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united polaris lounge newark

The Jewel of Newark: United Polaris Lounge Newark (EWR) Review

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I had heard all the hype for years. So when I finally made my way to the United Polaris Lounge Newark recently – my first-ever visit to one of United's exclusive business class lounges – my expectations were sky-high.

… and it smashed them. Years after opening, this lounge still shines brighter than almost any airport lounge in the country I've visited. Even American Airlines Flagship Lounges don't really come close to the space, design, food, and amenities available at United's Newark Polaris Lounge – and this Polaris Lounge was in another league entirely than even the best Delta Sky Clubs.

Come behind the scenes and see what makes this lounge so great – and how you can get in.


United Polaris Lounge Newark Access & Location

This much is clear: Part of the reason why this lounge is so great is its exclusivity. Forget top travel credit cards or even status – they'll do you no good here. There's no way to pay your way (or pay a bit more) to get in, either.

No, all Polaris lounges across the country are reserved specifically for flyers in long-haul international business or first class on United or their Star Alliance partners like Lufthansa, SWISS, Turkish, TAP, and more. Not even a transcontinental flight in United's fancy new Polaris business class seats will cut it.

But flying United itself can get you a bit of an edge with more Polaris lounge access:

  • Travelers with a United Polaris business class flight can get into Polaris lounges with a same-day ticket departing, arriving at, or connecting through the airport.
  • Travelers with a Star Alliance business or first class flight can only get into Polaris lounges at their point of departure – not upon arrival.

Whether you're flying Lufthansa, SWISS, Turkish, ANA, or United itself, you've got a ticket into the Polaris lounge. But getting there could be a bit more complicated depending on which airline you're flying.

The United Polaris Lounge at Newark is located in Terminal C. That's where most United international departures leave from … but many partner carriers depart from others, namely from Terminal B. That means you may need to switch terminals in order to hit the Polaris lounge before your flight.

The Newark AirTrain runs between the terminals fairly quickly and 24/.7, though it's located before security which means you'd need to clear security several times. United also operates a shuttle that runs between terminals.

Unfortunately, the shuttle running from Terminal B to Terminal C wasn't operating during my visit, which meant I had to take the AirTrain and reclear security in order to get to the Polaris Lounge at Newark. But to make it to my flight, I could hop on the shuttle that picks up near gate C71 for a quick, security-less trip back to Terminal B for my Lufthansa flight!

newark united shuttle bus map
Map courtesy of Newark Airport

Once you make it into Terminal C, you'll find the Newark Polaris Lounge to the left of the central security checkpoint. Just follow the signs for gates C120 to C130.

united polaris lounge newark map 

Before long, you'll see the beautiful entrance for the United Newark Polaris Lounge. Walk on in with your business class ticket and you're set.

united polaris lounge newark entrance


The Lounge


This lounge is massive, clocking in at roughly 27,000 square feet – and it feels much bigger than that. Newark is a major hub for transatlantic flights to Europe. And since many of those don't leave until the evening, the Polaris lounge here was quite slow until about 4 p.m. or so.

It all starts at the front desk, with backlit counters, soft white marble, elegant lighting, and great finishes. From start to finish, this lounge puts pretty much every other U.S. airlines' top lounges to shame … by a wide margin.

united polaris lounge newark check in desk 

From the entryway, the Polaris Newark Lounge really starts to open up. Everything flows quite nicely from seating area to seating area, from the bar to the dining area. Nothing is walled off, but you really get a feeling that there are distinct areas to sit, relax, snooze, eat, drink, and more.

