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Rage Against the Resort Fees: Hilton is Also Getting Sued

  Earlier this month, Marriott was sued by Washington, D.C.’s attorney general for deceptive resort fees, a long-awaited move against the widespread and misleading pricing tactic. And Marriott isn’t alone in coming under fire. Nebraska’s attorney general filed suit against...

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Top 5 Ways to Save on Airbnb Bookings

  Typically, your two largest expenses for any trip are airfare and accommodations. If you can save big on one, you’re in luck. If you save on both, you’re officially a thrifty traveler. Since Airbnb came onto the scene, this...

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Marriott is Getting Sued Over Deceptive Resort Fees

  The District of Columbia’s top lawyer sued the massive hotel chain Marriott this week, alleging that the resort fees it adds to hotel bills amount to “bait-and-switch advertising.” Resort fees have become an unavoidable part of paying for accommodations,...