Aeromexico Trolls Americans with 'DNA Discount' for Flights to Mexico

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Aeromexico Trolls Americans with ‘DNA Discount’ for Flights to Mexico

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The year is still young, but it's tough to see any airline ad topping this in 2019.

AeroMexico published an ad Thursday, and saying it stirred the pot might be the understatement of the year. The Mexican airline's advertising company visited a small town in Texas – 300 miles from the border with Mexico – and asked them if they'd like to visit their neighboring country to the south. The answers were … not real friendly.

“Let me stay here in peace, and let those folks stay on their side of the border,” one man says.

So the airline asks itself: “How do we increase USA flights to Mexico if a big part of Americans just don't like Mexico?”

Their answer? Give these same skeptical people a DNA test and show them the results. Whatever percentage of their heritage comes from Mexico, that's the discount they get on an AeroMexico flight. Eighteen percent Mexican? You get 18% off your flight, sir.

The reactions are spectacular. Watch it for yourself.



AeroMexico targeted U.S. residents from southwestern states like Texas, Arizona, and Utah for this promotion – all states with higher Mexican ancestry due to immigration over the centuries.


Bottom Line

It's unclear whether AeroMexico is actually offering these discounts, but the airline's message is pretty clear. And it's hilarious.


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