Thrifty Traveler University

Upcoming Events:

Join us at the FINNOVATION LAB in downtown Minneapolis on Saturday, November 2, 2019 for our next Thrifty Traveler University Travel Hacking conference. Event details can be found at the link below.
Thrifty Traveler University: November 2, 2019
The Thrifty Traveler team hosts several travel hacking conferences per year.  This one-day event covers their favorite money-saving tips and tricks, which allow them to travel the world for next to nothing. The event includes giveaways such as airline gift cards, luggage, and a few more surprises. Make sure to sign-up ASAP as space is always limited.

This event covers their favorite cheap travel strategies, many of which have never been featured on the website. You’ll easily become a travel hacking ninja in only a few hours.

This one-day session is for everyone from the beginner to an advanced travel hacker. All skill levels will have something to learn, and the events are a blast.

Thrifty Traveler Premium members get the first shot at signing up for these events, so sign up and we’ll let you know when one is on the books!