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Delta Vacations Get Better for Earning & Redeeming SkyMiles

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Travelers are understandably accustomed to bad news from airlines. But Delta Vacations – the airline's all-in-one booking tool allowing Delta flyers to book flights, rental cars, hotels, and other experiences – just got more valuable and easier to use for Delta and package vacation lovers.

Delta unveiled some undeniably positive changes to the Delta Vacations program on Monday. Not only will your SkyMiles now go further when redeeming them to book a Delta Vacations deal, but you'll also earn even more SkyMiles (and build faster toward Delta Medallion Status), too.

Packaged vacations aren't every traveler's cup of tea – nor do they guarantee savings – but many loyal Delta flyers swear by booking through Delta Vacations. We've seen some stellar promotions over the years, including a deal years back that gave travelers double the value for their SkyMiles. This doesn't go nearly as far, but these changes are permanent.

Here's what's new:
Delta Vacations new changes


SkyMiles are Worth 15% More in the Delta Vacations Portal

Previously, using SkyMiles through Delta Vacations would get you a flat 1 cent per mile. That meant a $2,000 vacation deal would cost you 200,000 SkyMiles.

Now, your SkyMiles are 15% more valuable: Each one is worth 1.15 cents apiece. That means that same $2,000 vacation package now costs 173,900 SkyMiles.

That may seem like a modest improvement. But at a time when we're accustomed to airline miles getting less valuable – and the shrinking list of worthwhile ways to use SkyMiles – any improvement is notable.

According to Delta, you can use your SkyMiles to book Delta Vacations without any blackouts and there is no promo code required. Plus, unlike when you use SkyMiles to book flights at Delta.com, you'll still be earning SkyMiles on your Delta Vacations bookings when you purchase them using SkyMiles.


Earn More SkyMiles & Bigger Bonuses

It just got a lot easier to earn more Delta SkyMiles when booking through Delta Vacations, too.

For one, there's a more rewarding format for earning SkyMiles on your flights booked via Delta Vacations. Previously, these flights earned SkyMiles at “exception fare” rates, which is based on the distance of the flight, not the cost. Now, Delta will award miles on flights from Delta Vacations booking at either those exception fare rates or based on the price of that flight – whichever is greater.

Plus, before Monday, travelers previously had a hard cap of earning 5,000 bonus Delta SkyMiles per Delta Vacation. Delta has increased that cap to 10,000 bonus SkyMiles on the most expensive vacations.

Delta Vacations SkyMiles earnings 

If your entire vacation is under $5,000, you'll earn the standard 1,000 bonus SkyMiles on top of the miles earned on the cost of your trip. Trips pricier than $5,000 per person will earn 5,000 bonus SkyMiles while trips over $10,000 will earn 10,000 SkyMiles under the new plan.

And if you hold one of Delta's American Express credit cards, the earnings get even sweeter: Travelers with either the Delta SkyMiles® Platinum American Express Card or the Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card will get 3x SkyMiles per dollar spent on Delta Vacations. Travelers with the Delta SkyMiles® Gold American Express Card or the Delta SkyMiles® Blue American Express Card get 2x SkyMiles per dollar spent in the portal, too.


Work Toward Delta Medallion Status Faster, Too

The ability to earn bonus SkyMiles is one thing, but travelers working their way toward Delta Medallion status arguably got the biggest win.

Delta Vacations Medallion earnings 

There are two components of earning Delta status: Flying and spending. Previously, you'd earn Medallion Qualifying Miles (or MQMs) and Medallion Qualifying Segments (MQSs) on Delta Vacations bookings just like any other Delta flight. But the spending requirement – Medallion Qualifying Dollars (MQDs) – was trickier: Delta used that same “exception fare” system which shortchanged flyers who paid a lot for flights.

Just like Delta switched things up for earning SkyMiles, you'll now earn those ultra-valuable MQDs based on either your distance flown or the price of the flight – whichever one gets you more.

Not sure what this status talk is all about? Go back to basics with our Delta Medallion Status guide

Recently, Delta has started dishing out MQDs when booking hotels or rental cars through its travel booking portal. Now you can get even more MQDs when booking through the Delta Vacations all-in-one portal, too.


Bottom Line

Delta's all-in-one travel booking portal called Delta Vacations just got far more valuable for travelers looking to use Delta SkyMiles to book a trip or earn Medallion status with the airline.

By increasing the value of SkyMiles by 15% in the Delta Vacations portal and giving Delta Vacations travelers the ability to earn more SkyMiles and Medallion Qualifying Dollars (or MQDs) on their bookings, Delta loyalists should give this portal a harder look than ever before.

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