What you’ve missed without Thrifty Traveler Premium

Check out the 40+ deals we’ve covered this month alone. Subscribe now to lock in at the current price. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, although we think you’ll love Premium. We plan to add several new features later this year, but don’t worry your price will never go up once you subscribe!


Flight Deals you’ve missed:

  • Nationwide to Hawaii
  • 14 cities to South Africa
  • 20 cities to London, England
  • 12 cities to Manila, Philippines
  • Nationwide to Australia
  • 20 cities to Cancun, Mexico
  • 12 cities to Venice, Italy
  • 17 cities to Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Nationwide to Casablanca, Morocco
  • 20 cities to Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta
  • Summer Flights to 5 European cities from Minneapolis
  • 10 cities to Dubai, UAE
  • 26 cities to Mexico City, Mexico
  • 14 cities to Budapest, Hungary
  • 7 cities to Barcelona, Spain
  • 10 cities to Paris, France
  • 6 cities to Munich, Germany
  • 16 cities to Vietnam
  • Peak summer flights to Iceland & Europe (2 trips in 1)
  • 18 cities to Costa Rica
  • 22 cities to Hong Kong
  • 7 cities to Portugal
  • 18 cities to Hawaii
  • Nationwide to Amsterdam / Madrid / Paris
  • 12 cities to Zurich, Switzerland
  • 28 cities to Havana, Cuba
  • 16 cities to Copenhagen & Stockholm
  • 5 cities to Dublin, Ireland
  • Nationwide to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Mistake fare – 12 cities to Amsterdam & Paris
  • 14 cities to Paris, France
  • 11 cities to Rome, Italy
  • 6 cities to Macau, China
  • 5 cities to Athens, Greece
  • 5 cities to Singapore
  • NYC & Miami to All Spain
  • 8 cities to Glasgow, Scotland
  • 9 cities to Auckland, New Zealand
  • 5 cities to Paris, France
  • 20 cities to London, England


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For $25 per year you’ll receive the following:
  • Instant mistake fare notification
  • Ability to select your departure region to tailor which deals you receive
  • Book via direct links with the airline
  • More flights offered from more cities (not just major US cities)
  • Expect at least 30 flight deals per month (already 40 so far in February!)
  • Free travel credit card consulting


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  1. Vanessa C. Vander Weide says:

    If I join Premium, will I be notified of deals that aren’t otherwise broadcasted to the general public who don’t have Premium?

    • Yes absolutely! Most of our deals are from 10-15 US cities to a destination. The general TT audience only sees 1-2 of those deals (out of over 10+ cities). Give it a shot. I think you’ll love it!

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