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Mexico Adds Law Banning Smoking on Beach, and Nearly Everywhere Else

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If you're caught smoking on the beach in Mexico, it's now going to cost you.

Mexico has banned smoking in virtually all public spaces, even outdoors. The new rules, which went into effect on Jan. 15, prohibit smoking in public places such as public squares, parks, beaches, stadiums, and on public transportation. It's an extension of a law that has been on the books since 2008 that made bars and restaurants smoke-free.


mexico smoking ban


The smoking ban also applies to hotels. Guests can't smoke in their own rooms, or in common spaces, according to the law. But, hotels can designate an outdoor smoking area so long as it's at least 10 meters, or about 33 feet, from services and other facilities. Having a cigar on the beach? That's likely no longer an option, but you should now see specially marked smoking areas at most hotels.

The new changes make Mexico's anti-smoking law one of the strictest in the world, as it also includes a complete ban on advertising, promotion, and sponsorship of tobacco products.

And travelers will want to think twice before lighting up or risk paying a hefty fine. Diana Cedillo, deputy director of the National Office of Tobacco Control in Mexico, told the Washington Post the fines for smoking in prohibited areas could go as high as $550 …. and possibly include jail time.

But with police corruption a very real problem in Mexico, many fear that instead of issuing real fines or punishments for smoking in restricted areas, some officers will use the new law as a conduit for taking bribes.

Only time will tell how this actually plays out, but for now, if you plan to smoke – whether it be cigarettes or cigars – just be smart and only do so in the dedicated smoking areas.


Bottom Line

Mexico now has one of the strictest anti-smoking laws in the world. As of Jan. 15, smoking is prohibited in almost all public places, even outdoor spaces like beaches and parks.

If you're traveling to Mexico, reconsider lighting that cigar on the beach … or in any non-smoking area, as it could cost you.


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10 Responses

  • Makes Mexico a much more attractive place to visit. Can only hope other countries soon follow in destroying the scourge of smoking

  • As an EX smoker even I find this harsh , I’m aware others arnt always but I was always a respectful smoker (how is that causing anyone any harm ???? ) but tbh Mexico has changed over the years and the last few times we have been it’s seems it’s all about the authorities blatantly robbing the tourists ……. Even at the air port , your sold cigarettes on the plane but if you have too many like 1 extra pack “that you were un aware of then your fined at the airport “” all they want is your money , however way they take it …. Can’t help but feel it has nothing to do with smoking more to do with being able to find ppl and take there money !!!!! Wonder how many flew out without even being told this ? Got outside the airport lit a fag up and boom 🤣 keep your country I’ll holiday else we’re , and so will others ….. £1000 bets you can still buy fags on the plane and any shop in Mexico too 🤣🤣 along with practically any drug you want too pffftt tourism is gonna go right down and they deserve it too robdogs

  • After reading this I will not travel to Mexico again! I smoke but not inside. This law is unbelievable! I, in fact was searching resorts in Mexico but now I won’t waste my time!

  • This is not enforced at all. I am in Mexico City right now and the couple on the next table are smoking. Everyone smokes still, as long as they are outside nobody says anything.

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