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Minneapolis Maui
$277.00 $750.00
Cheap Flights to Maui
Dallas Cancun
10k Miles $500.00
Cheap Flights to Cancun
Chicago London
32k Miles $975.00
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Washington, D.C. Athens
$398.00 $975.00
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New York Punta Cana
$179.00 $550.00
Cheap Flights to Punta Cana
Los Angeles Tokyo
$349.00 $950.00
Cheap Flights to Tokyo
New York Punta Cana
$249.00 $600.00
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New York Punta Cana
$249.00 $600.00
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New York Punta Cana
$249.00 $600.00
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New York Punta Cana
$249.00 $600.00
pexels michal marek 3703511 1 2 e1632395563533
New York Punta Cana
$249.00 $600.00
pexels michal marek 3703511 1 2 e1632395563533
New York Punta Cana
$249.00 $600.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions here:

We send flight deals directly to your inbox via email as we find them. Our flight deal alert service works differently than a travel agency: We don’t make the deals, we just find them! When you get a cheap flight alert you’re interested in, just follow the instructions to book your flight directly with the airline. You can also find past deals we've sent in your account.

We’ve got the whole world covered! We find the hottest domestic and international flight deals and send them straight to your inbox. Expect to get 2-3 flight deals a week in your email. Most alerts we send to subscribers save at least $250 or more off normal airfare prices.

We find flights from over 200 U.S. & Canadian departure cities! If you live in a small town with a regional airport and don’t think you can get a cheap flight from your airport, you’ll be shocked at the cheaper fares we find from your hometown.

Nope, these are not last-minute deals! We find discount airfare available up to 12 months in advance.

No! We only send alerts for cheap airfares on major U.S. and international airlines – not low-cost carriers that charge you for carry-on bags and water onboard.

Even if you only book one of the discount flights we alert you to a year, you’ll save at least $250 or more! Plus, it’s free to sign up and start getting cheap flight alerts in your inbox.

For starters, this is free! There’s no cost to sign up and start getting cheap flights sent to your inbox. But if you upgrade to Thrifty Traveler Premium, you’ll get 10x more flight deals including business class fares and award alerts bookable with points and miles. Plus, you'll get access to our Premium Facebook group as well as travel rewards credit card consulting.

By signing up for these free alerts! Our team scours the globe for the cheapest flight deals and discount airfare, then sends the best deals with the biggest savings straight to your inbox. When you sign up, you will also be able to see the most recent deals we’ve sent in your account.