How I Used a Chargeback when my Airline Went Bankrupt

Refund Primera Air Ticket

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Did you hear about the European budget airline Primera Air going bankrupt and halting all operations permanently a few weeks ago? Well, this gal was one of the lucky individuals who had purchased a ticket for a flight that will no longer be flying. At a jaw-dropping $63 before taxes and fees, the price seemed too good to be true. Turns out, it was. In the aftermath of Primera Air going bankrupt, I wanted my money back for the flight I wouldn’t be taking on the airline.

Here’s how I used a chargeback on my credit card to refund my Primera Air ticket after their bankruptcy announcement. Follow this step by step guide to learn more about how to request a chargeback.


How to do a Chargeback

I purchased my Primera Air ticket using my Capital One VentureOne credit card. I would have used my Chase Sapphire Preferred card to purchase the flight as it earns 2x Ultimate Rewards points on travel, but the Primera website wouldn’t accept my Chase card. This probably should have been a red flag, but I just ended up using my VentureOne card for this purchase: a total of $92.99.

When the announcement came out that Primera Air had filed for bankruptcy and was immediately ceasing operations, I went to my CapitalOne online account and located the charge. From there, I selected “Report a problem”.



Locate the charge and report a problem.


This button brought me to a series of prompts to report a problem with the charge. The first screen, shown below, asks whether this is an unauthorized charge or the charge is incorrect. Because I knew I had purchased a ticket with Primera but would not be taking the flight, I selected “I recognize this purchase, but it’s wrong”.



Report a Problem on the transaction.


Next, I was prompted to give more information on what was wrong with the purchase, since I did recognize the purchase. Because I wouldn’t be flying the airline in a few weeks due to their bankruptcy, I selected “Never received what was paid for”.



Dispute the charge.


On the next screen, I was asked to provide more details about any contact I had made with the merchant. Because Primera had shut down operations almost immediately after announcing their bankruptcy and nobody was answering calls or emails, I selected “Other” to describe why I had not contacted the merchant. The prompts provide a “merchant was out of business” option, which applied to my charge dispute.



Provide details on actions you took with the merchant.


Next, I was prompted to select the amount I am disputing. In this case, I disputed the full amount of the ticket, as seen below.



Provide amount you are disputing.


The Capital One chargeback process next asked me whether the purchase was merchandise or a service. I selected “Service” for the airline ticket I was requesting a chargeback for.



Select whether the purchase was an item or a service.


Finally, I was prompted to describe what was purchased. Here, I wrote what the purchase was for: a flight on Primera airline. For the expected date of service, Capital One’s calendar only allows you to select the current date or a date previous. Although my flight was a few weeks later, I just selected the current date.


Refund Primera Air Ticket

Describe what was purchased and the date of service.


Once you submit your Dispute a Charge form, you’ll see this page below. Keep your confirmation code until you see the chargeback on your account.


Refund Primera Air Ticket

Take note of your confirmation code for the chargeback.


It only took me one day for my purchase adjustment chargeback to be posted to my Capital One VentureOne credit card account. That’s a really fast turn around for what I was assuming would be a much more complicated process! The chargeback showed up as a credit to my account for the full amount charged by Primera.


Refund Primera Air Ticket

Purchase adjustment for my chargeback report.


Bottom Line

I was expecting to go through a lot to get my money back for the Primera flight I will never end up taking. I assumed that it would be impossible to get a refund from Primera itself after they immediately ceased operations. However, Capital One’s online chargeback process was very straightforward and I got refunded for the full amount just one day after submitting the form.

Each chargeback process will be different for different credit card companies. But I can say I was extremely impressed by how easy Capital One made the process.


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  1. Rodolfo Francisco says:

    Visa does not work in the same manner. Got the same problem, they asked a lot of documents, i sent them.
    Then, they said me to go to the court and that they will just refund me if the court can not.

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