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It’s no secret that both Mr. TT and I are very fond of miles & points, as they are one of the primary methods in which we cover our travel costs. In fact, of the millions of points and miles, we have each earned, the majority of them have come from credit card signup bonuses alone.

Because we have held just about every travel rewards credit card available at one time or another, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge about both the issuing banks and the associated travel loyalty programs. In addition to the flight deals you receive in your inbox each day, one of the benefits we offer with our Thrifty Traveler Premium service is free credit card consulting. We offer this service with the main goal of sharing our knowledge and to help our subscribers achieve their travel goals.


What does the Consulting Entail?

One of the first questions we get asked about our credit card consulting service is generally something along the lines of “I noticed you guys offer credit card consulting with your Thrifty Traveler Premium service. What does that mean?” The answer to that questions is this; “We help our subscribers make better decisions about their travel credit card selections, and help them achieve both their short term and long term travel goals.” No two consultations will be exactly the same as every individual’s situation and travel goals are different. Below are just a few examples of previous consultations we have helped our subscribers with:

  • “What is the best way to get to Hawaii on points & miles?”
  • “I would like to travel to Europe in the next few years and I am looking to devise a credit card strategy to do this on points and miles.”
  • “I am completely new to credit cards and I don’t know where to begin.”
  • “I don’t have any specific trips in mind, but I would like to start accruing valuable points I can use for future trips.”
  • “I have a massive amount of American Airlines AAdvantage miles. What are some effective ways to use these for good value?”
  • “I would like to gain a better understanding of my credit score and how opening and closing new credit card products impacts that.”


How do I start a Card Consultation?

As mentioned above, our credit card consulting service is reserved for members of our Thrifty Traveler Premium product. Subscribe to Thrifty Traveler Premium to unlock this benefit.


Travel Hacking Facebook Group 

One of the unadvertised benefits of a subscription to Thrifty Traveler Premium is access to our Travel Hacking Facebook Group. This is a private group only accessible to Premium Subscribers. We discuss the newest card offers, destination recommendations and other tips and tricks to help you save on your next trip. This group features lots of content that doesn’t make it to the front page of ThriftyTraveler.com.


Bottom Line

Credit card travel rewards are something both Mr. TT and I are very passionate about, and one of the many reasons in which Thrifty Traveler was launched. If you are a premium subscriber and would like some help selecting the right credit card product for your individual situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch! In the meantime, if you need to top off your points & miles balances, make sure to check out our Top Cards section!


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