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My New Full Time Job – Thrifty Traveler

Last Friday was my last day as a federal bank examiner! I know what many of you are thinking: “You had a day job?”. Yes, and it was a great job. A career that many people dream about with solid pay, great benefits, and ample vacation. The only problem was that I didn’t love what I was doing. Going through the motions every day just no longer cut it. I didn’t want to wake up one day wondering if I’d ever used my real talents and missed out on something bigger.

I've always had a love for travel and maximizing savings in everything I do. Mrs. TT gave me a lot of encouragement to follow that passion. Over the last several years, Thrifty Traveler has grown to a point where I could no longer balance it with my full time job. I had to make a choice between my safe government job or taking the leap into the unknown. I chose the more exciting prospect.

I'm able to take this leap because of all of you. The enthusiasm you’ve shown for the site with comments, Facebook shares, constructive criticisms, words of support, and your stories about how TT helped you go on amazing trips, has encouraged me to focus on this site full time. Now I will have more time to find flight deals and provide more money saving content! Most importantly, the format of the website won’t be changing.

If you haven't signed up for Thrifty Traveler Premium, we're having a celebration of my full time status by offering Premium Subscriptions locked in at only $20/year through Friday. This price will never be offered again in the future, so sign-up now!



Jared Kamrowski


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  • That is inspiring! My wife and I have been able to travel on two vacations we never thought possible because of Thrifty Traveler. Thanks for your dedication to the site!!

  • Congrats, Jared! I run a content site for introverts and was able to take the leap last year from my full-time job like you just did. It’s thrilling. Wishing you the best!

  • Congratulations!! We’ve taken many trips with your flight deals and have several more coming up this year. We literally share your site with EVERYONE we talk to about traveling. Good luck as you start full time!

    • That is awesome to hear! I could never have quit my job without the word of mouth organic growth this site has gotten from people like you. Keep spreading the word!

  • Congratulations Jared. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you for the celebratory sale!!

  • Congratulations! So glad to hear that you’re able to make your dream come true! This is so inspiring!

  • Congratulations Jared. First of all, yes, I’m shocked that you had a full-time day job… But I am truly excited for your new ventures!

  • Congratulations, Jared! I seriously LOVE Thrifty Traveler premium and have used it to book two adventures. I can’t wait to book many more. What you do makes travel much more accessible to so many people – including me. Thank you for doing what you do! Also, I’m so inspired by you pursuing your dreams. I wish you all the best! 🙂

  • Yes, I did the same thing coming out of an Ivy League and decided to see what the world has to offer and recently I started producing my own travel show and working on a few travel channels shows. Always choose adventure and safety because at the end no one wants to hear stories about how you always stayed home. Welcome to the EXplorers Club

      • Thank you, I know this sounds like a fake cheesy comment but Thrifty Traveler has quickly became my number one go to site for cheap airfare , I work as a professional actress, and a spokesmodel so often times I need something fast and cheap and in this case thats a really good thing..

  • Congrats to you for following your passion! We look forward to the many deals you have for us!!

  • Congratulations Jared! Good luck, you and Mrs TT deserve it. I signed up for Premium and look forward to some great deals.

  • Congratulations! Good luck for all the adventures which await – it is going to be awesome!
    I am in a similar boat currently – wanting to do something else and something more exciting – but afraid to let go of the comforts of the cushy job… we shall see… thanks for the inspiration

  • Well done! I subscribed today after utilizing 2 or 3 deals in the past few months, deals I would not have known about elsewhere. Hopefully there are even more MSP origin deals to come.

  • Congratulation Jared. Great that you have the confidence to follow your gut and the support at home to make it successful. You have a keen eye for webpage layout – communicating the information simply but appealingly. I love it that you’re a hometown guy and is one reason I signed up!

  • Congrats, man! There is no better feeling than creating something that means a lot to you and learning that it means a lot to others too. Then, to make a living doing what you love? What more could anyone ask for! Nice going. Joined premium just to support your independent spirit. Hopefully will get a great trip out of it for the ultimate win-win.Cheers!

      • San Diego is my home base. I am an entrepreneur too, started one of the first private concierge firms in the US back in 1997. Was an airline brat too, pops worked for United Airlines for 42 years. Now retired (early!) and ready to travel the world.*

        *As soon as I get my two college students graduated.

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