Sun Country rolls out Jimmy John's subs on Domestic Flights

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Sun Country rolls out Jimmy John’s subs on Domestic Flights

While other US airlines are busy fighting ugly PR battles, Minneapolis-based Sun Country Airlines recently introduced Jimmy John's subs on their domestic flights. The seemingly random partnership launched May 1st, so if you've got a Sun Country flight in the near future, there is the possibility of a freaky fast sub in your future.

To say I was already a fan of Sun Country's food offerings is an understatement. You could already get Minneapolis based brews, Surly Brewing Co. (Surly Furious) & Lift Bridge (Farm Girl), in a pint can for only $7. That's a heck of a deal for an in-flight microbrew.

The initial Jimmy John's offerings are the Turkey Tom for $6 and The Jimmy John's Meal Deal which includes chips or pretzel crisps for $9. The sandwiches are not full-sized and have been coined “Mini Jimmy's”.


Bottom Line

It's great to see Sun Country expanding their food offerings. I felt they already have a solid drink list but their food offerings were lacking. I had previously had the Lions Tap Cheeseburger and it was what you would expect for a microwaved in-flight burger, a little less than stellar. This new announcement is fresh off the new rebranding featuring Minnesota lakes just last month. Keep it up Sun Country, these offerings are simple but effective.


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