the the request now?

      • We’ve heard from people in similar situations that have been getting offers. It is worth a call, worst case they will say they don’t have any offers for you yet.

  • Also I got 50k miles from amex on dec2019 so it’s not covid related this year so far they didn’t offered to me

  • Hi Nick. I happened to ready your article this morning while sipping a cup of coffee. Long Story short, I called AMEX like you recommended and received a 30k membership reward points and a $200 statement credit. I had nothing to lose! Thank you for your article and the recommendation. By the Way, They also offered me a $450 statement credit in lieu of the points; however, I wanted a combination of points and credit. Thanks again!

  • After reading your article I called Amex this morning and they offered me 50k points but my renewal due in May so they told me to call back 2 day before due worked something for me

  • I called the 1-800 number listed in this article and it does not appear to be an Amex telephone number. I hung up because I just didn’t trust it. When the line answers it just say “Please enter your 15 digit card number now” No introduction, no mention that you’ve reached American Express. Is this legit??

    • Hi David, thanks for the comment. We’ve updated the story with a new phone number to get in touch with Amex.

  • Thanks for this. I never would have thought to ask for a retention offer, but after reading this, I called and was given the $500 credit.

  • Thank you for posting the retention information. A few minutes ago, I called about retention for my Delta Skymiles American Express Reserve Card and was offered $400 towards my card or 60,000 miles. I took the miles! 🙂 The call took less than 10 minutes and I wasn’t given any hassle.

    • Not only did I get told NO, I had to waste over 14 minutes of my life listening to the very nice girl telling me all about the benefits I already know. I wasn’t going to be mean and hang up or anything. Essentially, I lost money by calling.

  • saw the article, chatted on my amex platinum and my wife’s amex platinum, got 50,000 points on my card for keeping and a $100 credit on my wife!

  • Thanks for this post. I tried the amex chat first and the agent said they didn’t see any offers for me and suggested I call in to the retention department. Phone number they gave was 866-376-4552. Also this number didn’t have an introductory line and just said to provide the 15 digit account number as mentioned by another poster- but I trusted it since the amex chat provided me this number.

    Lady on the phone gave me either $500 statement credit or 50k miles. Just got off the phone with her today, took about 5 minutes. I only had this card since 01/2019 so my second renewal was coming up next month.

    I did have approx $55k spend this year only because I charged a large sum of foundation repair using the card. (Providing data point on if spend matters).

  • Great article / discussion here. Been with Amex plat for 10 years and never thought to ask for a retention offer. Does it make sense to ask now if my renewal is in 5 months?

    • Hey Charles. Absolutely! I received an offer for 30K points on my Gold card which renews 8 months from now. Always worth asking. The worst that can happen is they say no. Then you can ask as you get closer to the renewal date.

  • FYI everyone I just called and got $500 statement credit. I’ve only had the card for one year but I guess I’ve spent enough on business travel or whatever to make it worth retaining me. Thanks for the tip!

  • First, I called 1-800 number on the back of my card and was on the phone for 10 minutes but the agent said there’s no such a thing is retention offer. So I was reading the reply messages and Jay mentioned 1-866-376-4552 number and I gave it a try and received $500 credit! Yay! Thanks all! This is huge!

  • Been with Amex for over 10 years; called up customer care and wasn’t offered an offer, waited a few days and used the online chat option and was offered 50k points + 200$ credit which I gladly took

  • Well, I missed when the fee hit (early Dec) and just noticed it when I paid my bill on 1/1. Called about a retention offer on my Delta Amex Gold – nothing. The rep said I have until 30 days from the posted date to downgrade or cancel to receive the fee back. I’ll try again on the chat in a couple of days.

    • Update – tried using the chat today, nothing. I do plan to fly in the coming year, and downgrading would lose me my free checked bag. Might have to chalk this one up as a loss and eat the $95 fee.

      • Amex has announced there will be a few new benefits coming to the Delta cards within the next few weeks. This could be a part of the reason why they are not offering anything at the current moment on these cards.

  • I called today for the plat and got a 20k retention offer bc my fee only posted this week. No min spend. DH called a few weeks ago and got a 50k or $500 credit offer on his plat. My theory is that retention offers have dropped due to the great amex offers pushed to plat- we both got and used the best buy, home depot, etc offers.

  • I called today and was only offered 30k points or $300 credit if spend $2k in 90days. I took credit. I also received $200 travel spend credit offer so will get that next month- and I didn’t know about the $30 PayPal monthly credit with spend until June- so that was a bonus of $150 that I would not have used if I would not have called. Would have been nice to get the 50k points or credit like others but still happy with what I did get.

