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Icelandair to Expand to Dublin Next Year

Iceland based budget carrier Icelandair announced this morning, they are adding Dublin to their route network in May 2018. This will be Icelandair's 50th destination city.

Both Icelandair and Iceland based competitor WOW air have been busy launching new routes in recent months. In September, both airlines announced May service from Dallas. In August, Icelandair announced service from Cleveland will begin in May 2018.

We are fans of both airlines but Icelandair definitely takes the cake, as they allow you to pick your seats and check one bag up to 50 lbs, at no extra charge. You will have to pay extra for food and alcoholic beverages, but pack a couple snacks and you’ll be good to go. Icelandair features seatback entertainment and fancy gate to gate WiFi.


Bottom Line 

More routes and more competition is always good for the consumer. Best part is flights to Dublin on other carriers are already cheap, as Premium subscribers are well aware. Expect this new route to continue to drive down prices. If you've never given Icelandair a shot, I'd definitely recommend it. It's a simple no frills airline, but one I know many Thrifty Traveler readers love.


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