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Sun Country Removing Surly

Sun Country Rolls out New Fees with the Same Fare Pricing

Sun Country announced earlier this week that they would be unbundling their fares in an effort to give consumers more choice. Basically, you are now required to pay a fee to carry-on and pay an additional fee for seat assignment. Both carry-on and seat assignment were previously free. We won't delve into the new fee structure, but one thing I was hoping for was a slight drop in overall fare prices, to compensate for the new fees.

Disappointingly, a quick review of several of Sun Country's routes shows no changes in fares. It's possible they have not had a chance to yet adjust fares, but comparing Monday's fares to fare prices this morning shows no difference.


Routes reviewed (no changes) 
  • Minneapolis to Phoenix (MSP – PHX) – $186
  • Minneapolis to New York (MSP – JFK) – $204
  • Minneapolis to Los Angeles (MSP – LAX) – $256
  • Minneapolis to Cancun (MSP – CUN) – $470


google flights calendar
Sample fares w/o fees on Monday


google flights calendar
Sample fares with fees this morning


Bottom Line 

Am I surprised by this? Not really. I was hoping to see at least a slight change in pricing, but so far nothing. The new fees for the MSP – JFK flight with a checked bag and seat assignment total $46 (carry-on is $66), which is a significant increase in your average ticket. This falls in line with industry standards, such as when Delta rolled out their Basic Economy fares, and Delta has seen a significant increase in revenue as a result. I've always loved Sun Country for their competitive pricing but so far this seems like an effort to squeeze more cash out of passengers, just like the other major airlines.


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  • Yep. When I get enough miles for a free flight with my Sun Country credit card, I am out and will cancel the card. Toodles, Sun Country!

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