  • Hmm, I notice that all the replies to this article are from a year ago. Was this just a reposting of an old article? I’m not judging, but would like to hear some fresh data points for this year. Also, should I call just before my annual fee posts, or wait for it to post? My early-November anniversary date has already passed, but my annual fee didn’t post then or on December 1, so I’m expecting it to post at my December statement date. Not sure whether to ask for a retention offer now, or wait until the fee posts.

    • Hey Larry. The fresh data points are all in the story. The original story was from last year, but they are still handing them out. It doesn’t matter on timing as long as you do it within 30 days of your fee posting. I chose to do it before my fee actually posted. No reason not to ask now since your fee is due soon.

  • I called several times when my Amex Plat renewed in June, but no offer. I wondered if it was because I used so many of the offers (which someone above mentioned “additional DP”) like the Home Depot, Best Buy, etc. I’m hoping to get one on renewal this year though. Is it a better value to take the points or the credit— are they generally worth the same amount, you just get to choose which you’d rather have?

    • If you are going to use the points for travel, they will be worth at least the cash value and easily more if you utilize the transfer partners. Just a personal preference on which you want to take.

  • I have been an Amex Delta Platinum card holder for 25 years. I just called and asked them for an offer. They told me they have nothing for me. My loyalty of 25 years got me ZERO from Amex. Time to drop Amex and look elsewhere. Very disappointed with Amex. Stunning to know that 25 years of loyalty means nothing to Amex. Time to say goodbye.

  • Annual fee posts early next week, went online with chat and was offered 40K points after $3K spend in 3 months. Asked if that was best and final and they said it was, so accepted. Pretty generous! And happy with my timing – I will just squeak in with the $550 annual fee on my renewal before the increased $695 fee starts in January.

  • I just called right now and was offered $550 if I spent 4k within the next 3 months. I told them I was thinking of downgrading the card because I wasn’t traveling much. Then I had to listen to the representative review my charges and call me out on all the traveling I’ve done in the last few months. Thank you Nick for the tips!

  • My annual fee is expected to post this week, so I called Amex this morning after getting this article in my email, and after a friendly chat, the agent offered me 40,000 points with $3k spend in the next three months. Of course, I renewed the card for year two, given the $550 fee and that offer. I got the Platinum when the 100k + 10x on gas/groceries was released last November, and this was my first Amex card, and now my first retention offer. Thanks guys!

  • Did the dance over the online chat. Eventually they gave it up. c

    I hope I have helped to explain all of the benefits provided on your The Platinum Card. And, because you are such a valued Card Member, you can earn 55,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $4,000 or more on purchases on your The Platinum Card account within 3 months of accepting this offer. The 55,000 Membership Rewards® points will be credited to your account 8 to 12 weeks after the purchase requirement has been met. This is our way of saying thank you for keeping your The Platinum Card account open today.

  • Annual fee renewing in Jan 2021. Called about the renewal being too expensive. With the $695 fee + $175 additional cards, the renewal fee would be $870. The main customer service person transferred me, and that person said she would review my account. She said she had a very attractive offer to keep my account, and was offered the $550 statement credit after spending $4000 in 3 months. Very happy to keep my platinum. Way more benefit than the annual fee for my family.

  • Thanks for your tips, I chatted earlier this morning and received the following offer: You can earn a $400 statement credit after you spend $3,000 or more in qualifying purchases on your Card within 3 months of accepting this offer starting today.

  • I didn’t realize I renewed on 12/17/21 @$550 and thought I would try anyways via the chat.

    As you are such a valued Card Member, you can earn 55,000 Membership
    Rewards® points after you spend $4,000 or more on purchases on
    your Platinum Card account within 3 months of accepting this
    offer. The 55,000 Membership Rewards® points will be credited to your
    account 8 to 12 weeks after the purchase requirement has been met. This
    is our way of saying thank you for keeping your Platinum Card account open today.

  • Hi, I got the offer for 55k points over the phone, and I was wondering if it shows up in your account anywhere or if there’s a way to confirm the offer was applied (other than spending the required amount and waiting for the points to hit). Thank you!

  • Just chatted with an agent and accepted $550 in 8-12 weeks after spending $4k in 3 months. they started with a $150 credit then 55k points with the same conditions, spending, etc. I kept on pushing and asked for a fee waiver, that is when they converted the points to cash. Thanks for the tip.

  • I just chatted and got 695 to keep the card open – 8-12 weeks later – no spending. I actually should ask for the points as I can use them with better value on flights.

