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    Instant email alerts

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    Points deals too

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    Tailored for you

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  • Choose your home airport(s)

    Choose your home airport(s)

    Choose from over 200 U.S. and Canadian departure cities. You can select as many airports as you'd like.

  • Flight alerts.

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    Our flight analysts are searching 24/7 for the best deals. When we find one, you'll get an instant e-mail alert.

  • Flight alerts.

    Book directly with the airline

    Most of the deals are bookable through American, Delta, or United. No budget airlines, we promise!

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A Word from the Founder

Airfare does NOT have to be expensive.

Whether it's a $49 round-trip ticket to Las Vegas, Europe for 32k Delta SkyMiles, or a $212 mistake fare to Japan, it's time to start traveling more for less.

Our team of flight deal experts find incredible fares that will save you hundreds of dollars on every flight, flying top-rated airlines from your home airport(s). Get all the deals straight to your inbox, book your ticket, and start planning your vacation!

Jared Kamrowski

Jared Kamrowski

Founder and CEO of Thrifty Traveler.

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    The travel knowledge and experiences shared is absolutely priceless. The deals aren't half bad either.

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    It's like Christmas every day, you never know what deals you'll see.

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    I just booked this deal and paid 126K Amex points for a flight that Google currently lists at $5217! What a deal!!

Get flight deal alerts straight to your inbox

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    One redemption pays for itself with your service, and I've done many!

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    To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. Thrifty traveler is the best!

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    I did not know retirement planning would be this much fun! Your newsletter has been a goldmine for us!

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    Best travel investment I've made.

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    Your emails are the one thing I open daily!

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    The cost of the membership easily pays for itself in one booking.

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    It's truly the best travel investment I've ever made.

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