Give $5, Get $5 Off with the Thrifty Traveler Premium Referral Program!
thrifty traveler premium referral program

Give $5, Get $5 Off with the Thrifty Traveler Premium Referral Program!

Know a coworker that’s always spying over your desk to see the latest, cheapest flight deal?

Did your aunt overpay for her flight home for Thanksgiving … again?

Have a travel buddy that needs the hook-up on cheap flights, too?

You asked, we answered: The Thrifty Traveler Premium referral program has landed! This is your chance to share cheap flights, give a buddy a discount, and save some money for yourself!
thirty traveler premium referral program

How the Thrifty Traveler Premium Referral Program Works

When you refer a friend to Thrifty Traveler Premium with your unique link, your friend gets $5 off their membership (the first year, and every year after that!). When they subscribe, you’ll get $5 off your membership renewal, too. And both of you get instant flight deal alerts, saving you at least $200 on your next flight – whether it’s next month or next year.

And yes, you can keep referring friends and stack those discounts to make your next year(s) of Premium completely free.

Share our flight deal alert service with friends and family, and you could earn your way to a free Premium membership in no time! To get started and refer a buddy, just log in to your Premium account to share your unique referral link.




thrifty traveler premium referral program

About Thrifty Traveler Premium

Not a Premium member yet? Subscribe to get instant alerts for dirt-cheap domestic and international flight deals, delivered straight to your inbox! Get only the deals from your home airport(s) with at least $200 in savings on each deal we send.

Other benefits of Premium include:

  • Domestic AND international flight deal alerts
  • Select your home airport(s) from 140+ departure cities
  • Free personalized travel rewards card consulting with our team
  • Access to our Premium-only Facebook travel community with more than 10,000 members helping each other travel smarter!

Join Thrifty Traveler Premium today, and hook your travel buddies up with cheap flights too!


Thrifty Traveler Premium Referral Program Terms & Conditions

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