Google Flights Legrooms Browser Extension Helps Filter Basic Economy

google flights legrooms

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If you’re a Thrifty Traveler then you should know that Google Flights is the only way to book your next ticket. It’s the primary tool we use to book the cheapest flight possible. The problem with Google Flights is there is no way to identify a basic economy fare until you click through to the results page.


google flights legrooms

Search results with Basic Economy identifier


Thankfully a Chrome extension called Legrooms helps quickly identify carry-on restricted fares. Simply add it to your Google Chrome browser and open up Google Flights through the extension and you’re ready to go. Legrooms will provide new front page information on restrictions related to carry-on bags as well as you guessed it, average legroom.


google flights legrooms

New features from the Legrooms extension


Now Legrooms is limited by the fact that Google Flights has not yet identified all airlines which have restrictive carry-on. For example, Sun Country listed above recently implemented a version of a basic economy fare but that is still not reflected in Google Flights.


Bottom Line 

Legrooms is a free Chrome Extension and one that makes my life much easier when searching for flight deals. I think you guys will get a lot of value out of it as well. All US legacy carriers have now moved to basic economy for most of their fares, and I’m surprised that Google Flights hasn’t stepped up their game to identify these new fares more easily. I would have hoped for a Google Flights filter for basic economy to roll out by now and hopefully, that is on the horizon. Until then, Legrooms will have to fill the gap.


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