Frontier Mistakenly Sent A Mass Cancellation Email to Travelers
frontier email

Frontier Mistakenly Sent A Mass Cancellation Email to Travelers

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Frontier Airline says an IT issue sent out faulty flight change or cancellation notices to flyers late Thursday. The false alerts apparently went out to hundreds if not thousands of travelers with Frontier bookings.

The mass email says only that there’s been a change “that affects a portion of your itinerary” before directing flyers to contact Frontier’s rebooking hotline. Worried and angry flyers hounded the budget airline on social media for an explanation. Worse yet, many travelers who received the email said the rebooking hotline was down.


frontier email


Frontier responded with a statement on Twitter late Thursday – and again early Friday – clarifying that the emails were an error. Any flyer who received an email from Frontier can check on the status of their flight(s) by entering the details on Frontier’s website. 




Bottom Line

What a nightmare. Luckily, there appear to be no major issues with Frontier flights ahead of a busy holiday travel stretch – at least not beyond its typical, horrible on-time performance. Less than 79% of Frontier flights arrived on time in September – the worst among major U.S. airlines, according to the latest federal data. 


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2 Responses

  • ‘at least not beyond its typical, horrible on-time performance’ . There goes Kyle/TT ripping low cost carriers in ways they don’t lay into mainline carriers WHO HAVE THE SAME PERFORMANCE ISSUES. I wonder why?….maybe because they don’t have credit card offers that pay Thrifty Traveler?
    Your blatant continued dissing of ULCC’s tarnishes your brand. Interesting that while American Airlines was in a near meltdown all summer long, you continued to peddle their products/credit cards, etc…and never a word similar to this statement about Frontier. United is not much better.
    I flew Frontier this summer to Colorado Springs for $31 non-stop. Arrived 20 mins early.
    Earlier this month I decided to fly Frontier to Trenton (to avoid AA into Philly) and paid $1 non-stop and arrived 30 mins early, both on brand new Airbus aircraft.
    I won’t argue the government stats, that is not what this comment is about.

    • Your experience with Frontier may have been fine, and that’s great. But on the whole, the statistics show an operation that’s routinely much worse than AA and other mainline carriers. That’s worth pointing out.

      Do your research and you’ll find that we wrote several times solely about AA’s bad performance over the summer, as well as posts specifically highlighting Spirit’s improved performance (which has since reversed). We make similar digs as this one at AA all the time, which you apparently missed or ignore. And you also continually ignore the primary reason why we do write about their credit cards (which, I’ll note, we typically make absolutely no money from): flying airlines other than AA.

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