Delta's App Helps Anticipate Flight Delays with 'Where's My Plane?'
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Delta’s App Helps Anticipate Flight Delays with ‘Where’s My Plane?’

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Delayed flights are an unavoidable part of travel. Between mechanical issues and stragglers getting on the plane, they’re bound to happen.

But one of the biggest factors behind a late departure is simple: The plane you’re scheduled to fly on is already running late. A recent update to the Delta app now allows you to track your airplane on its journey before arriving at your gate.

While this information is already available on great third-party sites like, but Delta has made it seamless to check on your plane’s status.


How It Works

It’s as simple as can be. As your flight time approaches, just tap “Where’s My Plane?” on your boarding pass under the departure status.


Delta Flight Delays


You’ll be taken to a landing page that shows you where your plane is coming from. It will provide valuable information about the status of that flight and whether or not it’s on time.


Delta Flight Delays


If the plane you’re supposed to be on is still in the air, you’ll even get a handy map showing you exactly where it’s at.


Delta Flight Delays


This information is more limited than what you might find on dedicated flight-tracking websites. But it’s a quick and easy way to check on your plane without having to manually search for it.


Bottom Line

This new Delta app feature will be useful for assessing whether or not your flight may be delayed. But it’s also just a fun way to track your plane!


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4 Responses

  • Give the article a fair title. It’s not there to “anticipate” delays, but there in the event that you have one. The “Track my bag” button isn’t there so you can anticipate your luggage being lost. The title of the article unfairly slams Delta and makes it look like clickbait.

    • You can check “Where’s my plane?” at any point to see if the plane inbound is on-time or running behind – not just if you already know your departing flight will be delayed. I’d argue that helps you anticipate possible delays. I’m not sure how the title of this post slams Delta at all – I certainly didn’t mean it that way.

  • This looks to be removed from the app now? I’m guessing because it wasn’t used much. Of course…right when my flight is delayed.

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