As you head left into the lounge, you'll get your first look at one of several focal points: the bar, with plenty of seating along the wall facing it.

united polaris lounge newark bar 

There's also a beautiful seating area just near the bar, the first of many cozy spots that seem to blend art and comfort. The marble, the dark tones of the furniture, the gold lighting overhead … for me, it all just works. You won't see such refined design in many airport lounges in the U.S.

united polaris lounge newark seating 

The seating extravaganza continues, wrapping around the bar and back to the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking United jets pulling in and out from their gates. This is a long, long space – easily the biggest (and most popular) throughout the entire lounge.

united polaris lounge newark space 

The black dividers positioned throughout the space help create some separation without making it feel smaller. So does the assortment of different seating options, from these beautiful (and clever) work pods…

united polaris lounge newark work pods 

… to the rows upon rows of armchairs situated on either side…

united polaris lounge newark armchairs
united polaris lounge newark armchairs 

… to the occasional collection of high-backed armchairs, with a nice, artistic privacy divider.

unied polaris lounge newark chairs 

At the back of the lounge, you'll find one of several black accent walls with – you guessed it – more seating.

united polaris lounge newark seating 

Here's a look back at the space. What a treat.

united polaris lounge seating 

Without fail, almost every single seat in the house has a dedicated power outlet nearby. It's one of the lounge's strengths.

The center row of individual work pods is stylish, a great spot to plop down to finish some work or just enjoy a drink. The seats themselves are incredibly comfortable … though perhaps a bit too low. Each pod is equipped with its own power and USB outlets as well as a swiveling lamp.

united polaris lounge newark work pod 

Mosey onward and you'll find that seating pretty much … goes on forever. As you head towards the buffet area, there are plenty of cafe tables and benches to grab a quick bite.

united polaris lounge newark dining tables
united polaris lounge newark dining area 

As you wind your way back towards the entrance, there's an incredibly quiet and beautiful area. I never saw more than one or two people here, making it a great spot to unwind – so long as you're fine giving up views of the tarmac.

united polaris lounge newark quiet area 

This is the area of the lounge where you'll find several amenities, including some concierge desks if you need help with an upcoming flight as well as a row of private phone booths. It's also where you'll find the entrance for shower and sleeping suites – more on those later.

Each phone booth is equipped with a desk if you need some privacy while working.

united polaris lounge newark phone booth 

Finally, there are two corridors with bathrooms situated on either end of the lounge.

united polaris lounge newark bathroom 

I counted 18 restrooms total split between the two corridors. Each is an individual, private bathroom, equipped with a toilet and sink. They were perfectly fine – and having your own private restroom rather than a shared space is a nice touch. That said, they could have been looked after a bit more frequently during my stay.

united polaris lounge newark restroom


Dining & Drinks at the United Polaris Lounge Newark

This isn't food. This is dining. And boy, is there a difference.

In the center of the lounge, you'll find a buffet where you can dish yourself up. During my stay, I saw lasagna, braised chicken, meatballs, a few soups, roasted carrots and parsnips, a well-stocked salad bar, a nice charcuterie selection, and more.

united polaris lounge newark buffet 

At almost any other lounge in the country, this is about as good as it gets. But like all of United's business class lounges, the United Polaris Lounge Newark kicks it into another gear with dining. So I skipped over the buffet altogether in favor of something better…

There's a full-blown, full-service restaurant in one corner of the lounge. And full-service is not an over-exaggeration: From the decor to the service to the food, everything here was absolutely restaurant quality. You can't say that about too many airport lounges in the world – let alone the country.

The Dining Room is divvied off from the rest of the lounge, with about 15 or so tables scattered about.

united polaris lounge newark dining room 

Just look at this table setting with the menu. This isn't your typical airport lounge.

united polaris lounge newark 

There are two meal services: You can order breakfast until 11 a.m., at which point the Dining Room switches over to lunch and dinner. The menu isn't lengthy by any means, but there is plenty here. Click the image below for a larger version.

united newark polaris lounge dining room menu 

After being escorted to a seat by a lovely waiter, I ordered the heirloom tomato salad with a glass of champagne. The salad was delicious: Every tomato was wonderfully crisp and bright, with some peppery arugula on top, a zingy fig vinaigrette drizzled on top, and some creamy burrata on the side.

