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Done with Delta? Match Your Status Even Higher with Alaska

Alaska Airlines has launched a status match aimed specifically at frequent Delta flyers who may be reconsidering their loyalty to the airline after the latest round of drastic – and painful – changes to its SkyMiles Medallion program.

Travelers with Delta SkyMiles Medallion status can apply by Oct. 31 to get matched into Alaska Mileage Plan elite status. What status you'll get and how long you'll keep it hinges on what Delta status you currently hold, whether you've already requalified for Medallion Status for 2024, and whether or not you have a co-branded Alaska credit card. But it opens the door to match into an even higher status tier with Alaska than what you've got with Delta.

That's one of the most lucrative status matches we've ever seen, especially if you've got Delta status through 2024 and a co-branded Alaska credit card (or get one by the end of the year). And since it’s free, it’s worth doing even if you’re not sure you’ll make the jump to Alaska – or even fly the airline once.

Alaska status on its own may not be the most worthwhile, especially for flyers outside the West Coast where the airline is strongest. But it could even get you upgrades and other perks flying with American thanks to the partnership between the two airlines. You can also potentially parlay your new Alaska status into status with Oneworld for plenty more benefits when traveling internationally.

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How the Alaska Status Match Works

Like Delta, Alaska has four tiers of elite status: MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K. Each status tier gives you access to different perks from priority boarding to complimentary upgrades to excellent perks when flying American Airlines and a dozen-plus Oneworld carriers.

Alaska isn't being coy about its motivations for this special status match, saying: “Fell out of love with your airline loyalty program? We’ve got you covered with our best status match offer yet.”

To get started with your status match, you must use this form and submit proof of your Delta status by Oct. 31. You'll be matched into at least the equivalent tier of Alaska Mileage Plan status for the rest of 2023. But you could extend it all the way through 2024 by doing one of the following:

  • Having a co-branded Alaska credit card or opening one by Dec. 31, 2023
  • Completing a status challenge within 90 days


Alaska airlines status match 

To complete a status challenge, you'll have to fly between 5,000 and 20,000 miles on Alaska within a 90-day period, depending on the level of status you're trying to keep. Better yet, just open the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card if you don't already have one to take care of that requirement.

If you've already requalified for Delta status for 2024 and you hold an Alaska credit card (or open one by the end of the year), you'll get matched into the next highest tier of Alaska status. So if you have Delta Silver Medallions status, for example, you'd get Alaska MVP Gold status through 2024.


What Will Alaska Status Get You?

Even the lowest tiers of Alaska status can be rewarding, but this promotion makes it easy to instantly climb the ranks for a full year (and change).

From the lowest MVP status all the way up to MVP Gold 100K, everyone earns more miles, gets two free checked bags, free priority seating and a shot at complimentary first class upgrades. Plus, you can even get extra benefits when flying American Airlines as the two airlines have reciprocal elite status.

Check out Alaska's full breakdown of the benefits of MVP elite status.

Travelers who can match into Alaska's MVP Gold status or higher are in for a treat. It unlocks Oneworld Sapphire (or, better yet, Oneworld Emerald) status with the entire alliance, getting you business or even first class lounge access when traveling internationally among many other perks with Oneworld airlines. That includes American Flagship lounges here in the states as well as countless lounges abroad.

aa flagship lounge dallas 

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Bottom Line

Weeks after Delta's disastrous SkyMiles Medallion overhaul, many Delta fans are rethinking their loyalty. Alaska Airlines is out with a status match targeting them.

Travelers with Delta status can get matched into Alaska elite status through 2023, and potentially all the way through 2024 if they hold (or open) a co-branded Alaska credit card. While Alaska status might not appeal to everyone, you can get also perks on partner airlines like American and other Oneworld carriers.

Whether you're planning to make the switch to Alaska or you may never fly the airline, it's worth taking advantage.

2 Responses

  • This should serve as a warning to everyone not to join Alaska Airlines’ elite program. They will significantly increase their elite members, which will be detrimental to everyone’s interests. I am aware of someone who successfully faked a Delta elite card using Photoshop and Generative AI, passing the Alaska status match test with ease.Given how simple it is to utilize Photoshop and pass a Alaska status match, it is clear how this status match will result in an influx of new elite members that will be detrimental to the advantage of the current elite. Simply said, the Alaska status match team do not detect fraud in status match.

  • A few days ago I cancelled my Amex Delta Platinum card after 23 years. I just completed the status match for Alaska Airlines and intend to sign up for their visa card once the status match is approved. I’ve been a Delta Diamond Medallion for the past 20 years and will match into Alaska’s top tier.
    I think Jack (above) must work for Delta. Jack, here’s the facts: I’m not going to suddenly “ruin” Alaska’s by flying them “too much” (although surely Alaska hopes I fly them alot). The truth is I would NEVER consider flying Alaska prior to this but now its an open door. I don’t fly airlines unless I can utilize the priority line to check in and board early and have a decent chance of upgrade (earning miles is nice too). Alaska is brilliant to do this status match – they are inviting people who fly alot on another airline who wouldn’t even consider them to try them out. Your concerns are unfounded. If every Delta elite suddenly switched to flying Alaska the airline would double in size which would be great for all concerned. You are looking at this with an incredibly narrow mindset that makes no business sense and doesn’t even benefit consumers.

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