  • Thanks for the great post. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get a good retention bonus.

    If I use my airline credit today and cancel the card in 3-4 days, will I be able to receive my airline credit? Amex says, it will take 2-4 weeks to post the credit, so wondering if I end up canceling before then what would happen?

  • Thanks for this. I called first then searched to see if the offer was good. They were offering me 50k points after 4K spend but I asked for money. So they gave me $550 instead.

  • I just read the article and looked at my cards renewal date and it is this month. So I sent a chat and they offered 30,000 points after $2000 spend in 3 months for the delta platinum card.

  • Checked on my wife’s renewal offer a month ago – nothing was offered. Annual fee should post tomorrow – so checked again today. Was offered 45K or 400 for $4,000 spend. We are probably going to close the account. For all the stories about how to use point values with transferring to airline partners, I am not seeing the value – I tried looking up ANA/Singapore airlines for some travel dates – and everything they offer is wait listed. I am not going to transfer points to some airline partner and let them sit there and get de-valued. I suspect that if somebody already has status with the airline, they might have better seat availability. The best conversion is through the HD gift card at 1:1 but other than that redemption is pretty mediocre.

  • Called in after reading this post and was offered (and accepted) a 45K for $4,000 on spend. Didn’t ask for any additional offers as that was plenty for myself.

  • At first, I hesitated to contact AMEX because I’ve only had the Platinum card for 10 months (I previously held the Gold Card) and didn’t want to risk getting on some secret AMEX blacklist. Despite my initial reservations, I decided to use the chat function, and I have to say that the representative was actually giving me a hard time. After running through the Platinum benefits on their end and asking me what benefits I enjoyed the most, etc., the rep proceeded to tell *ME* how much *I* had spent in travel this year in 2022, and how surely *I* was getting way more from the card [than I had admitted to in her previous questioning]. So, I had to explain in full detail the situation as to why my travel was diminishing significantly in 2023, and then and only then did this nasty rep come out with 45,000 Amex points after $4,000 spend in the immediate three months after offer acceptance. I frankly thought that whole exercise was unnecessary and out-of-line, but given that I had the offer in front of me and I didn’t want to go through another confession for a few more points, I accepted it. Just don’t think that you will always get a friendly / do-whatever-you-want / I-don’t-care representative because this one was not having any of it. Ultimately, it worked, but still…

  • Recently I called and received 30,000 points with 3,000 spend over 3 months. Did the spend and the points posted shortly thereafter. Thanks for the excellent advice and instructions.

  • Just adding a data point. After a pleasant conversation with the representative around the benefits of the card, got a $400 statement credit with a 4k spend. Very happy with that – brings the fee down to a manageable $295 and I’ll easily squeeze that out of the card over the next year.

  • I may have struck too early, 14 years of membership, retention offer was 20,000 points after $3,000 in spending. Pretty sad actually

  • I’ve been with AMEX 21 years with $38K spend last year. I just called and no offer other than the privilege to pay 69,500 points in lieu of the $695. They sold the benefits hard. When I asked about a cash or mileage retention offer the agent said she had nothing. Disappointing. I’m going to try the chat later.

    • Did you get a retention offer on this card last year? You can only get a retention offer every other year.
      I called today and the same thing happened to me, that happened to you. I got a nice retention offer last year on the Business Platinum card, nothing this year.

  • Just today I received an offer of 45,000 points after spending $3000 in the next 4 months. This was the offer given after they’d first offered to let me use 69,000 points to cover the annual fee, which I said I’d have to think about. Really not any type of deal, as you can always trade your points for that amount.

  • Nice website !! AX user for over 20 years, but only light use in the past few months due to the vagaries of COVID on the world. I was offered 30K points for $3,000 spend over 3 months via chat this morning. Also offered a switch to a $250/yr Gold card. I replied, “Let us think about this for meantime”. The agent confirmed that I would keep the card open for now, with $695 due in 2 days. I will try again later by phone.
    Also remember to confirm that the points will transfer onto another AX card so you will not loose them. I have a Business Plus Blue / clear color card as well.

  • I just got a Delta Reserve retention offer of 60,000 points for $4K spend within 3 months. That is awesome! That pays for the whole annual fee. Plus I got upgraded to First Class on two flights this year, just because of having the card.

  • I just got a retention offer of 35,000 points for $5,000 spending in the next 3 months. This is somewhat backwards from most of the offers I see others receiving. I told Amex that was a lot of spend for 35k points, but they would not budge. Asked for a statement credit instead, and they said no. That was their best offer. I don’t think they want me lol.

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