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Travel Bracket Madness: A Matchup of Natural Wonders

You asked, we answered: the travel bracket is back!

As we continue to stay home now and plan for travel later, we all need some daydream material. And in honor of Earth Day this week, we've prepared for you (drumroll, please)… Thrifty Traveler Madness: Natural Destinations!

We’ve hand-picked 16 of the top national parks and natural wonders around the world to begin the tournament. We’ll leave the criteria up to you. Whether you’ve been there or not, you have the power to vote for which site deserves to win it all!

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We're not picking winners and losers in this contest, but feel free to fill out your own bracket and share it with us on social media or in the comments! Tweet us, mention us on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram! Click the bracket below for a bigger version to print and fill out.




Starting today, April 20, you can participate by voting on the head-to-head destination match-ups. Here’s how it works:

  • There will be one round per day for four days: eight match-ups on Monday, four match-ups on Tuesday, semi-finals on Wednesday, and finals on Thursday.
  • Starting now, vote for which attractions you want to win between each match-up.
  • At the end of each day, we will advance the winners based on vote percentage.
  • The following day you’ll be able to vote again on the next round matchups.

We hope this tournament will bring you some cheer while inspiring daydreaming about where your next trip may take you.

Who will advance in the bracket tomorrow? Let’s see what you all deem to be the best natural destinations in the world!


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