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MSP Failed 95% of Security Tests Last Week

According to Fox 9, TSA security at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (MSP) failed 17 out of 18 tests by undercover federal agents last week. These tests included smuggling explosive materials, fake weapons, or drugs through security. Once the failure rate reached 95%, the tests were stopped, so it's possible the percentage would have been higher with more testing. MSP previously had a failure rate of 75% when tested in 2016. The nationwide failure rate was 95% from a leaked report in 2015.

Clearly our screening methods are not working and something must be done. I realize that security screening is a complicated process, and efficiency is required with the number of passengers, but a 95% failure rate is not acceptable. Other than privatizing our national security system I'm not sure what the solution is. What happens when we fail 95% of the time? We are only as safe as our weakest TSA checkpoint.


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