The presentation alone puts even the best airport lounge dining to shame, but the flavor and quality held up, too.

heirloom tomato salad at united polaris lounge newark 

For a late lunch, I ordered the miso-glazed cod with mushrooms and bok choy. This could have gone horribly wrong in the wrong hands … but it was a home run. The fish was flaky and clearly perfectly cooked, as were the mushrooms and bok choy. With a bit of broth at the bottom of dish, it was incredibly tasty. And again, the presentation…

united polaris lounge newark fish 

This was easily the best entree I've ever had in an airport lounge, bar none. Enjoying this dish while watching a United 757 pull into the gate just in front of me was an experience.

Within just a minute or two of taking my final bites, the waiter swung by my table to clean up and drop off a dessert menu. I ordered a chocolate chip skillet cookie and an espresso to cap off the meal, which was delightful.

dessert cookie united polaris lounge newark 

Let's get something straight: It doesn't get better than this in a U.S. airport lounge. Maybe not every dish will be as great as what I ordered during my visit, but that's beside the point.

Even for a business class lounge, a la carte dining is royal treatment. This is on-par with or better than what you can get even in American Airlines' Flagship First dining facilities – and it's leagues better than the snacks and hot buffet fare at most American Flagship Lounges or Delta Sky Clubs. I almost wonder how United can afford to do it … but trust me, I'm not complaining.

After a great meal, I eventually wandered over to the beautiful bar area. The marble-like bar surface with underlighting is a great look, if you ask me.

united polaris lounge newark bar
united polaris lounge newark bar 

Bartenders were incredibly friendly and quite speedy. Yet when I asked to see a menu or hear about some specialty cocktails, the bartender told me they didn't have one – instead, he'd be happy to make or pour anything I wanted. While a nice offer, it struck me as odd that they didn't have a menu on hand.

So I ordered a Boulevardier to sip on. While it was just fine, it felt a bit thrown together for a bar program that's generally praised for its cocktails.

cocktail at the united polaris lounge newark 

There are refrigerators scattered throughout the lounge where you can grab a bottle of water or a can of soda. There's also a dedicated beverage station towards the back of the lounge with infused waters, tea, coffee, and more.

united polaris lounge newark drinks 

The coffee station was quite nice, complete with some fancy milk, half and half, and even oat milk containers. If you want something more like a cappuccino or espresso, you can grab one at the bar or flag a lounge attendant to grab you one.

milk selection at united polaris lounge newark


Amenities at the United Polaris Lounge Newark

Beyond the outstanding dining, there are a few amenities you won't find in many other airport lounges at United's Newark Polaris lounge.

Near the entrance, there's a walled-off wing of the lounge where you can sign in to use a quiet room and shower suites.

united polaris lounge amenities 

I signed in to check out one of the quiet rooms, and was promptly led down the hallway into one of several rooms. Each one is equipped with a lounger, a side table, lights that can be dimmed or shut off, and amenities like a United Polaris eyemask, ear plugs, and a bottle of water.

quiet room at united polaris lounge newark 

The friendly lounge attendant also brought over a warm blanket for me in addition to the pillow, which was a nice touch. Unfortunately, I just didn't find these lounge chairs comfortable. It's nowhere near horizontal, which made it a bit awkward for me to lay in. And the chair itself is on the hard side.

The suite I got was also near the hallway with motion-detecting lights, which turned back on anytime someone walked by. I'd definitely recommend asking for a suite farther down the corridor, if possible – and there are about eight quiet rooms, so that shouldn't be an issue.

united polaris lounge newark quiet room 

There are also five-plus individual shower suites you can use to freshen up before or after your flight, though I didn't have a chance to check them out. You'll just have to reserve one at the amenity desk.


Bottom Line

United Polaris Lounges have set the bar for airport lounges in the U.S. If you ask me, everything else pales in comparison – and that includes the United Polaris Lounge Newark.

Not every single detail is perfect – but that's never the case. But with a full-service restaurant serving restaurant-quality food, the dining options are second-to-none. The design, layout, and size of the lounge are better than almost everything you can find in the U.S.

