New City Specific Filters for Thrifty Traveler Premium!

After several months of development, we’re excited to announce we’ve rolled out a new login interface for our Thrifty Traveler Premium service with the following features:

– City-specific departure preferences to replace region preferences
– Ability to update your billing information
– Ability to change your email preferences
– New email server which should reduce spam issues

New Premium login interface

The new login interface is a big step forward for our Premium service. Subscribers can now tailor their settings to specific U.S. departure cities they’d like to receive flight deals from. This is a significant improvement from the prior region preferences. The new city filters will greatly reduce clutter in your inbox. However, you can still receive deals from all U.S. cities if you choose to do so.

Thrifty Traveler Premium is only $40/year, which is less than a cup of coffee per month. Subscribe if you’ve been holding out. Once you subscribe, the price will never change.

City-specific preferences

For $40 per year you’ll receive the following:
  • Instant mistake fare notification
  • Expect 40+ flight deals per month
  • More flights offered from more cities (50+ US departure cities)
  • Book via direct links with the airline
  • Ability to select your departure city to tailor which deals you receive
  • Free travel credit card consulting
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Sign-up for Thrifty Traveler Premium 

Instructions for Premium Subscribers:

1. Reset your password via this login.

2. After you’ve reset your password, log into Thrifty Traveler Premium.

3. After you log in, add your first and last name.

4. Tailor your city-specific departure preferences. By default, everyone will receive deals from all U.S. cities. If you’d like to change this, make sure to unselect “All Cities”.

5. You will be able to update your settings at the bottom of every Premium email.

Thrifty Tip: The more departure cities you select, the more deals you will receive. We suggest selecting at least one major U.S. city to ensure you never miss another incredible deal

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