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The First Million Page Views is The Hardest! Thanks Everyone!

We just celebrated one year here at Thrifty Traveler last month. Well we've passed another milestone, one million page views! The traffic over the last six months has been incredible. The site is growing rapidly and we have you, the readers, to thank for everything! *cheers* :clap:


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Server Upgrades

We've had to do a couple server upgrades since the site crashed several times earlier this year. We should be on solid footing for significant future traffic. There is nothing worse than sharing an awesome flight deal with you guys and having the site crash! Bring on the viral deals, we can handle it.


Reader Feedback

It's safe to say my life has changed since the blog gained traction right after Christmas last year. Gone are my lazy weekend mornings and free time. All the work has been rewarding though. It's great to hear from many of you who have had the opportunity to visit family and friends or make it back home. I always love to hear about your trips so don't hesitate to shoot me a message!


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Interesting Stats:

  • We've had 978 posts since April 2015
  • It took us 12 months to hit 1 million page views
  • Highest daily traffic: 28,192 page views after a viral flight deal on January 5th
  • Highest monthly traffic: 274,000 page views in April '16, up from only 28,000 in November '15
  • 681 Comments – This is where we need to improve! We want everyone to have a voice here.


As we work on 2 million page views, I would like to make an invitation to all of you:


Become More Engaged!

Write a guest post. I’ll be honest, I don’t have much time to write content. We are primarily focused on flight deals now, and that takes up a significant part of my day. Are you going on an awesome trip and you’d like to share how you saved money doing it? Or do you want to write about travel in general similar to our contributors Nick Serati or Gary Bushrod? Write a guest post! Ideas are always welcome. Use the contact page to get in touch.

Share blog posts. How many times have you saw something on Thrifty Traveler and thought, “Hey, so and so would really like this?” Did you share it with that person? I’ve made it easy to share links from ThriftyTraveler with the Facebook and Twitter share buttons at the bottom of each page. This site wouldn't be where it is today without so many friends and family who have shared our posts over the last year.

By leaving comments you help grow the conversation around the Thrifty Traveler. The more you share your insights and experiences, the more other readers can learn. We try to share as much information as possible, but each of you have rich travel experiences to share that are valuable. Do you have a tip for a flight deal destination? Leave it in the comments!

Support the site. Hosting and managing this site isn’t cheap. Next time you book a flight deal, make sure to use our links in each post. You don’t have to of course, but we greatly appreciate your support. Another way to financially support the site is to apply for your next travel credit card in our travel credit cards section!

Ask for what you need. Want to see a specific flight deal? Want to see some specific content? Email me!


Bottom Line 

I’m very excited to see where Thrifty Traveler will be in another six months. As we continue to grow and evolve we want you to be involved in the process. Feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected] with suggestions, ideas, or flight tips!


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  • Yay! Congratulation!!! 😀 Ohhh my comment made it there Awe thanks!!! I appreciate you guys too 🙂 Didn’t get to comment earlier I was at work but here I am want to celebrate with you guys.
    Cheers to many more anniversaries and views!

  • Congrats Jared! It has been great to see this blog grow and to see you following your passion. Hopefully Ill see you soon. Maybe a deal from FLL to MSP! Best regards.

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