If you're flying Star Alliance business class out of Newark, make your way to this lounge. You won't regret it.

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40 Responses

  • My wife flew business class to Cairns, Australia on Air New Zealand (a Star Alliance partner) EWR-LAX-AUK-CNS with EWR-LAX on United and she was refused access to the Newark Polaris Lounge, which I don’t understand. She did get access to the Sart Alliance lounge at LAX which she liked, but I don’t know how it compares.
    We once, flying United business/first from SYD to LAX, visited the Air New Zealand lounge, which was the best I have been in – including a barrista for coffee drinks and a very good breakfast, but not a restaurant setting. I know you were comparing to lounges in the US, but thought it was worth mentioning.

    • Probably because she wasn’t flying internationally from Newark. She should have been able to access the Polaris lounge at LAX.

  • My lounge experience in Newark was 100% opposite. Barely any food on the buffet, nothing special food wise at all, the cheapest bottled water on the market. Only the coffee machine was high quality. Lufthansa breakfast in first class on my flight from Munich to Düsseldorf was waaaay better.

    • Sorry to hear it, Johnny. Almost everything during my stay was top-notch, aside from the few minor quibbles I pointed out here.

      • The wife and I are flying to CUN from PWM connecting through EWR on business class next month. Will we have access to this lounge?

        • Unfortunately, no. You need to be flying business class on a long-haul route (ie to Europe, the Middle East, or Asia) in order to qualify for Polaris Lounge access.

          • I’m flying Singapore Airlines Business Class out of Terminal B. I would love to try out the new Polaris Lounge… but the limited opening hours doesn’t seem to fit in nicely Singapore Airlines’ 9:45am flight.

    • agree with you.Before Covid they had much more food,and better service.The restaurant menu has the same thing for years,and not too much to choose from. Last time i was there,the bartender (a guy on his lat 40’s) said the work and deserve tips (i agree they do),and i said i gave a nice one at the beginning ,he was very rude.I made a complaint to gust service at the Lounge,and they did apologise to me,they said the bartenders work for another company,that serves United. I had better lounge,like Virgin at JFK, Qantas in Sydney and some others. I hear AA at JFK (Flagship) is better.Neve used it.

  • Very impressive, if you were to compare it with other lounges The business lounge at Istanbul new airport is a five star lounge ..

  • Access question: I’m transiting in EWR then to Vancouver on Air Canada and on to Sydney, all business. Can I access Polaris lounge? I know that a flight to Canada doesn’t give Polaris access but since my final destination is Sydney will they let me in?

  • Access question: I’m transiting in EWR then to Vancouver on Air Canada and on to Sydney, all business. Can I access Polaris lounge? I know that a flight to Canada doesn’t give Polaris access but since my final destination is Sydney will they let me in?

    • You were flying Lufthansa business class from Newark to Athens and got denied? That is very strange, you definitely should have gotten access.

      • Yes the check in agents told us no and called the lounge. The lounge said if we showed up we would be denied so we didn’t even try and go to terminal C. The check in agents also said they didn’t think we would get through security with a terminal B boarding pass. We’re you able to go from B to C easily through security?

        • I have accessed the lounge with a biz class ticket on TAP, which is another Star Alliance partner departing from terminal B. The gate agent was clearly not aware that we had Polaris access because she directed us to the SAS lounge. But we went ahead to Terminal C and were granted access with no problem. When all else fails, know the rules and be prepared to pull the policy up on your phone.

  • Hi! Thanks for the nice read. Question: Does flying from Newark to Cancun count as international? or do they base the international definition by the amount of hrs it takes to fly to your final destination?

    • Unfortunately, no – United requires a long-haul business class ticket for Polaris lounge access, and Cancun does not make the cut.

  • Does flying from EWR (Newark) to OGG (Maui) directly grant you access? Or it has to be truly international and not just long haul and transpacific?

  • This lounge is amazing. Flew United Polaris from EWR to TXL. Ate, slept, showered. It was the best lounge we’ve ever been in. Visiting again in 3 days on our trip to FCO.

