What you missed without Thrifty Traveler Premium


Flight Deals you missed this week:
  • Amsterdam from 12 cities
  • Kuala Lumpur from 3 cities
  • Havana, Cuba from 24 cities
  • Helsinki, Finland from 12 cities
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico from 26 cities
  • Dubai, UAE from 12 cities
  • Maui, Hawaii from 23 cities
  • Germany from 11 cities
  • South Africa from 11 cities
  • Paris, France from 14 cities


Through Tuesday, January 10th we’re offering our new premium service for only $20 per year (will increase to $25). Once you’re locked in at a price, it will never change. Our deals save our subscribers an average of $250 or more off of normally priced fares. Even if you only book a deal a year, you will come out ahead!


For $20 per year you’ll receive the following:
  • Region-specific international flight deals
  • Instant mistake fare notification
  • Book via direct links with the airline
  • More flights offered from more cities (not just major US cities)
  • Expect 20-25 flight deals per month
  • Free travel credit card consulting


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