  • Polaris Lounge in EWR is awful. Always line to enter, crowded, unfriendly personnel. They check your documents stricter that TSA. Accompanying persons are not allowed, even if on waiting list for upgrade (this happened to my wife twice in the past few months). I left the lounge last time to move to a nice and less crowded new United Club, which offers a better environment. In the lounge currently, trying to find a glass to get water – there is none. No champaign glasses either. Shame on United Airlines for treating this way people paying premium price for tickets. American Airlines Flagship lounges offers way better service.

  • My wife and I are flying United to Brussels and returning from Venice, Italy.
    My question is, when we return to EWR flying Polaris class can we go in the Polaris lounge since our ride home won’t come until 4 hours after we arrive? Also, upon arrival to EWR for our flight to Brussels will we be allowed in the Polaris lounge since we are traveling first class (Business)?
    Do we have to show our United complimentary pass to get in our is our Polaris class ticket sufficient?
    Thank you, Jim

  • Is EWR to LHR (London) considered “long haul”? I have a United business class ticket booked and will need to arrive at EWR earlier than usual due to a companion (going elsewhere) who needs to arrive for an earlier flight. I will be at EWR for hours waiting for my flight and hope to verify eligibility for the Polaris lounge instead of being denied when I get there like the person with the Lufthansa ticket to Athens–that’s what make me worry. London is not as far as Athens.

  • If I am returning to the USA and flying JNB-EWR-CLE, Business Class, will I be able to access the lounge upon my return while waiting for my flight to CLE? It is a 5 hour wait for the connecting flight also in Business Class. As I will be flying overnight to the USA will they think that I can’t get into the club because the rules state that you must have a same day long-haul ticket. Will the fact that the ticket/flight originated the night before count?

  • Sadly, I did not have a great experience in this lounge. When I arrived, it was so crowded that there was literally no place to sit. I put myself on the waiting list for a reservation at the restaurant, and after 45 minutes, I did get a table, and the meal was enjoyable. By the time my meal was finished, the lounge had cleared out considerably, but that first hour was shockingly chaotic, crowded, and uncomfortable.

  • I visited the lounge on Friday, Sept 9th coming back from Madrid, and must say my experience was very poor. Specifically, the customer services were horrible. The receptionist at the shower room made me feel like am bothering her while she was on the phone talking to her friends. Additionally, the waitress at the restaurant ignored me for more than 15 minutes even though she walked by my table several times. She did not have the courage to say hello and I will be with you soon.

    I found the customer service at the Polaris Lounge – LAX earlier in the week was much better.

  • So sorry but I couldn’t disagree with tis review more. I used the EWR Polaris lounge in August, 2022 and it was a disaster, absolutely miserable. The place was packed, the noise level unbearable, the service was mediocre at best, the food choices moderately OK and the kids… omg, the number of over-stimulated, noisy kids was unbelievable. There is absolutely nothing luxurious or prestige in this place.

  • Hi. Thank you for share your experience. I am flying next week to BOG, Colombia in Business. Can I have access to the EWR Polaris Lounge?

  • Hi! I fly next Wed. (Nov.1) from EWR to Frankfurt, Germany. I have a 1st class ticket. I’m reading some of these responses that indicate I may not get in. Now I’m nervous because I arrive to EWR from Miami at about 11AM but my plane to Frankfurt doesn’t leave until 11PM that night. That quiet room sounds like a nice place to chill for a few hours BEFORE the crowds arrive later that evening. Will I get in this exclusive lounge???

  • I fly to Brisbane from Newark but connect in SFO in United Business class. Would I be able to enter the Polaris Lounge in Newark?

  • Hi..We are flying Tap to Lisbon In business class. Our flight leaves from terminal B. Can we use the lounge and get to our flight without going through security twice

  • In August 2024, we are booked United Business Class to Cape Town South Africia (CPT) from Newark (EWR). Will we be allowed access to the Polaris Club in Newark as we wait for our evening flight to Cape Town?

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